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Jangada coming in

Jangada coming in by Michael Skorulski

Posted on 2021-06-29

As the weather begins to cloud over, a jangada, a traditional Brazilian fishing raft, makes its way to shore. Maracajau, Brazil. The fishermen go out in the early morning while it is still dark and come back about 12 hours later.

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Pêcheur accompagné sur le Rio négro en Amazonie

Magie de la vie aussi dure soit-elle! by Albert

Posted on 2014-07-02

Inutile de dire que pour un pêcheur de carnassiers, un monde où chacun ne songe qu’à manger son voisin ressemble fort au paradis.

À chaque instant le chasseur peut devenir chassé, et ce qui était une paisible lagune baignée par le soleil et le chant d’oiseaux multicolores se transforme en un champ de bataille, sous l’eau c’est la violence et la folie prédatrice à l’état pur !
Comment, après cela, ne pas trouver bien fade la pêche dans nos rivières trop sages ?

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Crack Addicts in Brazil 2

Crack Addicts in Brazil 2 by Michael Skorulski

Posted on 2018-06-09

The metal door leads to a supermarket. Market employees wearing rubber gloves have been sent out to clean up the laneway. Addicts are there rain or shine. My apartment overlooked a narrow laneway where crack addicts gathered. At any time of the day or night, I could hear them shouting, screaming, squabbling, fighting, crying, laughing and singing. I could see them puffing on their pipes and at times could smell the acrid smoke. Brazil has the 2nd worst crack addiction problem next to the US

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Donkey Dudes

Donkey Dudes by Michael Skorulski

Posted on 2016-02-03

Two boys on donkeys race along Maracajau beach in Northeast Brazil.

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