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A full moon rises over California oak-lined hills.

Full Moon Over Coastal California Hills by Don Smith

Posted on 2009-07-19

I love shooting moonrises just as they peak their head over the horizon, especially if I can get a tree nearby to give a sense of scale. The moon is still catching the last warm light rays of the setting sun, thus explaining its warmish cast. The size of the moon always looks big on the horizon as we have scale and depth clues available from the surrounding terrain thus creating an illusion of size.

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Late Shop

Late Shop by OurTwoSense

Posted on 2014-05-15

Lilly : I really like to do my shopping late - when it is quieter.
Ronnie : Oh, yes, much more relaxing, I agree . .
Lilly : Ronnie, just how late was that ? - was the shop still open ? I see the bottle is.

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another sunrise

another sunrise by Jeff

Posted on 2013-01-08

It is not an ordinary occurrence to have brilliant sunrises in Hawaii. While the sun shines most mornings and any sunny morning is a good thing in my book, most mornings do not have skies dominated by so many clouds to catch the light and reflect it throughout the city. I like the orange and blue together. I also like how the 14mm lens captures a large swathe of the eastern sky without the need for multiple images stitched together.

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Into the setting sun

Into the setting sun ... by Ron

Posted on 2008-11-22

Sitting atop Sandia Peak - 10,300 feet (3,140 meters) above sea level - and looking out onto the Albuquerque valley at sunset.

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"A Left-Eyed View", Sabourin, "Ronald Reagan Home"

Reagan Family Home by Steven

Posted on 2019-08-28

Childhood home of the 40th president of the United States, Ronald Reagan (1981-1989). His family moved to this house in Dixon Illinois December 6, 1920. Prior to his presidency, he was a Hollywood actor and union leader before serving as the 33rd governor of California from 1967 to 1975. He always considered Dixon as his hometown and came back to visit quite often.

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"A Left-Eyed View", Sabourin, Bellevue

Mississippi Burning by Steven

Posted on 2018-12-06

View of the Mississippi River from atop a hill at Chestnut Mountain Resort in Galena, Illinois.
Bellevue, Iowa can be seen across the river.

Photo captured October 14, 2018.

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Anders at Nisqually Wildlife Refuge.

Barred Owl by Steve Rice

Posted on 2018-02-05

Shortly after beginning our walk, we saw people looking up into a tree. This character was sitting there quite peacefully.

Autumn Walk with Anders
Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge

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Swallowtail Butterfly

Swallowtail Butterfly by Anita

Posted on 2013-08-29

There have been many Swallowtail butterflies in my garden this year. What a joy they are..

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At Blue Lake in the North Cascades.

She Wasn't Alone by Steve Rice

Posted on 2014-11-16

She brought her kid. What a treat seeing these mountain goats who apparently come here to drink. The mother is a fairly large, solid looking animal with a pair of very sharp horns. I would say she's been around humans before because she was watchful but calm. She determined we weren't a threat.

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Delicate Arch in Arches NP.

Delicate Arch by Steve Rice

Posted on 2015-04-06

Being almost a symbol of the state of Utah (it appears on some vehicle license plates) and of Arches National Park, Delicate Arch draws people like a magnet. In fact, I had to come here much earlier in the day than I had planned just to get a parking spot in the lot at the trailhead. This is the view you get just as you complete the three mile (4.8 kilometer) uphill hike. The mountains are the La Sal Range.

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Humanity...enduring the storm

Humanity...enduring the storm by Ron

Posted on 2008-04-29

From the sculptor Daniel Lawrence, "This piece embodies that we are primarily vessels, containers of life that express life by means of three distinct capacities; the ability to know, the ability to love, and the ability to desire. Knowledge, Care and Technology obviously fit right over this model of human self."

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Double Rainbow

Double Rainbow by Brandon Crain

Posted on 2011-05-23

The double rainbow appeared after the infamous tornadic storm moved through Battlefield, Missouri from Joplin, Missouri on May 22, 2011. The photo was taken on Cloverdale Street, the neighborhood that was destroyed 8 years prior from a tornado.

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"A Left-Eyed View", Sabourin, Naperville

Naperville Quarry Lake by Steven

Posted on 2019-10-31

View across Naperville's Quarry Lake with the Millennium Carillon Tower in the background. More formally known as Moser Tower, it is 160 feet tall and has 72 carillon bells. The carillon structure is said to be one of the four largest in the United States.

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Tucson wedding photography photojournalism

In the Evening by Ryan Hammond

Posted on 2014-01-17

I've been going back and forth for months whether or not to post this picture or not. An intimate shot of my two favorite people lounging in bed before we concluded another day. I decided I wanted to post it as a little reminder that these simple evenings at home can so easily be taken for granted in the midst of everyday stress of our lives.

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San Xavier Del Bac

San Xavier Del Bac by Don

Posted on 2013-05-04

Mission San Xavier del Bac is a historic Spanish Catholic mission located about 10 miles (16 km) south of downtown Tucson, Arizona.
I liked how this subject fit the qualities of a black and white negative. The film captured a fine range of tones and the mood of the stark mission. The print resulted in a pristine look that I found appealing.

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Iced Over, "A Left-Eyed View"

Caked in Ice by Steven

Posted on 2018-02-08

The breakwater in Waukegan's harbor is frozen over with layers of eye-catching ice forms on this early January morning.

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"A Left-Eyed View", Sabourin, Chicago Skyline

Chiberia's Skyline by Steven

Posted on 2019-02-13

The Chicago skyline seen from Montrose Harbor a few days after Chicago experienced a near record cold temp. Chicago was colder than many locales around the world known for its cold temps.

I didn't want to venture out with my camera for fear that it would lead to condensation building inside the camera itself.

The white amoebic form that you see in the middle of the photo are shards of ice that were paper thin and piled on top of each other, perhaps due to currents under the ice.

Feb 2,

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new york city, statue of liberty, lukas

lukas & lady liberty by Franz

Posted on 2014-01-10

my son lukas, contemplating the buildings of ellis island while pretending to be an immigrant from sicily ;-)
the statue of liberty in the distance, on a cold and windy and cloudy day ...

new york city #19

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Moro  Sphinx.

Moro Sphinx. by Shaun

Posted on 2021-08-10

I always like to see the Moro Sphinx in the garden. Just like the Hummingbird the Moro Sphinx is always in flight even when feeding.

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"A Left-Eyed View", Sabourin, deer

I've Been Spotted! by Steven

Posted on 2014-02-21

I went to Brezina Woods to capture some winter landscape shot. After thinking I was done photographing for the day, I got back into the car to exit, there was a herd of about six deer walking along the entrance road.

Out of the car, my mind kept thinking back and forth between my personal safety and keeping an eye on all of them. When they finally made their way back into the forest of the trees, I knew it was safe to get back into the car and get back home. But what an experience!

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Beach Walk Before Sunrise

A Walk As Dawn Begins by Andy

Posted on 2021-09-27

It was an early morning as the sun begins to crest the horizon. I was struck by the bond between the dog and its owner.
When the walk begins the dog intently looks up to its owner, eagerly waiting for the ball to be thrown.

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The Naches Peak Loop at Mount Rainier NP.

Dewey Lake by Steve Rice

Posted on 2016-09-05

There is a side trail down to this lake but, that adds quite a bit more distance to the adventure. I like the view from here just fine.

Naches Peak Loop
Mount Rainier NP

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Rainbow, "A Left-Eyed View"

Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Steven

Posted on 2017-08-24

A sighting that took us by total surprise. After a storm, a family member, pointing toward the sun, said we should see a rainbow. Usually it would be opposite the sun. As we turned toward the east, there it was. But we could only see a portion of it.

This was the one time I didn't have my camera due to the bad weather, I didn't want to subject it to any rain. Best I could do was use my cell phone. To get a better view, we opened the gate and ran out onto the first fairway of the golf course.

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"A Left-Eyed View", Sabourin, Metra Locomotives

Pandemic Impact by Steven

Posted on 2020-04-06

Metra trains sit idle at the Waukegan train station. Metra, the main commuter rail line that serves all of the major suburbs of Chicago, cut its schedule by as much as 80% in response to the stay at home order issued by Illinois Governor Pritzker.

~ March 30, 2020.

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The Manzanar concentration camp in California.

What? by Steve Rice

Posted on 2020-03-25

A guard tower in the Eastern Sierra? What is this about? The answer gives us a look into one of the darker chapters of American history. This is Manzanar National Historic Site located between Lone Pine and Independence, California, USA. During World War II, Americans of Japanese ancestry and Japanese who were denied citizenship by federal law were interned here and in nine other camps across the country. This was facilitated by President Franklin D Roosevelt signing Executive Order 9066 on February 19, 1942. The order authorized the US military to exclude and detain US citizens and resident aliens. In practice this applied to individual German and Italian aliens and all persons of Japanese ancestry living on the West Coast.

I've known about this violation of Constitutional rights for decades but only recently learned of this historic site. I had to see it and see if it has any relevance to current events. I think it's important that we learn from our past instead of repeating it.

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Lake House

Lake House by Don

Posted on 2011-04-15

On Lake Coeur d'Alene there are houses on every side, but this is one of the more unusual ones for its building site. This is a good example of building right on a basalt outcropping that must have made plumbing and foundation work very difficult. They apparently have a way to lower platform for visitors arriving by boat.

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"A Left-Eyed View", Sabourin, Conservatory

Spring Flower Show by Steven

Posted on 2015-03-12

Garfield Park Conservatory’s 2015 Spring Show, “Sun Showers,” opened on February. Continuing the Conservatory’s grand reopening year theme, Sun Showers celebrates the revival of the Show House and its seasonal shows following the terrible hail storm from June 30, 2011 which left much of the Conservatory severely damaged with so many panes of glass shattered. More than 200 yellow umbrellas hang from the glass ceiling, celebrating both the rain and sun that bring us hopeful spring flowers.

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A smoke filled sunrise in Reno, Nevada.

Smoke Rise by Steve Rice

Posted on 2013-11-20

This was late August when the huge wildfire was burning in and around Yosemite National Park. The wind carried the smoke northeast toward Reno. Early in the morning, this sight greeted us.

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Sunrise, Sabourin, "A Left-Eyed View"

"Even the Darkest Night Will End... by Steven

Posted on 2018-05-17

...and the sun will rise."
- Quote by Victor Hugo

Photo captured on April 26, 2018 at Illinois Beach State Park along the Lake Michigan shoreline.

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"Holy Name Cathedral", "A Left-Eyed View"

Holy Name Cathedral by Steven

Posted on 2017-02-16

This is a view looking toward the altar of Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago, Illinois. This was my first time in Holy Name Cathedral (back in 2010) after reading a Flickr member's post about how accommodating the Cathedral was to allow photographers in.

This cathedral suffered severe roof damage when it caught fire in early 2009. What a beautiful job in the restoration.

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New Bedford. Massachusetts.

New Bedford. Massachusetts. by Shaun

Posted on 2019-03-26

I like to visit the fishing port of New Bedford, the largest fishing port in the U.S. The port is always busy and there are always a large number of trawlers landing their catches there. I have always admired the fishermen who go to sea to catch fish sometimes in very dangerous weather.

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The Juan Sebastian de Elcano

The Juan Sebastian de Elcano by Frances

Posted on 2013-12-30

The Juan Sebastián de Elcano is steel-hulled, and rigged as a four mast brig-schooner with crossed foresail. Her original mission as a training vessel has been augmented by her employment as a tool for cultural exchange. The jewel of every port she visits, she allows locals a chance to learn a bit about Spain's naval history, and gives Spaniards abroad a chance to step onto Spanish "soil" for a few moments.

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Bulldog. New Bedford Massachusetts.

Bulldog. New Bedford Massachusetts. by Shaun

Posted on 2019-11-22

I have always been interested in ships especially working ships. Living near the Atlantic, I like to visit the many ports and docks around the coast in New England. One of my favorite places to visit is the huge fish dock in New Bedford and photograph the many different fishing boats that use the docks. Each time I go to New Bedford, I have to admire the crews of the trawlers that go to sea in very dangerous conditions to catch fish.

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Flowers found on walks.

October Yellow by Steve Rice

Posted on 2018-10-26

My neighbor's garden has these pretty flowers that refuse to acknowledge the autumn chill. So, I pulled out the macro lens.

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Scituate Spit. Massachusetts.

Scituate Spit. Massachusetts. by Shaun

Posted on 2019-07-10

Scituate was settled by a group of people from Plymouth about 1627, who were joined by immigrants from the county of Kent in England. They were initially governed by the General Court of Plymouth, but on October 5, 1636, the town incorporated as a separate entity. The name Scituate is derived from "satuit", the Wampanoag term for cold brook, which refers to a brook that runs to the inner harbor of the town. In 1710, several residents emigrated to Rhode Island and founded Scituate, Rhode Island,

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Cathedral Rock, Sabourin

Between a Rock and a God Place by Steven

Posted on 2016-03-16

The mansion seen at the bottom here is appropriately sited between Cathedral Rock and Chapel of the Holy Cross, giving it panoramic views of these well-known landmarks.

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