What is Aminus3?

Aminus3 is a World Photography Showcase™. We are a photoblog hosting service and photography community. We provide photographers with a fully hosted, ‘image a day’ photography blog website. Our clean design and intuitive interface make it simple to maintain a daily photo journal giving you more time to focus on your photography.

Aminus3 embodies a strong sense of community. Each day, photographers from over 100 countries come together to share their own unique vision of the world around them. Members form friendships and connections online and off. We are also proud to host several world class photographers who choose to host their daily photos on Aminus3. Many of these talented and experienced photographers take the time to share their thoughts, critiques and ideas with all members of the community.

If you are looking for compelling world photography, please start with the Aminus3 Photo Resonance Portal.

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Where does the term ‘Aminus3’ come from?

The original concept of Aminus3 (pronounced “a minus three”) was revealed to Jason Kravitz in a dream of March 2003. The dream was elusive, with a host of different characters including a Full Metal Jacket drill sergeant who was screaming, “I cannot tell you what Aminus3 is, I can only tell you what Aminus3 is not!” Jason was aware that to find the meaning of Aminus3 would be to uncover some great secret.

The dream became reality in the form of a photoblog community website developed by Aaron Schmidt. Originally consisting of just a few geographically dispersed friends, the site now encourages creative photographers from around the world to connect, learn and display their photography on a daily basis.

Just like the elusive dream, the concept of Aminus3 is fluid. While today the focus is one of daily photography and community, it is our hope that as Aminus3 grows the community will encompass a larger set of creative outlets and provide a venue to allow photographers to broaden their work.

Last night I dreamed about ‘A minus 3’, like what does A - 3 equal?

First it was an abstract concept and then it was like a religious movement and I was watching a TV program where a drill sergeant was screaming at a cadet, “SON, I CAN NOT TELL YOU WHAT A MINUS THREE IS – BUT I CAN TELL YOU WHAT A MINUS THREE IS NOT!”

I was asking for examples to understand [Aminus3] better and the photography concept of bracketing came to mind. When you are shooting B&W, you take 3 pictures – 1 at the metered exposure, 1 slightly under exposed and 1 slightly over exposed so that you have a better chance of getting the correct lighting.

In between dreaming and waking I was thinking about registering aminus3.com, which is available...

– email from Jason to Aaron, 26 March 2003

Who's behind Aminus3?

Aminus3 is brought to you by a small, dedicated group of individuals who work hard to keep things flowing as smoothly as possible. We are all photographers (by hobby) with photoblogs on Aminus3 and as such, we listen to and understand the requirements of our members from the inside.

Of course, recognition must also go out to our wonderful community of photobloggers who make Aminus3 shine.

Aaron Schmidt

Aaron Schmidt

Aaron is the principle designer/developer of Aminus3. Optimizing SQL queries, tweaking code, and building funky new features are a few of Aaron's day to day evening-to-evening tasks.

When not programming, Aaron can be found entertaining his daughters, exploring the neighbourhood - camera in hand, or reading a good book.

Canadian by heart, Aaron now resides in Auckland, New Zealand with his wife, Aurélie, and their daughter, Solen.

Jason Kravitz

Jason Kravitz

Jason is responsible for community relations, business development and hatching creative marketing schemes for Aminus3.

He enjoys exploring the fuzzy realms of his so-called reality through a variety of mediums including music, photography and writing. Jason is an active dreamer, game developer and seeker of creative truth and expression.

Shuva Brata Deb

Shuva Brata Deb

Shuva is in charge of the health and well-being of Aminus3 hardware/software, ensuring that our servers and code remain invulnerable to harm.

Apart from buiding software, he also loves good food and wine, likes to cook at times too. His dreams include visiting the Serengeti and Antarctica once in his life time.

Shuva lives in Bangalore, India with his wife, Lipika, and their daughter, Tisha.

What's inside Aminus3?

Aminus3 comes alive on Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP with a sprinkling of Pear and JQuery. Server hosting on the Temple with extra storage in the Jungle.