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Blizzard by Robert D. Burr

Posted on 2016-05-04

"Photography is an art of observation. It's about finding something interesting in an ordinary place... I've found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them." - Elliott Erwitt

Look closely and you see the cut face of a rock but step back and you might see a driving blizzard on the Alberta Foothills.

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Sous le regard de Champlain

Sous le regard de Champlain by mo.langel

Posted on 2015-11-30

Samuel Champlain, né vers 1570 à Brouage près de La Rochelle, a fondé la ville de Québec en 1608! Il était un navigateur, un cartographe, un soldat, un explorateur, un géographe, un commandant et un chroniqueur français. Il meurt à Québec le 25 décembre 1635.

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MY KY...

MY KY... by my-ky

Posted on 2015-08-04

This is a tribute to a beloved companion of our family for the past 8 years. She was such a beautiful dog, in essence and in body, that I wanted to share some photos of her.
Kaya filled our lives with so much love, joy and laughter. She was an impish little devil wrapped inside a German Shepherd dog suit...she was an adored, precious soul. Kaya was so loved. Free-spirited, with a zest for life, she was devoted to us...she left paw prints of treasured memories in our hearts.

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Finger Galls

Finger Galls by Carol

Posted on 2015-07-16

Finger galls on the leaves of black cherry are caused by a tiny eriophyid mite they don’t hurt the tree. A blue butterfly called the cherry gall azure lays eggs on these finger galls in May, and when they hatch the resulting caterpillars eat the galls-mites and all. The caterpillars also leave behind sweet secretions that attract ants who in return, protect the cherry gall azure caterpillars from wasps and other predators. Imagine-all of this happens on the surface of a single leaf.

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Cape Journimain Lighthouse

Cape Journimain Lighthouse by Robert D. Burr

Posted on 2015-06-22

The Cape Journimain Lighthouse is located on a small island in the Cape Journimain Wildlife Area in Nova Scotia. In the background can be seen the Confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island.

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Exhaustion by Robert D. Burr

Posted on 2015-02-23

I was at an art show at Bon Echo Provincial Park when I came across this scene. There has been a terrible thunderstorm the night before and no one in the campground had gotten any sleep. The exhausted Dad had been sitting in this position at a park picnic table for a very long time while his daughter slept and was quite uncomfortable from the position but did not want to disturb her by shifting his weight. I love how this Dad cherishes his daughter.

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Peyto Lake by maximage

Posted on 2014-11-08

Peyto Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta Canada.
La fonte des glaciers apporte aux eaux du lac des sédiments qui reflètent la lumière bleue. Cet apport de minéraux donne au lac cette lumineuse et fascinante couleur turquoise même comme sur cette image, par temps de pluie.

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Cross by Michael Rawluk

Posted on 2014-08-05

Sadness is finding the grave of a half brother who died as a baby and his last name is misspelled and first name is missing.

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quebec city, chateau frontenac, night, lights

europe ? - no, north america ! by Franz

Posted on 2014-06-16

Quebec City - la ville de québec - is the only north american city with a true "old town" that's surrounded by an intact town wall. the narrow streets, the "french" buildings, the atmosphere ... everything is strongly reminiscent of Europe ...

When we were there in 2008, Quebec was celebrating its 400th birthday. so, happy anniversary and many more years to you, belle cité

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lake winnipeg eastern shore ice spring breakup mon

ice meet forest by Roger Rempel

Posted on 2014-05-24

rocks sit beneath these chunks of ice that blow into shore with winds. if your residence is built too close to shore, then....

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snow, lake, winter, black and white, black, white,

Silence by Jola Martysz - Photography

Posted on 2014-01-08

First snow in November, captured in Quebec, Canada. This is my home, surrounded with beautiful nature astonishing all year around.
Camera Nikon D600, 1/320 sec at f/9, focal length 28 mm, ISO 200, lens Nikkor 28-300 mm.

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Lourdes 1 by Phil Morris

Posted on 2013-12-09

Lourdes was a 16 yr old girl who loved having her pictures taken. When we met she wanted photos with her hair blowing in the wind. I had other plans and told her that my photos usually looked like they were taken in the 1940's, which I preferred to do. Besides, she already had lots of photos in the wind. When she first consulted with me about doing the photos I said to her, " If you want the photographer next door - then go next door !"

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A Time When We Were Younger

A Time When We Were Younger by Robert D. Burr

Posted on 2016-04-19

Although this little abandoned house was a treasure for a photographer, it made me sad as the contents of the house included many games that would be played by a family, toys, personal art as symbols of family warmth. There were clothes, furnishings and articles that were an indication of the occupation and modest lifestyle of the owners. There was commodes and canes indicating later life and insinuated a story of possible tragedy and loneliness in the final days and final abandonment.

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j'aurais voulu être un artiste…

j'aurais voulu être un artiste… by daigneault - photographe

Posted on 2015-08-18

I wanted to be an artist…


Beaucoup de photographes
se vantent de publier leurs photos
sans les retoucher.

C'est comme un coït interrompu !

La presque totalité des belles images sont retouchées
et c'est tant mieux.
La photographie, ce n'est pas une télé-réalité
et ça aussi c'est tant mieux.

Et oui, j'aurais voulu être un artiste !
J'aurais aimé être un musicien,
j'aurais fait du Rock et du Blues.

« Have fun. Go out and record the world you see and the life you liv

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Brandywine Falls

Brandywine Falls by CW McGowen

Posted on 2015-07-18

Brandywine Falls is 20 miles south of Whistler in British Columbia. The falls are small but quite beautiful at a little over 200 feet tall. The waterfall is a short easy hike off the Sea to Sky Trail.

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Looking out

Looking out by Angus

Posted on 2015-05-29

Taken at the Banff Springs Hotel. This family was looking out the window when I caught this shot.

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Making Pies

Making Pies by Shar

Posted on 2015-04-12

My mom making pies last weekend for our family supper! They were tasty!!

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The Blue Office Tower

The Blue Office Tower by Robert D. Burr

Posted on 2015-02-17

This is the facade of an office tower that I shot through the window of a moving train on my way to Montreal. The strong lines and colour is what caught my eye and demanded that I take this photo.

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Structure Fire

Into The Fire by Bill Roberts

Posted on 2015-01-24

Kingston fire crews arrive on the scene of a structure fire in Wilmot, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia.

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abandoned ship, ms lord selkirk, red river, manito

rusty birdsnest by Roger Rempel

Posted on 2014-11-08

i went to a girl's birthday dinner celebration hosted on this boat. this was about 20 years ago. it looked much nicer than it does now. it oozes fluids and is set on fire routinely. i keep returning for a photo shoot here because i keep hearing it will be removed and salvaged. poor selkirk's costa concordia-esque situation. ..

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1960's Revival

1960's Revival by Eric Cousineau

Posted on 2014-07-07

Yarn may be used undyed, or may be coloured with natural or artificial dyes. Most yarns have a single uniform hue, but there is also a wide selection of variegated yarns:
- Heathered or tweed: yarn with flecks of different coloured fiber
- Ombre: variegated yarn with light and dark shades of a single hue
- Multicolored: variegated yarn with two or more distinct hues (a "parrot colourway" might have green, yellow and red)

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Bad Hair Day

Bad Hair Day by Shar

Posted on 2014-06-03

Funny how on bad hair days, someone always shows up with a camera!! LOL
Happy Silly Tuesday!

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placeilive2014 nova scotia canada

Here I am happy by Shiva

Posted on 2014-02-28

My home, my refuge ----
from ....... the outside world ..........
where I am surrounded with nearly intact nature - where I c an hike with Shiva without carrying her toiletries (shovel and broom), where I can still drink water from the creek - breathe fresh air - nearly noise free.

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Welcome to Banff National Park

Welcome to Banff National Park by Eric Cousineau

Posted on 2014-01-06

Just after entering the park gates you are greeted with this most impressive sight! It kind of takes your breath away!

Banff National Park is Canada's oldest national park, established in 1885 in the Rocky Mountains. The park, located 110–180 km (68–110 mi) west of Calgary in the province of Alberta, encompasses 6,641 km2 (2,564 sq mi) of mountainous terrain, with numerous glaciers and ice fields, dense coniferous forest, and alpine landscapes.

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scallop dragger boat rescue

Scallop Boat Rescue by Bill Roberts

Posted on 2013-11-30

After losing power and drifting in the falling tides of the Bay of Fundy scallop dragger Tide Nova (right) with a crew of five was towed to safety at Halls Harbour by Dakota & Boys of Harbourville, Annapolis County Nov. 23.

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Veiled Sunset

Veiled Sunset by Wendy

Posted on 2013-10-18

I love when things are back lit, so this delighted me. I also loved the delicacy and rhythm of the dots in the curtain.

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"Tagish Lake", Sabourin

Autumn at Tagish Lake by Steven

Posted on 2016-01-18

Tagish Lake is more than 62 miles long and about 1.2 miles wide. It has two arms, the Taku Arm in the east which is very long and mostly in British Columbia and Windy Arm in the west, mostly in Yukon. The Klondike Highway, from which this photo was taken, runs along Windy Arm south of Carcross. Bennett Lake flows into Tagish Lake, so the northern portion of Tagish Lake was part of the route to the Klondike used by gold-seekers during the Klondike Gold Rush.

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Automne magique

Automne magique by Stéphany

Posted on 2015-10-22

Photo prise pour une garderie. Je voulais faire différent des poses statiques. Du mouvement et du naturel : )

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Toronto C. N. Tower Hat

Toronto C. N. Tower Hat by Phil Morris

Posted on 2015-08-17

I took very few photos of the C.N. Tower, never liked it, so it just makes more sense to parody it in a hat!

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In The Garden At Night

In The Garden At Night by Michael Rawluk

Posted on 2015-07-04

I have been playing with flower photography in the garden at night using a flash. The challenge is focusing in the dark.

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Bike at Dusk 4/4

Bike at Dusk 4/4 by Shar

Posted on 2015-05-18

Saskatchewan is known for its "Living Skies". I am lucky to get to see and appreciate evenings like this often.

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Last Photo of John Patrick Caldwell and Suzanne

Last Photo of John Patrick Caldwell and Suzanne by Phil Morris

Posted on 2015-03-09

Last Photo of John Patrick Caldwell and Suzanne
John Patrick Caldwell of the band, Mother Tucker's Yellow Duck died January 28, 2015,
he was 70 years old. Probably one of the best fathers I have ever seen to his son, Seth.

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Blue Chevy

Blue Chevy by Robert D. Burr

Posted on 2015-02-03

The photograph is of a Chevrolet pick-up truck. The truck was not laying unit's side when I took the shot but I chose to rotate it 90 degrees for aesthetic reasons. Technical: 1/45 sec at f/8 with 2 EV, ISO 400, 18-200 Nikon lens at focal length 39 mm. Crop factor 1.5

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Point Atkinson Lighthouse

Point Atkinson Lighthouse by CW McGowen

Posted on 2014-08-15

My Son Cole and I recently travelled to Whistler with the Summer Hawks for the Whistler All-Star International Hockey Tournament. Cole's team played well and we had a great trip.

While in Whistler, we stopped at a number of locations along the way to photograph some of BC's great scenery.

One of our stops was Point Atkinson which was the Vancouver's first lighthouse location. The original lighthouse was built in 1874 and in service until 1912 when the current one was built.

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miss sharon jones music live performance winnipeg

ladies & gentlemen, miss sharon jones.. by Roger Rempel

Posted on 2014-06-19

the amazing sharon jones and her dap-kings perform at the walker theatre in winnipeg, canada in spring of 2014.

if she hits your town... run and get your tickets.... a must see.

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sunset lake ice lake winnipeg lester beach manitob

sunset ice by Roger Rempel

Posted on 2014-05-21

Near lester beach, at lake winnipeg east shores. The ice makes a tinkling sound as it breaks apart through the night...

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Ever Growing by Justin

Posted on 2014-01-29

There's always something being built or fixed in a city. I am always amazed how our society expands and grows at an amazing rate. It truly is a marvelous thing.

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Pocket-watch in a jean pocket

Pocket-Watch by Geoff Stickle

Posted on 2013-11-04

My Grandfathers pocket-watch circa 1908 (still works!)

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Dome building in Brandon Manitoba

Dome building in Brandon, Manitoba by Angus

Posted on 2013-07-31

This is an historic building in Brandon, Manitoba (Canada). The photo was taken with a Canon T3i Rebel late in the evening as the final light of the day reflected off the silver domes. The gradient light is highlighted by the illuminated flag in the foreground. The octagonal structure catches a slightly different perspective.

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