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The Grouse of Rannoch Moor

The Grouse of Rannoch Moor by Les

Posted on 2015-05-11

I've been across Rannoch Moor on a fair few occasions and I can't remember one time where the sun was shining! Still no matter, there's always a photo to be had there. On this occasion I frightened this grouse from the loch side and he promptly leapt into the loch before realising that he was not a water bird! Much thrashing and struggling later he managed to clamber on the rock for a photo opportunity.

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Moon. by Dave Armstrong.

Posted on 2015-04-15

The moon taken on the 5th of April. This was a test shot taken on a Canon powershot sx510 I chose for my Granddaughters birthday present. Hand held 30x optical plus 4x digital zoom, as shot.

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Photo from swansea United Kingdom

Photo from swansea United Kingdom by Ezz Lewis

Posted on 2015-04-09

Early spring evening at Rhossili bay on the Gower Coast. If you travel trans Atlantic to the UK this is the first patch of land you see as you approach Heathrow

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Avebury. by Dave Armstrong.

Posted on 2015-03-23

Avebury is a Neolithic henge monument containing three stone circles, around the village of Avebury in Wiltshire, in southwest England.

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Short eared owl

Short eared owl by Doug

Posted on 2015-02-06

On Wednesday Nige and I went and stood out in the cold most of the day in the hope of catching sight and getting a few images of short eared owls. There is seems to be a roost near by but we were all waiting and watching over one of the fields where they have been seen hunting regularly, after a few hours we were rewarded with a wonderful display by one of them who showed us its skill flying

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A Wild Exmoor Pony

A Wild Exmoor Pony by Christine

Posted on 2015-01-13

The Exmoor Pony is Britain's oldest breed of native pony, thought to be little different from the original wild ponies that colonised Britain many thousands of years ago. It's destiny has been determined by people since the time of the Celts.
A registered Charity, the Exmoor Pony Society was set up in 1921 by moorland farmers for the registration of pure-bred Exmoor ponies, the conservation of the breed and the preservation of the breed standard and thus maintain Exmoor's heritage.

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To The Glory of the Mountains

To The Glory of the Mountains by Les

Posted on 2013-05-02

From Tokavaig on the Sleat peninsula looking across to Blaven at centre right and the Cuillins in the distance.

The light on this afternoon was quite flat but these 'rays of cloud' could just about be made out and the composition was promising so I gave it a go with three exposures for a HDR. When it was all put together the sky just 'popped' and what I thought might be a disappointment turned into quite a decent shot.

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Ely Cathedral - Octagon B&W

Ely Cathedral - Octagon B&W by Sarito

Posted on 2014-11-16

The unique Octagon 'Lantern Tower' of Ely Cathedral

The church is known locally as "the ship of the Fens", because of its prominent shape that towers above the surrounding flat landscape

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Ludlow Shropshire UK

Rooftops 2 by grouser

Posted on 2014-09-19

From the roof of St Laurences Church in Ludlow ( a Market town on the English side of the Welsh borders) looking almost towards the south with Broad Street running from the centre to the left of the frame. Most of these rather grand houses started life as hovels and as the town became more affluent got large new façades built on them. The clock tower in the centre is on the Old Butter Cross market building. At the bottom of Broad Street on the left you can just discern the Broad Gate, the only

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Two of a kind

Two of a kind by digitalCG

Posted on 2014-09-08

The only two remaining airworthy WWII Avro Lancaster bombers flying in formation yesterday.

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Vauxhall Developments, London

Modern Vauxhall by Ian Smith

Posted on 2014-09-01

The ever growing developments in Vauxhall, London. To the left is the MI6 (secret service) headquarters, and to the right is the St George Wharf residential development with it's prominent 'Tower'.

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Mathematical Bridge

Mathematical Bridge by Sarito

Posted on 2014-09-01

The Mathematical Bridge is the popular name of a wooden footbridge in the southwest of central Cambridge, England. Although it appears to be an arch, it is composed entirely of straight timbers built to an unusually sophisticated engineering design, hence the name.

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South Lakes UK Ulverston

Ulverston Tower by grouser

Posted on 2014-08-21

While the fit walkers go off for a pound around the higher Fells Mrs G looks after me for the day and we take a trip to Ulverston where I manage to hobble up the hill to the tower. Although it looks like a lighthouse it is in fact a viewing point

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Black Swans

Black Swans by Avian Grey

Posted on 2015-03-23

Fascinating how these Black Swans have a different 'character' to the more common Mute (white) Swans, they are less aggressive and demanding !

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The Cage, Lyme Park

The Cage, Lyme Park by Ian Bramham

Posted on 2015-03-16

The Cage, which dates from the 1730s, is a former hunting lodge and later, a prison, in the grounds of Lyme Park in Cheshire.

This area of the Peak District National Park is within walking distance from home although it's uphill all the way.

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Gypsy John's Engine

Gypsy John's Engine by Kate

Posted on 2013-02-28

Two days ago Gildor passed away leaving John stranded on the Exeter Roundabout after 18 years of close friendship between Gypsy John and his horse. I took this photo February 2013 and also took some photos of John who is a very private man who has been living his alternative lifestyle for 40 years.
He is the most interesting man and I value any time he spares me. I plan to print a copy of this photo for John.

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First Year

First Year by Avian Grey

Posted on 2015-01-13

This is one of last year's heron chicks now coming up to one year old . . . I am amazed at how dominant he already is within the flock and how strongly he defends a territory that he has claimed.

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Time Travellers

Time Travellers by Brockaly

Posted on 2014-10-21

Retrospective: 1971 Sevenoaks. Ashamed to say when I eventually returned with the prints they had moved on...

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Waiting by Bonvilston

Posted on 2014-09-18

This is a scene in a nearby town where there is a lot of disadvantaged people. There is a high proportion of people who are poor, unemployed, old and infirm. The whole place has a definite atmosphere of lack of hope and ambition. This image sums it all up.

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View of London

Golden View by Ian Smith

Posted on 2014-08-21

Possibly the most photographed vantage point in London...(except maybe a selfie in front of Big Ben)'s such a compelling view that even after all these years of crossing the Golden Jubilee Bridge (opened in 2002) I'm standing shoulder to shoulder with the tourists to capture it time and again.

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Coot Feet

Coot Feet by Avian Grey

Posted on 2015-04-16

I always marvel at the clever design of Coots' feet.
- AG

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Durham cathedral, east face

Durham Cathedral, east face by Curly

Posted on 2015-04-15

A quick HDR of the east face of Durham Cathedral showing the apse, rose window, and behind them the final resting place of St. Cuthbert.

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old door

decay with daisy by Paul Vincent

Posted on 2015-03-28

A nice contrast of a simple daisy and my old coal house door latch.

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Oxford 4/11 - All Souls College

Oxford 4/11 - All Souls College by Jules

Posted on 2012-02-21

The Warden and the College of the Souls of all Faithful People deceased in the University of Oxford or All Souls College is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford.

The College was founded by Henry VI of England and Henry Chichele (fellow of New College and Archbishop of Canterbury), in 1438.

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Potter at work at Le Strange Old Barns

Le Strange Potter by Ian Smith

Posted on 2015-02-16

Watching an elderly lady potter at work at Le Strange Old Barns, Old Hunstanton, Norfolk.

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Eilean Glas Lighthouse

Eilean Glas Lighthouse by Les

Posted on 2013-09-20

I’ve long wanted to go to Eilean Glas lighthouse on the island of Scalpay but it’s a fairly long walk from the nearest road so I was delighted when our boat trip to the Shiants called in there. As we approached we could barely see the lighthouse through the sea fog but once we landed the sun came out enabling this shot. You can still see the fog hanging over the sea in the distance.

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Sunday morning exercises 3 of 4

Sunday morning exercises 3 of 4 by Doug

Posted on 2015-01-14

The crew of one of our local lifeboats at exercise on Sunday in the Bristol Channel off Burnham-on-Sea. I went up to see what was happening up on the beach with the high winds while the tide was in and was given the opportunity of catching the brave lads and lasses of the RNLI at work.

In this rapid recovery, instead of beaching the boat they drive it onto the trailer which together with the tractor has driven into the sea, a very difficult manoeuvre for both the helmsman and tractor driver

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A Little Asymmetry

A Little Asymmetry by Spike

Posted on 2014-12-12

Under the Second Severn Crossing. You'd think after nearly twenty years it would have a catchier name...

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king's college chapel - World's largest fan vault

king's college chapel - World's largest fan vault by Sarito

Posted on 2014-10-25

It is very hard to put in words how I felt standing in the middle of this architecture marvel; a fine example of Gothic English architecture. The intricate details and the history of the chapel is evident everywhere you turn.

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Sunset - Severn Vale

Sunset - Severn Vale by Nigel

Posted on 2014-10-18

This is a local beauty spot. The sun was going down quickly. The couple in the shot were already in situ - he had his camera set up on a tripod and was taking pictures. We stopped the car. My wife opened the door and without even getting out took a photo with her iPhone. I got my camera out - fitted an ND grad filter and walked over to take a shot of the scene. Oops - no memory card. The sun was getting lower. Back to car,memory card inserted - a couple of steps and click. This was the result.

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Stumped by OurTwoSense

Posted on 2014-09-22

Lilly : This chair reminded me of that silly tree-stump thing you sit on.
Ronnie : Hey, I like the 'stump' - it kinda grows on me.
Lilly : So I see . .

My stump chair when new in April (R)

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Mao in London

Mao in London by Nitin

Posted on 2014-09-15

"Classes struggle, some classes triumph, others are eliminated. Such is history; such is the history of civilization for thousands of years."
Mao Zedong

I don't know why I chose this quote of Mao, but I realize that after reading so many of his quotes I disagreed with quite a few. And this one is one of them. Precisely because he makes it seem like a natural phenomenon. But its more a result of mankind's greed and selfishness, which of course is but natural, although not normal.

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Blackpool evening

Quiet evening in Blackpool by sithenah

Posted on 2014-05-08

The sun was starting to set behind the North pier at Blackpool, just as two gulls settled on the railings adding a live element to the scene.

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