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paradaise by ehsan kamaly

Posted on 2010-06-18

This photo is a real shot without edit, just small color edit.

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Fin Garden--Kashan

Fin Garden--Kashan by Hossein Saharnaz

Posted on 2012-12-07

Fin where Nassereddine ShahGarden of Kashan , an Iranian garden that Finn bath in it. He places , in 1852 AD, the Chancellor himself Amir in the murder kills. Fin Garden and the old buildings and the history of the Safavid period returns. Garden area of over 23 thousand square meters and includes a central courtyard by walls, ramparts and towers, cylindrical form is enclosed. Compared with many of the same Persian gardens, Gardens Finn with water to drink considerably.

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Moharram Childs 2

Moharram Childs 2 by Hossein

Posted on 2008-01-30

...The biggest cruel of all history and all times was on "Imam Hossein (a) and his family et al." they were martyred innocently for Islam and muslims to save them and they've done...
This childs and all the muslims around the world mourn for them each year, from 1400 years ago. we are all ransoms of our innocent Imam Hossein (a).
(Imam means > religious leader, pontiff (in islamic meaning))

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Waiting for daddy!

Waiting for daddy! by Nfs

Posted on 2012-05-06

Since she was a little baby, her father's worked in a drilling Company, he was away every month. She missed him a a lot! Though still she waits with passion for her fathers arrival every time he's away! In this photo you can see her waiting for her daddy to arrive home from that business trip.

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Looking to the future

Looking to the future by omid

Posted on 2011-12-27

با سپاس ویژه از حضرت عابد(ع) که به یاری کوررنگ ها شتابیدند
دستان یاری دیگر دوستان را نیز مغتنم شمرده به دیده منّت گرامی خواهم داشت

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Qadr Night Ceremonies

شب قدر - Night of Decree by Mohammad Namazi

Posted on 2007-10-02

literally the Night of Decree or Night of Measures, is the anniversary of two very important dates in Islam that occurred in the month of Ramadan. Shia Muslims believe that this night is when their fate in the following year is decided and hence pray for God all night long and pray for mercy and salvation.

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