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street portrait nihang sikh amritsar punjab turban

nihang sikh by sawsengee

Posted on 2017-03-10

Street capture of a nihang sikh, easily recognizable by the striking colour garments, extended head turbans & long unshaven hair & beards. The nihang sikhs or akalis (literally mean immortals) are warriors carrying swords & spears & are guardians of the sikh religion & places of worship.

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Hands that served 4 generations

Hands that served 4 generations by Sriram

Posted on 2018-03-07

Hands that served 4 generations
Not a day goes by without all the memories. Ammamma.

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L'homme au coquillage.

L'homme au coquillage. by Mireille T.

Posted on 2018-02-22

Man and shell @ Plage de Mahabalipuram (Mahabalipuram Beach), Tamil Nadu, Inde, janvier 2018.

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They are everywhere

They are everywhere by Chetan

Posted on 2017-12-03

Wishes, desires, are everywhere. Wish they could take wings like these birds

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hindu sadhu Indian beard facial paintwork

Wandering sadhu in Trichy by sawsengee

Posted on 2017-04-25

Street capture of a wandering hindu sadhu in Trichy Tamil Nadu India.....he looked quite out of place in a modern city like Trichy but yet he was comfortable with himself as a way of life.....a life of simplicity (minimal worldly possession), vegetarian diet, prayers & a hope for a better cycle of life after death (reincarnation).

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Misty Morning

Misty Morning by Dhanaraj

Posted on 2016-12-19

The Calm sunrise after a historic super cyclone Vardah devastated Chennai City reminds me that silence after storm is also a beautiful.

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Crescent with Stars

Crescent with Stars by Nitin D Nawathe

Posted on 2016-11-28

I made this image of 5% crescent 45 min before sunrise. My eyes were not able to see the pink color of clouds but camera did.

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Photo from Mumbai India

Photo from Mumbai India by geetanjali agarkar

Posted on 2016-08-30

I clicked the photo of this rose which was given with love to me by my love and thought of capturing it so that whenever I look at the whorls, it would tell me how deeply he loves me...

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The ear hair removal scheme

The ear hair removal scheme by Sriram

Posted on 2016-07-06

Another set of life at the Ghats of the Ganges, Varanasi -- The ear hair removal scheme

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bull shop Varanasi India

Holy cow.......there is a bull in the shop! by sawsengee

Posted on 2016-05-06

A scene captured in the shops selling saris in the holy city of Varanasi India.....the bull is considered sacred by the hindus & this bull never fails to visit this particular shop for half an hour or so every day for the last 2 years!
The management of the shop felt it was good omen & it became a local feature where shoppers will touch the bull for blessings.

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Goddess of Wealth

Goddess of Wealth by Sam

Posted on 2016-03-08

I like to share this beautiful image of Maha Lakshmi, Goddess for Wealth on this special day of International Women's Day. A tribute to all Women who create, support and make life meaningful and successful.

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A Wedding  3

A Wedding 3 by Devi

Posted on 2017-12-14

The jewels on the bride

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Help others rise

Help others rise by Chetan

Posted on 2018-03-06

In this frame, the crane appears to help the iron bar's to get up. It signifies that when possible, we should help others, even when we think the other person might not be able to help back.

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Resting on barbed wire

Resting on barbed wire by Chetan

Posted on 2018-03-08

A fly resting on barbed wire, against the sun, and chaos of construction all around in the my city - Gurgaon. Telling me that its not necessary to get affected by the chaos all around. Shouting loud that its time to take rest. And lastly, that how small one might be, he can make his mark.

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Happy Pongal

Happy Pongal by Sam

Posted on 2018-01-14

It was a memorable moment on this Pongal day. Me and my wife Varthini were preparing to celebrate Pongal this year. It so happened children went to different places with their familes to celebrate Pongalthis year. First time we felt so lonely inspite of having lived a busy life all these years. It is a great learning to know lead a simple yet graceful life full of love and peace. I loved the divine atmosphere in our Puja room arranged by Varthini in her own style. I captured that very moment her

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Postmaster and his cat

Postmaster and his cat by Sriram

Posted on 2017-07-10

The postmaster and his cat. Kaveripakkam, Tamil Nadu.

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balance pot neem dance festival thaipooyam

The holy pot balance! by Mohan

Posted on 2017-03-13

This is true dedication to the 'Lord Muruga' on Thaipooyam festival, Thalavady, Kerala

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Gerbera Twins rare color combination

Blue sprays of Passion by geetanjali agarkar

Posted on 2017-01-03

This awestruck color blend made it inevitable for me to not click a glimpse and share with all....

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Hikkim, world's highest post office.

Hikkim, world's highest post office. by Shuva Brata Deb

Posted on 2016-10-24

Hikkim village in Himachal, India holds the record of hosting the world's highest post office. This place remains cut off from other regions for half the year due to heavy snow fall over the passes. Its an extreme place to live with population around 200 people only. This place also happens to hold the record for the world's highest polling station.

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On the target...

On the target... by Mohan

Posted on 2016-09-21

On the target...

The Nehru Trophy boat race, Alleppey backwaters, Kerala 13th Aug. 2016

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monochrome portrait old indian Haridwar

old man by the river by sawsengee

Posted on 2016-08-18

Portrait of an old man by the bathing ghats of the River Ganges in Haridwar India......old, frail & a hard life as seen from his facial features.

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portrait hindu sadhu Varanasi India

sadhu at Varanasi by sawsengee

Posted on 2016-03-28

Portrait of a hindu sadhu at the Meer Ghat by the River Ganges in Varanasi India.

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boy facepaint portrait shiva Bengal India blue

Little Shiva by Sugata

Posted on 2016-02-22

These little children dress up as mythological characters and go begging from the people they meet. I found him on a train during my recent India visit.

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Last one standing to save the environment

Last one standing to save the environment by Chetan

Posted on 2018-03-11

In Gurgaon,India, construction of new urban area's is always happening - be it commercial or residential. On one such morning, it so happened that these two trucks were facing each other, and there was this tree standing on the road divider. I immediately saw this opportunity to show ill-effects of uncontrolled construction where this lone tree appears to warn us, that if we don't care for the environment now, nature will try and fight back.

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Danse sacrée.

Danse sacrée. by Mireille T.

Posted on 2018-03-17

Spectacle en l'honneur de Shiva Nataraja (Shiva dansant) au temple de Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu, Inde. Janvier 2018.

Performance in honor of Shiva Nataraja (Shiva dancing) at Chidambaram Temple.

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Salt, pepper and some clips

Salt, pepper and some clips by Sriram

Posted on 2018-03-01

Salt, pepper and some clips...

A barber at Thiruttani, Temple town of South India

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The bike in starry light

The bike in starry light by Chetan

Posted on 2018-01-06

I live in Gurgaon, - been here for almost 8 years now. And NEVER tried street photography here. But this time it was different. Took out my camera and tripod, and BAM, was at CyberCity - The IT hub of Gurgaon.

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Along the Path

Along the Path by Sam

Posted on 2017-09-03

This photo is one of my favourite shots and was taken on 02.09.2017 at Lambert Nagar, Chennai. I liked the light and angle chosen for this frame.
After performing the annual ceremony I was thinking of my father and I chose to take a few photos just outside. This is in memory of my father. And our children also liked this one.

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Life along the Kerala backwaters

Life along the Kerala backwaters - 5 by Chetan

Posted on 2017-03-03

Life is so full of happenings, that we hardly notice as worthy. Here is my attempt to share those moments.

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street portrait monochrome Indian woman

black on black by sawsengee

Posted on 2016-12-30

Street capture of a dark skin Indian woman at a local hindu temple in Kumbakonam India....she was selling flowers & garlands to pilgrims & visitors for prayers. A hard life is seen in her facial features, yet, she managed a faint smile for my camera.

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Wildflower by Nitin D Nawathe

Posted on 2016-05-11

I shoot this image at famous kaas plateau near my home town Satara Maharashtra India.

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Tribes of Poombarai..

Look that lingers..Tribes of Poombarai.. by Sathya

Posted on 2016-04-14

There is a beautiful hill station called Kodaikanal in TamilNadu, India. I have been there 9-10 times however to the buzzling side of the same. But once, thought of exploring beyond the commercial side of the hill station. This picture was shot in a tribal village in one of the remotest corners of TamilNadu and I would say the people and the place itself is a hidden jewel. Not many people know that tribal villages like these exist in the Indian map. Was a satisfying photo shoot.

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Betrayed by PRASHANT

Posted on 2016-02-16

Designed by Insia Dariwala and Tui Sigman, the installationhas been executed by sculptor Shreehari Bhosle. India ranks second in the world for child abuse, and this installation is an attempt to highlight the issue.The installation features a girl and a boy showcasing that both the genders are equally at risk. the ratio for the number of male and female kids who are abused in India is equal.The circle represents the circle of trust that the kids have in people ,but how they are "Betrayed".

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