A+ Premium Membership

Since 2004, Aminus3 has provided a space for photographers to connect around the world through their images.

We offer a quality layout to showcase your photography and a great community of photographers to share with.

The Aminus3 basic membership provides an opportunity for trying out the service and sharing your daily images with the photography community.

To get the most out of Aminus3 and to support this great platform, we encourage you to subscribe to the Premium A+ Membership which includes:

High Resolution Display

Big Image Layout Screenshot
Exhibit larger, more detailed, high resolution photos on your blog using an upgraded big image site template.

See the High Resolution Display layout on the A+ Demo Page.

Enhanced Portfolio Plus Layout

Display your best images using the enhanced Portfolio Plus layout with a nicer grid display, category filters, and high resolution image display. Other pages such as tag and image search results will also display in a nicer grid format as compared with the basic subscription. Portfolio Plus Screenshot

Custom Watermark

Custom Watermarks Protect your images from misuse with your own unique watermark. Customize your text, color, font choice and positioning.

Image Copy Prevention

Prevent viewers from saving your images to their desktop via right click menu or drag and drop. Image Copy Prevention Screenshot

100% Image Quality

100 percent image quality screenshot Display the highest possible image reproduction for your photos with no additional JPG compression.

Custom Thumbnails

Portfolio Plus Screenshot Create a custom crop for your image thumbnails.

Traffic Statistics

Traffic Stats Screenshot Gain insight into who is visiting and commenting on your blog, where they come from, and which images are most popular.

Google Analytics

Discover even more historical and real time data about your blog with Google Analytic integration.

Find referring sites, top search keywords, and your most popular pages.
Google Analytics Screenshot

Additional A+ Features

  • Export your comments and image metadata
  • Preserve your image metadata and color profile
  • Upload larger images without resizing
  • Add an unlimited number of images to your Portfolio
  • Add an unlimited number of Aminus3 Remix galleries
  • Add an unlimited number of images to each Remix
  • Add an unlimited number of people to your Aminus3 Blogwatch
  • Gain early access to new features before they are released


  • $45 (USD) for one year
  • $15 (USD) for 3 months
  • $5.95 (USD) for 1 month