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singapore 1989 4/4

singapore 1989 4/4 by yiannis krikis

Posted on 2010-01-18

A newspaper man on the street in Singapores, 1989.

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At the Crack of Dawn

At the Crack of Dawn by Jonathan

Posted on 2009-04-19

Totally non post processed.. this image is to remind me never to hang your remote shutter from your tripod when you're in the sea with a rising tide... Needless to say it soaked it.. and gave me the shock of my life.. but all is good however as I managed to save it by opening it up and drying out the contacts. Hurray me!!

Taken from Pasir Ris Beach, Singapore at 6.29 AM. No sleep and after a cockroach hunt.. =/

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Singapore National Stadium

Singapore National Stadium by Lai Chan See

Posted on 2015-06-06

Singapore plays host to the South East Asia (SEA) Games which had its opening ceremony at the National Stadium yesterday evening.

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Roles in Chinese Opera - Male (Martial) : Warrior

Roles in Chinese Opera - Male (Martial) : Warrior by Lai Chan See

Posted on 2014-06-20

There are four major roles in Chinese opera - 1a. Male (civil), without a beard, portraying a scholar or lover, 1b. Male (martial), without a beard, portraying a warrior, 1c. Elderly Male, with a beard, portraying an official or judge, 2. Female, 3. Character of a particular personality, with a fully painted face (red for goodness and loyalty, black for honesty and openness, white for cunning and deceitfulness), 4. Jester, with a white patch across the nose.

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Levitation fashion photography

Levitate by Terran

Posted on 2023-01-20

In this series of photos, I experimented with the combination of fashion photography and the concept of levitation photography (made popular by Natsumi Hayashi) to create a series of levitation photo that seems to defy gravity.

Timing is critical as the model actual jumps and I have to take the shot at exactly the right moment to create the natural levitation look.

I worked with this fashion designer and decided to shoot his entire fashion collection (for this series) against a black and white checkered setting which gives a sense of distortion of perspective and yet is able to make his collection/design stand out.

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Singapore lifestyle photography

Faces by Terran

Posted on 2023-01-26

Chinese puppetry is a tradition that is slowly losing ground and becoming rare in Singapore.

The faces and colours of these puppets, together with the intricate details of their costumes has always fascinated me, not to mention the skilful art of manipulating a puppet by the puppeteer from above to bring each puppet to life.

Thus when I come across this rare performance near where I lived, I know I have to capture some photographs of this intriguing craft!

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Singapore photographer

Mad World by Terran

Posted on 2023-03-02

This shot was taken about 2 to 3 years back during the Covid lockdown period where we are asked to confine ourselves in the house.
As the days go by, it has taken a mental toll on all of us and I decided to go outside to the top of the multi-storey car opposite my residence to take a breather.

That's where I saw this boy spinning around on the spot and laughing hysterically alone, as though mocking at the crazy situation we all have landed ourselves into.
I guess at that point of time, he must have yearned to be able to run around freely again and to be able to meet up with his friends instead of being confined at home (school was stopped and learning was home based as well) for so long.

This scene has evoked such a strong feeling in me then and I knew I had to capture it. I took the shot with what I had on me then, my phone.
The wire netting blurred out in the foreground added a strong sense of juxtaposition to depict the situation that we are all prisoners of our own world.

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Immigration by Behrooz

Posted on 2014-12-18

December 18th is the International Migrants Day ...

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Untitled by Ziren

Posted on 2014-06-23

I took this picture some time back. I thought the sunset was absolutely gorgeous. Imagine my disappointment when the purity of the photo turned out to be contaminated by the unappealing lens flare. Without much hesitation I consigned the image to the lonely corners of my hard disk. Later, I was revisiting some old photos, I saw it a second time - and having embarked on my project on imperfection, I saw this photo from a different eye. Who said that the perfect image must be pure and clean?

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Horse & Groom : Fan Painting by Pu Ru

Horse & Groom : Fan Painting by Pu Ru by Lai Chan See

Posted on 2014-02-03

Painting on fans is a Chinese art form that demands special skills in composition because of the shape of the fan. Painting is done on one side, and on the reverse is usually a calligraphy of verse. The fans are for common use, but if the painting is done by a famous artist, the painted paper is usually removed from the skeleton of the fan and mounted as a work of art in its own right. This fan was painted by Pu Ru (also known as Pu Xinyu), a cousin of the last Emperor of China.

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Night Lights

Night Lights by Lai Chan See

Posted on 2014-09-18

Singapore Night Festival 2014 - Trees around the National Museum took on an eerie appearance as light was projected onto them. Mystic beings showed up on their foliage.

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Street editorial photography

A pause along the busy street by Terran

Posted on 2023-01-21

I want to merge the style of street and editorial photography when photographing the subject. Thus I had her positioned before this traffic junction along this busy street, blending and putting her in the comfort of the crowds she sees everyday.

At the same time, I made her stand out from each shot by keeping her still and dragging the shutter to blur out the crowd and traffic both in the foreground and background to achieve the effect of a "layered" composition.

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singapore architectural photography

Farewell to the old dame by Terran

Posted on 2023-01-24

The grand old Capitol theatre, considered one of Singapore's finest theatres in the 1930s, just before her demolishment.

Unlike other cinemas that were decorated simply, the Capitol featured elaborate decorations on its walls and ceilings.
The interior decorations were green and gold, with the golden dome as its highlight.

Managed to sneak in to capture her beauty and grandeur one last time before it was torn down for redevelopment.

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Singapore photographer

She's got the moves by Terran

Posted on 2023-02-24

Experimenting and combining the use of continuous and strobe lighting to depict movement and achieve sort of a double exposure effect.

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Illuminated Giants

Illuminated Giants by Darkelf Photography

Posted on 2016-08-11

Giant Supertrees are illuminated during the evening light and music show at the Supertree Grove in the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. The Marina Bay Sands Hotel can be seen in the background.

We missed this spot during our previous visit so I was keen to get out there and take some night shots in the gardens. Something a bit different and worth seeing if you visit this city.

This was as wide as I could go with my 16-35mm lens.

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East Coast Park

East Coast Park by Steven

Posted on 2017-08-31

The East Coast Park in Singapore stretches along a considerable length of the South-east shore and is a pleasant place to escape the urban crowds and bustle.

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Welcome the Year of the Horse

Welcome the Year of the Horse by Lai Chan See

Posted on 2014-01-31

Today is the first day of the lunar New Year, this year being the Year of the Horse. Chinatown is decorated with lanterns of prancing horses and gold coins, symbols of prosperity that the New Year will bring.

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Singapore Night Festival 2014

Singapore Night Festival 2014 by Lai Chan See

Posted on 2014-09-15

One of the venues where the Festival was held was on the grounds of the National Museum. The Museum was flood lit with changing colours.

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Singapore photographer

Fields of Gold by Terran

Posted on 2023-01-25

I love shooting during the golden hour at dusk, always looking out for backlit subject and lens flare in my composition.

Chanced upon this scene when I was walking around the neighbourhood one quiet evening.
Was actually hoping for a subject (insect, animal or person etc) to come into the scene "silhouetted" to give more visual context and a more interesting composition but no luck.

The sun was setting fast and guess I would have to make do with this for now.

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singapore fashion photography

Can't take my eyes off you by Terran

Posted on 2023-02-02

With a little help from a light projector, I managed to travel back in time to create this street scene of old New York without the need for a time machine.

Decided to take things a step further by merging "street photography" with a fashion theme.

The experimental concept/idea here is to show the contrast and juxtaposition of the what's new and modern against the old and rustic New York city street.

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Singapore photographer

Hold my hands by Terran

Posted on 2023-03-10

A couple being blessed by a monk after exchanging wedding vows during a buddhist ritual.

I saw how the 3 pairs of arms and hands interplayed and intermingled from different directions (which created various leading lines to the center of the image where the the hands meet) and thought it made an interesting composition and took the shot.

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