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Thank you Aminus3

1500 - Thank you Aminus3 by Sam

Posted on 2014-11-24

This is my 1500 post.
It has been a wonderful experience for me to be part of AM3 community and to appreciate photos and views from very many great people. This gave us great opportunity to understand different cultures, people and places which we very much appreciate. I thank all our AM3 family members for their kind words, comments, guidance and support given to me all along. I should thank my son Dr Sunder who was keen that I should join Aminus3.

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untitled young love

untitled young love by danthro

Posted on 2014-09-22

Over a century after its abandonment, the british residency compound has become a hangout for young couples in Lucknow, India.

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It's all that we celebrate...

It's all that we celebrate... by Mohan

Posted on 2014-09-08

KERALA celebrate ONAM festival!

A 'Happy ONAM' for all Aminus3 friends!

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Towards the finishing!

Towards the finishing! by Mohan

Posted on 2014-08-18

Boat aiming for the final place!
The lead men with another 100 rowers working behind!

The Nehru Trophy Boat Race at Punnamada Lake, near Alappuzha, Kerala.

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A plateful ....

What are these ? by Devi

Posted on 2014-08-11

A plate with a ripe ash gourd(white pumpkin), five coconuts, five limes and some camphor etc. placed on the sands in the compound of a Temple. The ash gourd will be broken so will the coconuts and the camphor lit ..and offered to ward off any negative forces floating around:)

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The saga of Iddly...6

The saga of the Iddly 6 by Devi

Posted on 2014-07-19

The owner of the small hotel makes iddlies (a South Indian breakfast dish) in a very traditional manner, using clay pots, cane plates, traditional batter and firewood oven for cooking. They get orders from other big hotels as the dish is very popular around here.

As I was clicking away she was feeling shy to pose and she kept insisting that we have some tea. She talked about how they moved to this village many many years ago and how busy they are now with orders coming in.

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For peace and prosperity

For peace and prosperity by Devi

Posted on 2014-07-03

A senior Priest performing a ritual in a Temple in a village.....for universal peace, brotherhood and prosperity.

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Diamonds  on my leaf

Diamonds on my leaf by Devi

Posted on 2014-06-20

The banana leaf on which I am going to be served food in a small hotel on my recent sojourn..water droplets for cleaning the leaf... eating from a leaf has medical benefits too..

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Ward off evil

Ward off evil by Devi

Posted on 2014-05-01

Tis woman belongs to the hills, selling tribal herbs.These particular roots are for " warding off evil "..yes..hang it in your home and if there is some negative force floating around, the roots are supposed to shrink and rot and you throw them into the dust bin. She learned all about herbs from her grandfather, she said. I saw villagers coming to her with some health issues and she was directing them to get some special plants and telling them how to use them.
No I did not buy this root;D

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Still a favourite

Still a favourite by Devi

Posted on 2014-04-11

These Boiled Sweets or Candies as you call them were the only available type of candies in my school days. Of course they were slightly larger and thinner and more sour. They are still my favourite:)

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Performing for the Lord

Performing for the Lord by Ram

Posted on 2014-03-21

Natyanjali is an annual classical Indian dance festival timed to Shiva Ratri. I happened to visit the Temples at Mayavaram and Chidambaram to shoot this classical dance festival. I am planning to share the pictures from this festival for the next couple of weeks.

This was shot at Natyanjali 2014 at Mayavaram. Bharathanatyam performance from the Nrityanjali Team from Mumbai, India.

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rajasthani woman india portrait monochrome

rajasthani woman by sawsengee

Posted on 2014-11-23

A monochrome portrait of a rajasthani woman selling bracelets & trinkets in the Hampi bazaar. I asked to take her photo & she insisted that I bought something from her before I could take her was well worth my purchase.

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The Sapthapadi

The Sapthapadi by Sathya

Posted on 2014-09-18

The title "Sapthapadi" is roughly translated as "7 Steps"

The bride and groom take seven steps around the sacred fire. The groom walks with the bride to the right side of the sacred fire while holding his wife's right hand. He stops, bends down and holds the right toe of his wife with his right hand and helps her take seven steps around the fire.

This image was clicked when the Groom was helping the Bride to take the first step out of the seven steps.

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Friends forever..

Friends forever.. by Sathya

Posted on 2014-08-26

I felt like, I was one of them when I clicked this picture. Took me right back to my childhood days. It gave me absolute joy when I spent my time with these "TRULY HAPPY" innocent kids..

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Le regard de Bouddha

Le regard de Bouddha by Juliana

Posted on 2014-08-17

Découverte de cette magnifique statue de Bouddha au cour d'un fabuleux voyage au Zanskar, région du nord de l'Inde.

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Saravana Stores

Saravana Stores by Sam

Posted on 2014-07-03

Another view of the decorations for Summer Collection Sales at Saravana Stores

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Heating up the day's sale..

Heating up the day's sale.. by Sathya

Posted on 2014-06-27

A corn vendor is gearing up for a busy evening sale at one of the beaches popularly known as the Besant Nagar beach.

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The pair!

The pair! by Mohan

Posted on 2014-06-13

The bee eaters!!

The Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary, located in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India, is an attractive spot for all Photographers who love nature.

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untitled street

untitled street by danthro

Posted on 2014-05-09

"jew town," kochi, kerala, india

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Waiting for her bus

Waiting for her bus by Sriram

Posted on 2014-05-09

At a "one of its kind" bus stop in Sholayar near Valparai

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Just two days old

Just two days old... by Devi

Posted on 2014-04-30

A new born calf in a temple compound..The cow belongs to the Templs and the milk is used here

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Haning out there

Hanging out there by Devi

Posted on 2014-04-23

These bats are residents of a tree in a school close by, visible from my balcony since I am on the third floor. . All are blissfully asleep this morning !!!
Except one who is still flying around ! Late night..oops--late morning sleeper I think :)))

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Villageoise sur son coracle

Villageoise sur son coracle by Colette

Posted on 2014-04-09

Je suis ravie d'être sur ce blog et de partager avec vous une série sur le thème des "lavandièr(e)s" d'Inde et d'ailleurs...La plupart de ces images ont été prises entre 2010 et 2012 avec des petits compacts.

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Smiles at 94..

Smiles at 94.. by Sathya

Posted on 2014-03-04

Salute to this brave "young at heart" man. He is 94 now and has served the army during world war II, traveled around the globe, fought many battles and is fit as a "young man" even now. Loved by everyone at home and poses to Camera like a hero! Kudos to him.. Wishing him a further long and cheerful life :)

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Diwali Lights

Diwali Lights by Mohit Arora

Posted on 2014-10-24

Diwali, also known as the Hindu Festival of Lights, is celebrated with fervour in India (especially in North India). People light up their houses with oil lamps, candles and various forms of electric lights.

Seen in this picture is one such wounded up electric light hanging from my parents' house this Diwali. The bokeh in the backdrop is other such lights of different colours.

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Loyola College

Loyola College by Sam

Posted on 2014-10-24

The long and majestic corridors of Knowledge and Education - Loyola College, Chennai.
It was a thrilling experience to walk along these corridors of my old college after so many years.
I felt I was a young student and still a part of this great Institution as I was going to see one of my old class rooms...

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The winners!

The winners! by Mohan

Posted on 2014-08-17

'ONAM' is a unique festival of colours celebrated in the southern state of Kerala, India. The state welcome this yearly festival with another unique sport event which is a country boat race 'Nehru Trophy Boat race', which is conducted on the 2nd saturday of August, every year. The lake 'Punnamada' in Alleppey, Kerala is the venue.
This photograph is a real scene from a snake boat with more than 100 men on the row!
I have captured this terrific event on 9th of August, 2014.

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Candle light protest against child abuse 7/10

Candle light protest against child abuse 7/10 by Shuva Brata Deb

Posted on 2014-08-05

Last month Bangalore was shaken by brutal rape of a 6-year old at school. Worst, the it was a girl with special needs. Even worse, the parents knew about it after several days as the girl's complain about her stomach pain made her mom take to doc after few days.

Teachers are like second parents and school is a child's second home. In this incident we saw the school compromising morals and ethics.

Bangalore rose to the occasion. People participating in candle light march seeking justice.

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The harvest begins

The harvest begins by Sriram

Posted on 2014-07-05

A cloudy noon at Keeranur

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In service of God

In service of God by Ram

Posted on 2014-07-01

Inside the Shiva temple at Vaitheeswarankoil in the state of Tamilnadu in India.

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"Anbe Sivam"

"Anbe Sivam" by Sriram

Posted on 2014-05-28

Words which denote 'Love is God'. Captured this personified moment of this peace loving person at the Thiruvarur Thyagaraja Swami Temple.

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true This is camouflage!

true This is camouflage! by Mohan

Posted on 2014-05-16

A water monitor on watch towards the salty water! A morning scene from Sunderbans, Kolkata.
A tough shot from the passing boat!

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Vaitheeswarankoil Temple

Vaitheeswarankoil Temple by Sam

Posted on 2014-05-08

A glimpse of the suthai sculptures in the Gopura.
This temple Gopuram is due for renovation and painting.

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Wild Girl

Wild Girl by Tomix

Posted on 2014-04-30

Dans les yeux de quelqu'un on ne peut pas lire vraiment mais on imagine des choses. (Jacques Poulin )

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Friends and Frolic!

Friends and Frolic! by Sriram

Posted on 2014-03-29

Kids having fun celebrating Holi at Sowcarpet Madras

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