Everybody has a story to share, and this is the story of Aminus3.

The Dream

Aminus3 was born in a dream, so vivid, so determined it had to be written. From this dream a desire to share. One singular voice reaching out to communicate that experience to a friend.

What's in a name?

The original concept of Aminus3 (pronounced “a minus three”) was revealed in a dream in March 2003.

Last night I dreamed about ‘A minus 3’, like what does A - 3 equal?

First it was an abstract concept and then it was like a religious movement and I was watching a TV program where a drill sergeant was screaming at a cadet, “SON, I CANNOT TELL YOU WHAT A MINUS THREE IS – BUT I CAN TELL YOU WHAT A MINUS THREE IS NOT!”

I was asking for examples to understand [Aminus3] better and the photography concept of bracketing came to mind.

For example, you take 3 pictures; 1 at the metered exposure, 1 slightly under exposed and 1 slightly over exposed so that you have a better chance of getting the correct lighting.

Just like the elusive dream, the concept of Aminus3 is fluid and ever-changing. Contributing photographers not only exchange ideas and critiques from each other, they also exchange life experiences and stories. This offers the community an opportunity to foster an awareness of other cultures and geographies.

Community since 2004

From one voice sharing a story and an image, two friends separated by an ocean created a website dedicated to sharing their individual daily experience with each other. From two friends, it become three, then four, soon it was thousands from around the world sharing an image a day.

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The Journey

Over time, Aminus3 became a global community of everyday photographers at varying levels of experience. A challenge to post not groups of photos, but one photo a day that defined qualities of photographic excellence, technique, place, culture, time, humanity, and of awareness or consciousness. Highlighting a sense of higher self-purpose and connection to something larger than just our everyday world.

Aminus3 began to shift in its purpose. From an image a day photoblog community to a place where culture, education, language and social responsibility meet amazing photography, and a realization that we are all on this journey together.

An experience captured through photography, compels us to grab it in an instant. Symbolically we may not always understand but there is more if we ponder, if we explore the story, the emotions, capture something unseen by the human eye, and convey the experience as best we can.

Kansas City missouri grant edwads photography

Jamie Lunch by grant

Daily Life around the World

San Juan Bautista, CA, United States

I was hoping to get a chance to photograph the eclipse a couple nights back but low clouds and a thick marine layer made it impossible. Nonetheless, here is an image I captured last May of the super moon eclipse in the Gabilan Mountain Range above San Juan Bautista, California. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Super Lunar Eclipse, Central California Super Lunar Eclipse, Central California by Don Smith

Comunidad valenciana, Spain

LEZZART c'est sous ce pseudo que ma nièce, street artist, signe ses œuvres. Elle réside en Espagne (comunidad valenciana) mais vient nous voir souvent lors de manifestations de graffeurs en France. Elle pose ici devant une de ses œuvres, avec son fidèle Baloo, mort prématurément en avril dernier, d'un cancer foudroyant, alors qu'il n'avait pas 7 ans ... Une nouvelle page d'histoire s'écrit maintenant avec Taco, un autre Golden Retriever qui a 7 mois maintenant, et qui la suit partout lors de ses créations, comme Baloo auparavant.

LEZZART is the nickname that my street artist niece signs her works. She lives in Valenciana, Spain but often comes to see us during graffiti artist events in France. She poses here in front of one of her works, with her faithful Baloo, who died prematurely last April, of a devastating cancer, when he was only 7 years old... A new page of history is now being written with Taco, another Golden Retriever who is 7 months old.


The Collective

From the quick snap of capturing an instant moment to the dedicated desire to improve the skill of photography. Aminus3 Community was now a journey of thousands of singular voices combining to share a discovery through images and story.

Over the years we watched as this group of singular voices became a collective of common Threads and Resonance. Inspired and honoring each other's creative inspirations by Remix of images, both our own and from others. We began to see that we share more in common than our differences. Together, we are learning from each other and teaching ourselves about parts of the world we had not known before.

Today we celebrate this diverse global collective. We all speak and understand the language of the heart and from here, the connections will be made.

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