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Dragonfly by fereshteh.kamelan

Posted on 2016-06-07


Life is light & beautiful

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Lightning in sky of Mellat park-Mashhad

آذرخش-lightning by sina

Posted on 2016-05-20

ابر بی تاب بهارم روز و شب
با کویر افتاده کارم روز و شب

Cloud impatient Bharm day and night
Desert was a work day and night

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Silence... by fereshteh.kamelan

Posted on 2016-04-25

سکوت بود
خدایی همیشه ناظر

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Great "Abyaneh"

Great "Abyaneh" by Zeynab Shirazi

Posted on 2016-03-26

As a village of great antiquity, Abyaneh is like a living architectural and anthropological museum. It presents an impressive model of the man adaptation to the environment.

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Caspian Sea with Love

Caspian Sea by MRG*Photographics

Posted on 2016-02-01

Caspian Sea in it's magical mode ... no sunrise and no sunset !

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Lovely day

Lovely day by Moon blue

Posted on 2015-12-25

Listen:The world`s most distant is singing.
The finest thing is to attain a gaze
*moist with the advent of Love*

بهترین چیز رسیدن به نگاهی ست که از حادثه عشق تر است

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به یاد ...

به یاد ... by shahla

Posted on 2015-11-06

!شوخی قشنگی ست ... پاییز با خیال تو

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Snail`s Shell-4

Snail`s Shell-4 by [email protected]@

Posted on 2015-07-12

هر اتفاقی پیامدهایی دارد
جتی اگر افتادن برگی از درختی دور باشد
Every event has some consequences,
Even if a leaf falls from a far tree

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خاکستر ...

خاکستر ... by shahla

Posted on 2015-06-14

قیافه ی عزرائیل
دیدنی بود
وقتی به سراغم آمد
تو زودتر
جان م را گرفته ای
علی شرافت

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Mostofi house

Mostofi house by Zeynab Shirazi

Posted on 2015-06-12

It's a little part of the gorgeous historical house in Boshrooye, Khorasan, Iran. This shot is the first of a collection which shows he beautiful and painful details of these forgotten historical remains.

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Dream by fereshteh.kamelan

Posted on 2016-06-02

so beautiful

یک دفعه که در قاب نگاهم ظاهر می شوی
متولد شدن
یک رویا

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The Store

The Store by Ehsan Hemmati

Posted on 2016-04-26

The store. I used an analog canon film camera for this shot. then I used a Negative scanner and did a little noise reduction in post processing.

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Lonely Man

Lonely Man by Ehsan Hemmati

Posted on 2016-04-17

Back in 2008 i remember my friends and I went hiking .we met this kind man.He invited all to his little adobe house. He had a sad story.years ago he lost his entire family in war.since then he left the city life and lived in a remote area.he was a shepherd and did a little gardening. although life treated him unfair but still had big soul. offered us tea and dates with a true smile.Hope he is happy and healthy.

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Spring by fereshteh.kamelan

Posted on 2016-03-23

Coming of spring
گاه این روی سکه را هم ببین
حس دستانی تو را
سرشار از زندگی کند
برداشت از
کتاب بر بال آرزو-1394
حرف ها و عکسهای فرشته کاملان

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Snow Planet III

Snow Planet III by MRG*Photographics

Posted on 2016-02-11

Me and My Old Friends Have a Very Short Trip to the "Atashgah" Means "Fire Place", An Ancient Temple of Zoroastians In North of the "Karaj" City. And I Captured Atashgah's Snowy Ambience.

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WE ...!

WE ...! by fereshteh.kamelan

Posted on 2015-12-25

I am close to the beginning of the earth
I am familiar with the wet destiny of water and the green habit of trees

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Like a painting ll

Like a painting ll by fereshteh.kamelan

Posted on 2015-11-05

A lovely day :)
یک روز دوست داشتنی... روزی که تنهایی با ترس همراه شد

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Tehran Planetarium-5

Tehran Planetarium-5 by [email protected]@

Posted on 2015-11-11

شهاب سنگ
تقریباً 5 میلیارد ساله
A Meteorite
About 5 Billion Years Old

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My Room-13

My Room-13 by [email protected]@

Posted on 2015-08-24

اگر در کارهایمان کنکاش کنیم
می بینیم
خواسته یا ناخواسته
همگی به ترس از مرگ ارتباط دارند
به مبارزه با مرگ
شکست دادن
و یا حتی فراموش کردن آن
اشتیاق آدمی را به زندگی، حد و مرزی نیست
If we think about our activities,
we understand that,
Intentionally or unintentionally,
all are related to the fear of Death,
to fight to the Death;
or to defeat;
or even to forget it.
The man`s desire to live forever, is not limited.

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okra بامیه بوکه

Okra-2 by [email protected]@

Posted on 2015-08-02

Okra is a flowering plant, with West African or South Asian origin. The fruit can grow up to 18 cm long and has many seeds. We usually cook the fruit with meat, onion, tomato (or tomato paste) and garlic and make a meal of it, whit the cooked rice. I remember my grandma made it lusciously...

But actually I didn't try to photograph it as a plant here. I just liked to find something else inside it...

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Tehran's nights !

Tehran's nights ! by szh

Posted on 2015-07-10

شب های تهران

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Silence ll

Silence ll by fereshteh.kamelan

Posted on 2015-06-18

Beyond the seas there's a city.
Where the sun shines as wide as the eyes of early risers.
Poets are the inheritors of water,reason and light.
Beyond the seas there's a city.
I must build myself a boat.

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To Become Date

To Become Date by [email protected]@

Posted on 2015-06-18

میوه های نارس درخت نخل خرما
Unripe Fruit of Date Palm Tree

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Broken by AminAshkan

Posted on 2016-05-28

Broken, got it all broken
Hoping, got it all worked out

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Missing You

Missing You by fereshteh.kamelan

Posted on 2016-04-29

The lover
is always alone !


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Looking at me Looking at you

Looking at me Looking at you by Ehsan Hemmati

Posted on 2016-04-19

I spent almost 3 hours taking some shots in an old neighborhood.I felt like non of my picture were worth even looking at. until she opened that door and stared at me.So I thought It was the right time to push the button.

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- by [email protected]@

Posted on 2016-04-03

من از دنیای بدون کودکی بیش از دنیای بی کودک می ترسم
دزفول-خانه سوزنگر
فروردین 1395
I'm afraid of a world without childhood more than a world without child...
Dezful- Soozangar House
March 2016

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Plane among the clouds .Sunset

Iranian airplane in the sky by sajjad

Posted on 2016-03-01

این عکس یکی از بهترین ثبت های من از آسمان است که از بالای پشت بام ساختمان گرفتم (ساختمانی سه طبقه)مدل دوربینی که با آن عکس گرفتم این است:Sony DSC-HX100V
This photo is one of the best records I got out of the sky from the top of the roof of the building (three story building) camera models that I see it is this: Sony DSC-HX100V

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Isfahan Trip 3

Isfahan Trip 3 by MRG*Photographics

Posted on 2016-02-29

Dried Zayandeh Rood & Si O Seh Pol of Isfahan, Iran.

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Desert Trip- Opus V

Desert Trip- Opus V by MRG*Photographics

Posted on 2016-01-30

When i was traveling to Semnan from Tehran, I saw this beautiful and amazing hills.. I capture them from the bus with my iPhone 4 :)

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Zeynab Shirazi chiiikchiiik

Little Angle in Crowd by Zeynab Shirazi

Posted on 2015-12-13

That day was a traditional public ceremony that held in a religious form for Muslims. At noon, exactly at the praying time adult people stop mourning and do pray. I found this sweet little angle with her different style at that time.

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Art For Peace-1

Art For Peace-1 by [email protected]@

Posted on 2015-09-24

نمایشگاه هنر برای صلح
تهران- فرهنگسرای نیاوران
شهریور ماه 1394
آثار زیادی تو این نمایشگاه بود
اما این یکی برام متفاوت بود
Great Festival Of Art For Peace
Tehran-Niavaran Cultural Center
September 2015

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- by [email protected]@

Posted on 2015-08-09

گل کَبَر
(که ما در لهجه محلی بهش باکو میگیم)
شاید این گل خیلی هم فتوژنیک به نظر نیاد
اما همین گل ساده، لذت کشف دنیا رو برای اولین بار تو زندگی ام بهم بخشید؛
و من خیلی ازش خوشم میاد
Caper Flower
Maybe it doesn't look like a photogenic flower,
but this simple flower gave me the pleasure of the world's discovery for the first time in my life;
And I like it.

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Dancing lll

Dancing lll by fereshteh.kamelan

Posted on 2015-07-26

Life is a beautiful dance.
به تماشایت نشسته ایم در سکوت: من و خدا

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ferdowsi toosi   ll

ferdowsi toosi ll by fereshteh.kamelan

Posted on 2015-07-01

A piece of our history
Hakim Abol-Ghasem Ferdowsi Toosi (940-1020)

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- by [email protected]@

Posted on 2015-06-12

این لحظه را دوست داشتم

I liked this moment...


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