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Unedited Barcelona smart/street photography!

#20170115 by Juan Antonio Zamarripa [Esqueda]

Posted on 2017-01-15


After searching for the "Superilla" in Nou Barris (it was, topographically, more like a "delta"), we ended up heading down to the #beach, where poppi of course got some #playtime on the rope #pyramid as we (our part of the planet) rolled over or into/onto the #sunset.

Ah! #Barcelona #Catalogna #España #Europa!

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galicia meiga

Compostela at pilgrim sight by GuiLhermo

Posted on 2016-12-14

Stop. Take a look. That's .......Santiago!!
After many days walking, pilgrims start to see the end of the way. Compostela is very close, and all its environment is embraced by the fog.
Long exposition makes the fog gets the color of the grass, while the stars are witness.

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Barcelona digital street photography + Dreamscope!

Machines connect joined memory formed or drawn. 05 by Juan Antonio Zamarripa [Esqueda]

Posted on 2016-06-07

My fellow Barcelona storm drain / sewer system tour participants, plus the local press.

Beneath Barcelona, in a guided tour of the storm drains and sewers offered by the City of Barcelona and its water department.

Debajo de Barcelona, en una visita guiada de los depósitos de agua y cloacas ofrecida por el Ayuntamiento y Aguas de Barcelona.

Sota Barcelona, en una visita guiada dels dipòsits d'aigua i clavegueres oferta per l'Ajuntament i Aigües de Barcelona.


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Spotlight on Zumaia beach

Spotlight on Zumaia beach by Anna Cherer

Posted on 2016-05-09

Pays-Basque espagnol, Zumaia, plage d'Itzurun où l'on peut voir les falaises plissées typiques du Flysch, cette fantastique formation géologique que l'on trouve dans le pays-basque français ou espagnol, issue du mouvement tectonique des plaques ibérique et européenne lié à la formation des Pyrénées.Un site exceptionnel !

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do not see not tell not hear

;-) by Reinald Van De Walle

Posted on 2015-08-22

We have spent some unforgettable days although sadly unrepeatable.
We did not stop laughing.

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Chinchilla Montes de Malaga Andalusia  Spain

Chinchilla by grouser

Posted on 2015-03-09

The ruins of Chinchilla still privately owned in the Montes de Malaga National Park. The Cortijo and surrounding land remained in private hands as it had productive vineyards and was also an important source of rose petals for the scent industry. When the vines were killed by phylloxera the farm was abandoned. Wild roses can still be found growing on the surrounding hillsides

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New year's rehearsal

New year's rehearsal by Behrooz

Posted on 2014-12-31

The night before the new year 2015, a group of Spanish folk music entertain the crowd in Puerta del Sol, Madrid

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Sur la place

Sur la place by mo.langel

Posted on 2014-08-14

Marbella - Juillet 2014

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Mae West by Salvador Dali

Mae West by Salvador Dali by Lai Chan See

Posted on 2014-05-23

Today's post has to be looked at in conjunction with yesterday's post. What you see on looking through the lens at the top of the ladder or staircase is the face of Mae West. The parts of her face are strewn over the floor and wall of the Mae West Room as shown in yesterday's post.

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Monte Louro Milky Way

Monte Louro Milky Way by GuiLhermo

Posted on 2016-12-15

There are some nights that oneself feel nervous. The feeling to try to set the time slower, the feeling to think each time you blink are losing anything, the feeling to be in the right place, the feeling to be accompanied when nobody is beside you.....and all of these feelings come back to me when I see this picture.
Trying to take a shooting star, I realized the shape of the tree and I moved around to get a right frame with the milky way.
A flashlight helps me to paint the tree in a amazing d

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Sevilla32 by helys

Posted on 2016-10-11

Sevillan view from The rooftop of the Metropole Parasol tower
- the Metropole Parasol ou Champignons de l'Incarnation, une des oeuvres architecturales en bois, les plus importantes de notre temps - Oeuvre de l'architecte berlinois J. MAYER H. Localisée dans la ville médiévale de Séville, à la Plaza de la Encarnacion, abrite des fouilles archéologiques, commerce

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Sur le pont

Sur le pont by Anna Cherer

Posted on 2016-05-21

Le Pont d'Itsas Aurre a été réalisé par le célèbre architecte, artiste et ingénieur espagnol Santiago Calatrava.
On lui doit des bâtiments célèbres à travers le monde, comme la Cité des arts et des sciences à Valence, La Turning Torso de Malmö, La gare TGV de Liège-Guillemins à Liège, ou la gare de l'Orient à Lisbonne, entre autres.

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Sunflower field

Sunflower field by Elena

Posted on 2015-05-25

A cloudy summer day... A beautiful light flooded across the Extremadura countryside ... We decided to take a walk and take some pictures . We found a wonderful view as we walked along a small path surrounded by fields of sunflowers and holm-oaks...

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Ribera Sacra. Sacred River. #3

Ribera Sacra. Sacred River. #3 by Francisco Romero

Posted on 2015-04-16

It is called this way because of the profusion of monasteries located in these slopes that date back to Early Middle Ages. The Romans brought the wine and the chestnuts, which was typical of them. The monks kept these economics means alive during the intervening centuries. Nowadays, it is a spectacular place where the vineyards drop onto the river sometimes almost vertically and need a railway for the grapes to be carried up to the cellar. The wines currently enjoy prestige.

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Exhibición Aérea

Exhibición Aérea by Martín Piqué

Posted on 2015-02-23

Un día fantástico ...como fondo el mar mediterráneo , con la esperanza de ver una buena exhibición y así fue ...todo en honor a una ciudad con sabor Romano ...Tarragona

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Palma Catherdral

Palma Cathedral - Mallorca by Damian B

Posted on 2011-07-21

This was such a beautiful cathedral I just had to shoot it with new my ten-stop BW filter - I have never really used it but the light that evening was awesome and could not pass the opportunity, I cant remember the exact length of the exposure but I think it was way past the two minute mark.

I visited the inside of this Cathedral too and it was such a beautiful place!! I felt so at peace and actually sat down for a while to take in the beauty of the place!!

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* Cabres al desert

* Cabres al desert by Adela Fonts

Posted on 2014-08-04

* Cabras en el desierto
* Les chèvres dans le désert
* Goats in the desert

* Parque Natural del Cabo de Gata (Almeria)

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* Colors de mar

* Colors de mar by Adela Fonts

Posted on 2014-06-20

* Colores de mar
* Colors sea

Mirar la superficie del agua de mar desde el fondo del mar.
Looking surface seawater from the seabed.

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jetty alcudia,majorca,spain,

Jetty,Alcudia,Majorca,Spain by Jimmys

Posted on 2014-06-01

My wife Heather on a jetty in Alcudia, Majorca, Spain taken just as the sun was rising

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Cibeles roundabout

MADRID by night!! by Reinald Van De Walle

Posted on 2014-05-10

...Cibeles roundabout, Palacio de Correos (iluminated in pink) and Bank of Spain in the foreground..

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Railway Museum Gijon Spain

Nee Naw by grouser

Posted on 2014-03-26

Gijon also has a railway museum which is free and doubles in an enterprising way, as a craft market, The colours here caught my eye

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Malaga Andalusia Spain

Wo mannequin by grouser

Posted on 2016-11-29

2016 has been so fraught with political upheaval we need to smile now and again more than ever.
I don't often get the opportunity to grab street scenes and as a reluctant shopper I tend to trail around behind Mrs. G in shops. However now and again as I shuffle behind herI spot something that interests me and this was one such occasion.

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Sanctuary by digitalCG

Posted on 2016-11-10

The Lonja de la Seda, a 15th century Silk Exchange and UNESCO site.

The building is grand and gothic, with gargoyles on the outside and the interior containing elaborate ceilings and huge, ornate columns. It's made for great architectural photos and of course vertical panoramas that I’m so fond of creating, but my favourite image taken there is of this weary traveller enjoying a cool stone seat and a moment of rest in the shade provided by the most impressive building in town.

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The fiddle's girl

The fiddle's girl by Paco Rubio Fotos

Posted on 2015-12-26

Habíamos quedado con Alba para hacer unas fotos. Ella habló de traer un violín que tenía por casa de cuando era pequeña. Me gustó la idea. Una vez en el estudio todo fue muy sencillo. Una iluminación frontal que dejará en penumbra la espalda y una luz posterior que iluminara su pelo. El resultado lo merece la pena!

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Mi abuelo

Mi abuelo by chiqui

Posted on 2015-08-26

Tomando otra foto, vi al fondo caminar a un amigo con su nieta. inmediatamente cambie el enfoque, pues me parecio tremendamente significativa

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He saw the light on the other side.

Life After the Last Supper by glenn

Posted on 2015-04-05

It had become his moment where he saw the light. Turning blue quickly people reveled and mourned to do what they could do. Banners fanned feverishly, a faint voice calling him. His wife, then the paramedics , It was God's gift, to show the bond , the love forgotten. And then his first breath. Tears amongst us all , His wife embraced him and they took him away. What a night filled of faith and one's personal passion play. Yes there is a god if you wonder. A blue lifeless man sat up and walked.

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Escalant by Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia)

Posted on 2014-10-15

By chance I met a group that practiced vertical climbing and ... I stopped to take some photos, of course.

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barcelona, spain, woman, selfie, iPhone, vista

Self Generation by Betsy Barron

Posted on 2014-07-10

All over Barcelona there were people carrying 'selfie poles' to attach to their smartphones to take photos of themselves. Some were even taking video of themselves walking through the Sagrada Familia and laBoqueria. At some point, can't we just put our phones down and take in the sights and have a conversation with another human being? Meanwhile, hypocritically, I was documenting her documenting herself :)

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BIAS by Dokmateo

Posted on 2014-03-31

These statues surrounds the shrine of Jesus at Cerro de los Angeles in Madrid.

The Cerro de los Ángeles (Hill of the Angels) is a famous hill located in Getafe, Spain, about 10 km (6.2 mi) south of Madrid. The site is famous for being considered the geographic centre of the Iberian Peninsula. On top of the hill there is a 14th-century monastery named Our Lady of the Angels (Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles), as well as the Monument to the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Monumento al Sagrado Corazón).

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