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  • jp Kyu on Shadows — Echo Steve. Light and shadow, both of them are very important for photographs. Wonderful images.…
  • jp Stu on When The Sky Turns Red — Oh my. This is just sublime. I love the light reflecting off the wet rocks.…
  • us Denny Jump on Rain in the Distance — Hi Steve! just my luck = I miss you on the days you will be gone LOL ! So ...…
  • ir mohammad on Fin de journée... — Stone beach in front and boats on the sea in low light in front and fogy forest in ...…
  • us Don on Holy Ground — The curbing path is marvelous. They have a sky helps picture. It is very successful.…
  • us Ruthiebear on Hi, wait now ... — I think the geese are a bit afraid of Leevi. He looks alert and ready for fun.…
  • fi Jypyä Pop on Is there a snake inside ? — Snake is an animal that is really contradictory. Others worship and others ...…
  • gb grouser on Driftwood — Escapees from log booms? I remember great piles on the coast in BC. Must make for dangerous ...…
  • us Steven on Autrefois.... — To live in simpler times would have been more enjoyable and less hectic! Great find!…
  • gb Daryl Johnson on Le Taureau — It's a fascinating form and I see what you're seeing... a great abstract ...…
  • in Sam on LIGHTHOUSE.DE.VEN — Beautiful image and a lovely place. Excellent composition. I like this. :)…
  • us Elaine Hancock on L'ami fidèle — He is just waiting so patiently. A precious image. Wonderful composition!…
  • be 365 on 2019.158 — Obviously a beautiful reflection and the train in the background adds a bonus.…
  • in Devi on Street Art 19 — A very creative image :) The only spider that does not give me nightmares !!!…
  • ee Vaido on typhoon damage — Luckily damage does not hurt this perfect symmetry. Very inviting!…

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Siren's Call

Siren's Call by Daniel

Posted on 2019-06-25

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. by omid

Posted on 2019-06-24

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at dawn, Loch Alsh

at dawn, Loch Alsh by Stu

Posted on 2019-06-23

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Sunset  at the Lake 2

Sunset at the Lake 2 by Tomek

Posted on 2019-06-22

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Second Look

Second Look by Michael David

Posted on 2019-06-22

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Under Catani Bridge

Under Catani Bridge by : Helen :

Posted on 2019-06-21

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--- by valenttin

Posted on 2019-06-20

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New Zealand Night Sky, Lake Pukaki

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Fin de journée...

Fin de journée... by Tomix

Posted on 2019-06-19

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Hoog sees

Hoog sees / Full speed by Vaido

Posted on 2019-06-18

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