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Photo Collections: Enrich yourself by visiting far off places and explore the world through the eyes of another. Aminus3 Threads composes unique voices and moments of collective experience.

  • Threads: Navigating the New Normal

    Over the last months, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has profoundly impacted nearly every person on this planet. Photographer Jason Kravitz explores the idea of navigating the new normal in a world turned upside down.

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  • Threads: Postcards from Home (March 2020)

    While governments around the world order people to stay at home during the Covid19 pandemic, many turn to photography to document their experiences and alleviate anxieties by way of the creative process. These are their stories and photos from the Aminus3 photography community throughout March 2020.

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  • Threads: 5 Creative Ideas for Photography at Home

    If you find yourself at home in search of a project, these photography ideas can spark your creativity while seeing things with a whole new perspective.

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  • Threads: What Your Photos Can Teach you About Yourself

    If pictures are worth a thousand words, imagine what they would say to you if you asked them? Applying dream analysis techniques, learn how to use the "6 magic questions" by interviewing one of your photos to learn something about yourself.

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  • Threads: Essence of Photography: Graphism

    What does the golden ratio, 5000 year old monuments, and altered states of consciousness have to do with taking better photos?

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