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Looking for that decisive moment? Find documentary and street photography on Aminus3. Candid captures from sidewalks, cities, parks, beaches, and other public places. Our Aminus3 photographers provide the mirror, reflecting a slice of society through the lens. Find your way through this fine format of photo journalism. From the bustling boulevards of Broadway and 5th Avenue to the couture designer digs of the Champs Elysées and all of the alleys, squares and cobble stone pathways in between. Let yourself slip anonymously through the crowds and find human stories from the street. See strange and beautiful fleeting moments perfectly preserved in the instant of a click of a camera.

Each day on Aminus3, talented photographers share a slice of their life. See what our members are capturing with their digital cameras, photo filters, and photo editing software. Want to show your world? Sign up for your own photoblog.

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