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cafe reflections

cafe reflections by bluechameleon

Posted on 2009-02-04


flowers by Giovanni

Posted on 2009-04-04


Misty by Suzanne

Posted on 2009-04-05

Honeysuckle Rose

Honeysuckle Rose by Suzanne

Posted on 2009-04-04

la sauterelle

la sauterelle by vu@granby

Posted on 2007-08-30

untitled wedding ceiling

untitled wedding ceiling by danthro

Posted on 2008-11-19

l'ouvrage manque pas - a lot of work to do

l'ouvrage manque pas - a lot of work to do by vu@granby

Posted on 2008-10-21

Je t'offrirai des perles de pluie

Je t'offrirai des perles de pluie by Anna.C

Posted on 2009-04-19


Tulips by maia_t

Posted on 2009-04-12


Transparence by mo.langel

Posted on 2009-04-29

Black mirror

Black mirror by Anna.C

Posted on 2009-04-20

Front and Back

Front and Back by Sandrine

Posted on 2009-03-20

2.  petite venise

2. petite venise by ManuelaR

Posted on 2007-02-27


Negative by Marilla

Posted on 2009-10-26

One of my favorites

One of my favorites by Sandrine

Posted on 2009-03-18

Sinililled, Hepatica

Sinililled, Hepatica by Tinx

Posted on 2011-04-07

cop' copines !

cop' copines ! by Paris-emoi

Posted on 2009-03-20

Fleur de lotus

Fleur de lotus by mo.langel

Posted on 2013-03-26

Explorer's Gentian

Explorer's Gentian by Steve Rice

Posted on 2013-01-03

Fanfan la tulipe - 2 -

Fanfan la tulipe - 2 - by Anna.C

Posted on 2008-11-17


Dépouillée by mo.langel

Posted on 2013-03-27



Posted on 2011-12-29

My Vintage Valentine

My Vintage Valentine by Suzanne

Posted on 2009-02-11


Mimosa by Xavi Heredia

Posted on 2009-02-19

black daisy  . . .

black daisy . . . by DULCIE

Posted on 2011-01-04

Its Sunny Outside

Its Sunny Outside by Pradeep

Posted on 2009-01-17

Spring light

Spring light by Anna.C

Posted on 2014-03-20

the Merry Christmas rose  . . .

the Merry Christmas rose . . . by DULCIE

Posted on 2010-12-25

Blooms and Buds

Blooms and Buds by Jen

Posted on 2008-07-12

Translucent dandelion

Translucent dandelion by Marilla

Posted on 2010-06-16

Jasmine smile

Jasmine smile by helys

Posted on 2013-10-03

White anemone in the evening light

White anemone in the evening light by Marilla

Posted on 2010-05-07