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girl scrubs utensils on hoogli bank

The Golden Child... by Pavan Kaul

Posted on 2013-03-16

God is merciful...this child probably has no idea that there is a life outside of her poverty ridden existence. No wonder she gifted me such a lovely, sweet smile! Can there be anything more generous? Such honor, such courage! She taught me something I shall always remember.

“Sometimes our light goes out, but is blown again into instant flame by an encounter with another human being.”
~ Albert Schweitzer

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Top of a hill at Dandeli

Top of a hill at Dandeli by Shuva Brata Deb

Posted on 2013-01-09

We went to Dandeli to do whiter water rafting last November staying at Old Magazine House. Out there there is a 30 minute trek up the hill where you can see 4 rivers merging at the Supa Dam. Beautiful place to spend the evening and see the sun going down.

This picture was taken by keeping the camera almost at the ground, lens wide open without any view finder usage. Imagine taking a blind shot by holding your camera near your ankle.

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La vie est belle...

La vie est belle... by maximage

Posted on 2015-06-21

"Le sourire des enfants est à la beauté ce que les fleurs sont au printemps"

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Embracing the Ganges!

Embracing the Ganges! by Sriram

Posted on 2013-04-23

A 5 year old boy dives into the Ganges at the Manikarnika Ghats, Varanasi.

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Thank you Aminus3

1500 - Thank you Aminus3 by Sam

Posted on 2014-11-24

This is my 1500 post.
It has been a wonderful experience for me to be part of AM3 community and to appreciate photos and views from very many great people. This gave us great opportunity to understand different cultures, people and places which we very much appreciate. I thank all our AM3 family members for their kind words, comments, guidance and support given to me all along. I should thank my son Dr Sunder who was keen that I should join Aminus3.

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Closeup of Mehendi

Closeup of mehendi by Devi

Posted on 2015-03-23

She was so obliging...and happily opened her palms

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Mom  &  KId :)

Mom & KId by Devi

Posted on 2019-04-13

I was rushing to the window every now and then to see if the Mom would lift her bum and let me take a shot of her eggs. No chance! !Was I disappointed? Yes.
But surprise of all surprises, I heard faint "cheeps" and I started rushing now to see the lil one. And lo! It came out and I took a few quick shots. Very soon the Mom sensed the human presence near by and ushered the kid under her wings! Aw!! Thank Heaven for small mercies. The zoom did not disappoint me !!

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year by Sam

Posted on 2019-01-01

Lord Ganesha is our favorite God in our family. And it is a common faith among many people in India to offer prayer to Ganesha first before starting any new, work, project or business. And ths picture of Ganesha was so appealing to me as a fine art and colours. I chose to post this image on the New Years day with my greetings and wishes.

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Loyola College

Loyola College by Sam

Posted on 2014-10-24

The long and majestic corridors of Knowledge and Education - Loyola College, Chennai.
It was a thrilling experience to walk along these corridors of my old college after so many years.
I felt I was a young student and still a part of this great Institution as I was going to see one of my old class rooms...

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Moment de tendresse...

Moment de tendresse... by maximage

Posted on 2015-04-12

Sud de l'Inde 2015 / Provinces du Kerala, Tamil Nadu et Karnataka.

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Rencontres & regards 3

Rencontres & regards 3 by maximage

Posted on 2015-11-22

Rencontres & Regards
Sud de l'Inde, janvier / février 2015 / Provinces du Kerala, Tamil Nadu et Karnataka.

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Street side magic

Shipyard Shaman by glenn

Posted on 2013-01-30

In India, shipyards owned by other countries hire men for vey little. For the workers this money is needed. They will endure undesirable conditions and pain to survive. They come from all over Asia and even Muslim regions on the globe.

Here a Shaman begins his spirit work to remove bit of splintered metal from this grimacing man's eye socket.

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Vieux sage et bonne fortune...

Vieux sage et bonne fortune... by maximage

Posted on 2015-08-26

Grâce à la fumée sacrée et pour quelques roupies, ce vieux sage à la barbe fleurie, dispensera la bonne fortune sur les échoppes du marché de Mysore...

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FREE WIFI... by maximage

Posted on 2015-06-23

Histoire inconnue d'un vieux mur de Pondichery.

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A Wedding  3

A Wedding 3 by Devi

Posted on 2017-12-14

The jewels on the bride

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Victoria Memorial in the fog

Victoria Memorial in the fog by Shuva Brata Deb

Posted on 2013-12-29

I took this picture using a mid-level Samsung Mobile while running around this place early in the morning. I briefly stopped for a few seconds, took this shot and continued running.

I have been thinking of visiting this place with my SLR, but this picture made me think: What is the need to shame an SLR?

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In praise of the prophet

In praise of the prophet by Sriram

Posted on 2012-04-09

The peace loving Muslims of Jama Masjid, Delhi

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La Cérémonie... by maximage

Posted on 2015-03-28

Prendre des photos à l'intérieur de ce sanctuaire hautement sacré est rigoureusement interdit!...
Avec reconnaissance, respect et humilité, je remercie le hasard des circonstances et les Dieux de ces lieux, de m'avoir permis de réaliser cette image.

Je la publie en hommage et gratitude à cette attachante population de l'Inde du sud, ainsi qu'à sa riche culture millénaire qui m'ont séduit.

Provinces du Kerala, Tamil Nadu et Karnataka.
Shri Mahabaleshwara Swami Temple

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Selling Palm fruit

Selling Palm fruits by Devi

Posted on 2015-02-07

Borasses flabelliser or Ice apple in English . Come hot summer, you will find them seated on the roadsides, selling palm fruits. Much in demand as it quenches thirst and cools the system. Here we have a mother and daughter...yes the head of the family has gone to pluck more from the trees, which border either side of the National Highway and are found growing in villages too.

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Harmonie... by maximage

Posted on 2015-05-16

Harmonie et esthétisme...

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Sourire lumineux....

Sourire lumineux.... by maximage

Posted on 2015-07-25

"Rien n'est plus beau et plus pur que le sourire d'un enfant" !

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street portrait nihang sikh amritsar punjab turban

nihang sikh by sawsengee

Posted on 2017-03-10

Street capture of a nihang sikh, easily recognizable by the striking colour garments, extended head turbans & long unshaven hair & beards. The nihang sikhs or akalis (literally mean immortals) are warriors carrying swords & spears & are guardians of the sikh religion & places of worship.

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L'innocence magique... by maximage

Posted on 2015-06-17

"Les enfants sont sans passé, c'est tout le mystère de l'innocence magique de leur sourire."

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Just two days old

Just two days old... by Devi

Posted on 2014-04-30

A new born calf in a temple compound..The cow belongs to the Templs and the milk is used here

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For peace and prosperity

For peace and prosperity by Devi

Posted on 2014-07-03

A senior Priest performing a ritual in a Temple in a village.....for universal peace, brotherhood and prosperity.

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Last one standing to save the environment

Last one standing to save the environment by Chetan

Posted on 2018-03-11

In Gurgaon,India, construction of new urban area's is always happening - be it commercial or residential. On one such morning, it so happened that these two trucks were facing each other, and there was this tree standing on the road divider. I immediately saw this opportunity to show ill-effects of uncontrolled construction where this lone tree appears to warn us, that if we don't care for the environment now, nature will try and fight back.

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Sourire avec les yeux... 6

Sourire avec les yeux... 6 by maximage

Posted on 2015-05-12

Sourire avec les yeux...!
Le sourire que tu envoies reviens vers toi.

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Posted on 2011-01-20

Havan (also Havana, Havanam) is the term for a sacred purifying ritual in Hinduism that involves a fire ceremony. It is a ritual of sacrifice made to the fire god Agni.

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