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"Out of the Blue"

"Out of the Blue" by Ian Bramham

Posted on 2011-03-23

I was lucky enough to get a full days photography last Saturday with John Leech and Mike Spriggs and we ended up at the lighthouse at the Point of Ayr in north Wales at dusk.

There were quite a few photographers there but the anticipated sunset never really materialised and everyone but John and I had left the beach as night fell. I'm glad we didn't leave with the others as 'out of the blue' we were lucky enough to witness the most amazing moonrise that either of us has ever seen.

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Gypsy John's Engine

Gypsy John's Engine by Kate

Posted on 2013-02-28

Two days ago Gildor passed away leaving John stranded on the Exeter Roundabout after 18 years of close friendship between Gypsy John and his horse. I took this photo February 2013 and also took some photos of John who is a very private man who has been living his alternative lifestyle for 40 years.
He is the most interesting man and I value any time he spares me. I plan to print a copy of this photo for John.

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Skimming the surface

Skimming the surface by Doug

Posted on 2014-06-13

We were really lucky this guy gave a great show for us when he saw we were taking pictures

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They Must Be Crazy

They Must Be Crazy by Jules

Posted on 2014-06-23

Tegan and friends appear to enjoy being hurled round and round at high speed.

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Short eared owl

Short eared owl by Doug

Posted on 2015-02-06

On Wednesday Nige and I went and stood out in the cold most of the day in the hope of catching sight and getting a few images of short eared owls. There is seems to be a roost near by but we were all waiting and watching over one of the fields where they have been seen hunting regularly, after a few hours we were rewarded with a wonderful display by one of them who showed us its skill flying

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Fountains Abbey

Medieval Masterpiece by Ainsley

Posted on 2014-06-26

When you think that this place, Fountains Abbey, was finished in 1132, and you look at the architecture and design work that has gone in to it, it really is hard to believe. I'm not sure we could build to this standard today... I especially don't believe it would still be standing 900 years later...

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Bosherston Pembrokeshire Wales

Bottoms UP by grouser

Posted on 2020-10-13

I was walking across the causeway of one of the Bosherston ponds, a series of artificial lakes created by a dam at a narrow outlet leading to the sea. The narrow dam flooded flooded three small valleys. I noticed the family of swans and all were head down feeding. By the time I had the camera up and ready a couple had their heads out of the water. As they went down other heads came up. I had to wait a while before all four cooperated again and I got my ST shot

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Pultney Bridge and Weir

Pultney Bridge and Weir by Doug

Posted on 2014-01-06

One of my favourite places in the beautiful city of Bath, Pultney Bridge over the river Avon in Bath, and for those who have seen the film Les Misérables you may recognise the weir as the the place where they filmed Javert looking down into before throwing himself in

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Mathematical Bridge

Mathematical Bridge by Sarito

Posted on 2014-09-01

The Mathematical Bridge is the popular name of a wooden footbridge in the southwest of central Cambridge, England. Although it appears to be an arch, it is composed entirely of straight timbers built to an unusually sophisticated engineering design, hence the name.

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Tomb of St. Cuthbert, Durham Cathedral

Wood and glass in Durham Cathedral by Curly

Posted on 2017-08-04

This is the apse of Durham Cathedral behind the High Altar. Fantastic stained glass and wooden sculptured artwork. On the left in the wooden structure is the final resting place of Saint Cuthbert and the head of King (Saint) Oswald, the very reason why this Norman Cathedral was built.

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Oxford 4/11 - All Souls College

Oxford 4/11 - All Souls College by Jules

Posted on 2012-02-21

The Warden and the College of the Souls of all Faithful People deceased in the University of Oxford or All Souls College is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford.

The College was founded by Henry VI of England and Henry Chichele (fellow of New College and Archbishop of Canterbury), in 1438.

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A Wild Exmoor Pony

A Wild Exmoor Pony by Christine

Posted on 2015-01-13

The Exmoor Pony is Britain's oldest breed of native pony, thought to be little different from the original wild ponies that colonised Britain many thousands of years ago. It's destiny has been determined by people since the time of the Celts.
A registered Charity, the Exmoor Pony Society was set up in 1921 by moorland farmers for the registration of pure-bred Exmoor ponies, the conservation of the breed and the preservation of the breed standard and thus maintain Exmoor's heritage.

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Stumped by OurTwoSense

Posted on 2014-09-22

Lilly : This chair reminded me of that silly tree-stump thing you sit on.
Ronnie : Hey, I like the 'stump' - it kinda grows on me.
Lilly : So I see . .

My stump chair when new in April (R)

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Boxing Day Dip, South Shields 2013

Hot glamour girls! by Curly

Posted on 2013-12-29

Spotted on Littlehaven Beach, South Shields preparing themselves for the Boxing Day Dip into the North Sea.

Housecoats, headscarves, Zimmer frames and curlers..........they probably wore nana knickers too!


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Old shipyard in Sunderland with climbing wall

Abandon all hope....... by Curly

Posted on 2014-02-03

The very disturbing look of an old abandoned shipyard in Sunderland, the city suffered all of the same industrial losses as South Shields in the 1980s and 1990s, shipyards and coalmines all slowly turned to dust.

There is some form of regeneration to provide a little hope though.........some entrepreneurial spirit has created a climbing wall there!

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Hudson Street, South Shields

Depression by Curly

Posted on 2014-04-05

I have shown much of the best bits of South Shields over the years, after all it's my home town and I'm proud to live here. However, there are other parts which will eventually look as good as the best bits, it just takes a little more time!

Like many UK towns we suffered from an attack of the "eastern bloc" of architects in the 1950s and 1960s, they built a succession of rectangular concrete blocks and towers for people to live in (if you can call it living)....

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Feel the heat

Feel the heat by Kate

Posted on 2013-12-14

This is my favourite photo of 2013. This style of Street Documentary Photography is new to me and I very much enjoyed being right in the action to capture and share. Taken in Exmouth with the guys from White Watch

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The Cage, Lyme Park

The Cage, Lyme Park by Ian Bramham

Posted on 2015-03-16

The Cage, which dates from the 1730s, is a former hunting lodge and later, a prison, in the grounds of Lyme Park in Cheshire.

This area of the Peak District National Park is within walking distance from home although it's uphill all the way.

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Hanbury Hall

Hanbury Hall by Doug

Posted on 2014-07-27

A few weeks ago we took a trip up to Shropshire and surrounding counties to spend time looking at the sights. Hanbury Hall is a National Trust house in Worcestershire whose history goes back to 1701 when it was built by Thomas Vernon, a lawyer and whig MP for Worcester.

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Kinder Scout

Kinder Scout by Ainsley

Posted on 2014-02-19

So I have entered this in to the place I live 2014. This is the Peak District. A natural beauty in Derbyshire. It's definitely a place to reflect on and although not part of my every day life, it's a special place to go and unwind and blow off the cobwebs.

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Liverpool UK Library

Liverpool Library by grouser

Posted on 2018-11-12

Wandered in to the library by accident looking for a tourist information office and was blown away by the view above

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Toby's Reclamation Yard

Toby's Reclamation Yard by Kate

Posted on 2014-01-07

Another visit to Tobys Reclamation Yard Exminster I love to browse the unusual items here but not much is in my budget but I would love to give this chap a new home what do you think?

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Playing the fiddle

Playing the fiddle by Doug

Posted on 2015-10-13

Yes I know it'S not a fiddle but playing the cello doeSn'T work ! The young cellist is sat busking in a place called penniless porch near the cathedral in Well, it was built around 1460 and was named for beggars who used to ply their trade there, and to this day it's not unusual to find someone busking in there.

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The top of the loop

The top of the loop by Doug

Posted on 2016-07-04

The Royal Airforce Red Arrows display team in their Hawk Jets doing their stuff at Yeovilton Naval Air Station airshow in June.

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Sunset - Severn Vale

Sunset - Severn Vale by Nigel

Posted on 2014-10-18

This is a local beauty spot. The sun was going down quickly. The couple in the shot were already in situ - he had his camera set up on a tripod and was taking pictures. We stopped the car. My wife opened the door and without even getting out took a photo with her iPhone. I got my camera out - fitted an ND grad filter and walked over to take a shot of the scene. Oops - no memory card. The sun was getting lower. Back to car,memory card inserted - a couple of steps and click. This was the result.

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St. James's Pelican

St. James's Pelican by Avian Grey

Posted on 2013-11-18

The pelicans at St. James's Park, London are so used to visitors that portraits are quite easy . .

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Sea wall runner

Sea wall runner by Doug

Posted on 2014-01-23

Grabbed this shot while walking on the beach on Sunday, I thought I showed the new sea defences we have at Burnham that saved us from any severe damage in this last lot of storms. They were constructed after we had a devastating storm in December 81 that broke up the old sea wall and flooded the town.

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Making Choices

Making Choices by OurTwoSense

Posted on 2017-10-16

Lilly : I always go for the 'named' ready-meals . . feels safer, somehow.
Ronnie : Not sure of the name on mine . . but I do get a comprehensive list of side-effects.
Lilly : Are those figures for life-expectancy or recovery time ?.

For World Food Day

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Windy day on the beach

Windy day on the beach by Doug

Posted on 2014-02-26

Taken a couple of weeks ago while walking on the beach the storms were on the way back in and causing the waves to rise. This I suppose is what I love most about walking on the beach in the winter in Burnham, just the occasional person a crazy as me to enjoy the wind and peace that only the beach at winter gives. I don't have a problem with the kids and holidaymakers enjoying it in the summer as long as I can have it in the winter (and perhaps a little less rain to give me time to enjoy it !)

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Big lifter

Big lifter by Doug

Posted on 2014-01-02

Taken a few weeks ago in Portishead near Bristol as the sun was setting

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Postal Features

Postal Features by ellylucas

Posted on 2010-12-11

Yet more antics with skin-safe glue.

Model: Heather Forknell
Photography & stamp adhering: Elly Lucas

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Rotunda (Birmingham return 8 of 9) by Doug

Posted on 2014-08-04

This is the Rotunda a building I remember well it stands looking over Birmingham and just below it is the famous Bull Ring Shopping Centre. It was completed in 1965 as part of the post war redevelopment of the Bull Ring and in 2000 gained status as a grade II listed building and houses offices and apartments.

This series consists of observations from my recent visit to my home City of Birmingham, a place I had not returned to really spend time looking around for over 40 years.

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Pembrokeshire Wales UK

Arcoiris by grouser

Posted on 2019-05-01

Walking along the coast path in sunshine I took a series of pictures of these storm clouds and the rainbow to the south. They gradually moved along over Caldey Island as I walked. This is the last one where the rainbow was perfectly placed above the beach. I walk this stretch of coast regularly and it is always an uplifting experience. Particularly so this time.

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Durham cathedral, east face

Durham Cathedral, east face by Curly

Posted on 2015-04-15

A quick HDR of the east face of Durham Cathedral showing the apse, rose window, and behind them the final resting place of St. Cuthbert.

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Sunday morning exercises 3 of 4

Sunday morning exercises 3 of 4 by Doug

Posted on 2015-01-14

The crew of one of our local lifeboats at exercise on Sunday in the Bristol Channel off Burnham-on-Sea. I went up to see what was happening up on the beach with the high winds while the tide was in and was given the opportunity of catching the brave lads and lasses of the RNLI at work.

In this rapid recovery, instead of beaching the boat they drive it onto the trailer which together with the tractor has driven into the sea, a very difficult manoeuvre for both the helmsman and tractor driver

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Down the alley (Birmingham return 1 of 9)

Down the alley (Birmingham return 1 of 9) by Doug

Posted on 2014-07-28

Taken during a trip to Birmingham a few weeks ago This was the first time I had returned to really have a look around the City I was brought up in for around 41 years. I was surprised how much the centre had changed and what effort had been put into developing and brightening the centre up from the rather grim place it had been in my memories. The next few days will be my photographic experience of the city, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did looking round and taking images.

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The Old Croft House

The Old Croft House by Les

Posted on 2012-06-13

This abandoned croft house on the Isle of Eriskay is typical of many such houses in the Outer Hebrides. After the First world War simple 'modern' houses were built to replace the old stone and thatch black houses. They were often modeled on the black house with just two rooms and extensions and additions were made later using whatever materials were to hand, in this case corrugated iron. Eriskay is home to a breed of ponies found living wild only on this island and a couple can be seen...

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Time Travellers

Time Travellers by Brockaly

Posted on 2014-10-21

Retrospective: 1971 Sevenoaks. Ashamed to say when I eventually returned with the prints they had moved on...

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