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Ny-London, Svalbard

Oli kord... / Once there was... by Vaido

Posted on 2019-09-26

Once there was a marble quarry in Ny-London, Svalbard. There are the remains of a settlement and a quarry from the early 20th century, constituting the national heritage of Svalbard there.

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Séchoirs à poissons

Séchoirs à poissons by mo.langel

Posted on 2018-08-22

Le séchage naturel à l’air est la plus ancienne méthode de conservation. Les morues éviscérées sont suspendues sur des treillages en bois. Pendant environ quatre mois, le vent et le soleil vont les dessécher jusqu’à ce qu’elles ressemblent à des morceaux de bois, ce qui leur a d’ailleurs valu leur nom norvégien de stokkfisk (bâton-poisson). La période de pêche va de janvier à avril!

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Bergen by Darkelf Photography

Posted on 2015-11-17

The second biggest city in Norway, also known as the City of the Seven Mountains. There are many good vantage points to view it from above and we ventured out to Mt. Fløyen to capture some cityscapes. This is one that I took once the city light came to life a little later on in the evening.

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Réserves protégées

Réserves protégées by Léon photographies

Posted on 2014-05-07

Øye - On the way to Patchellhytta (1200 m) (Møre og Romsdal), Norway

In the fine rain, everything was disappearing. Nature was calling me back with its horn, it was rather reminding me that some of our people in whom we believed were going away. Their silhouettes were disappearing at the horizon. That is were I was meeting them again, those silhouettes. I couldn't think about the lost years that passed anymore. With the time, we don't love anymore.

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Reflections by ClaudiaBCN

Posted on 2009-08-26

On a windstill morning on Lofoten island... only the sounds of the seagulls and the salty air is missing in the picture... ;)

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Finally, Aurora

Finally, Aurora by Janus

Posted on 2016-03-09

Malgré 2 jours de neige en continue, le temps s'est finalement levé pour la soirée, place au show.

After 2 days long of snow, sky gets clear, here the show!

Haukland beach

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Train in Ny-Alesund, Svalbard

Rong see sõitis... / Once there was a train by Vaido

Posted on 2014-12-15

Ny-Ålesund is a research town in Svalbard, Norway - 78°55′N. This loco here is from 1909 and used to haul coal from one of the several coal mines near settlement.

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View from Nordkjosbotn and up the valley

View from a dream? by Ragnar

Posted on 2009-08-27

This fantastic view is taken from my parents-in-law's backyard. It is a really amazing view when the weather is just right (don't get me started about how depressing it is when the weather is bad ;) and the midnight sun is out (ok it was not midnight when I took this picture, is was around 10 PM). This picture was taken in early July, and we still have the midnight sun at that time.

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Autumn in Norway

Autumn in Norway by Janus

Posted on 2018-10-22

Autumn in Norway

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Norvège (suite)

Norvège (suite) by Sof

Posted on 2016-04-15

Sur la route vers Tromvik, au Nord-ouest de Tromsoe.
avril 2016

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Terres d'eau

Terres d'eau by Léon photographies

Posted on 2014-05-03

Øye - Along Norangsfjorden (Møre og Romsdal), Norway

J'avais longé le fjord jusqu'à l'entrée des terres du milieu. La porte était grande ouverte, je disais adieu au monde des eaux.

I had went along the fjord until reaching the door of the highlands. The door was wide open, I was greeting the water world before leaving.

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