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Balchik Palace 's Garden

Balchik Palace 's Garden by Stella

Posted on 2020-03-16

The Balchik Palace reveals an unusual royal love story; it is about a woman who fell in love with a place and spent the rest of her life there. The woman was Queen Marie of Romania, and the place is the located at the Black Seaside in Balchik, in northern Bulgaria.

The palace was constructed 17 metres above sea level between 1926 and 1937, during the Romanian control of the region. It isn’t that big or fancy, but is made with a simplicity that completely fits with the surroundings and the peaceful spirit of the place.

The Queen only lived in for a short time, as she passed away in 1937, in the Peles Castle in Sinaia, Romania. Still, she spent about ten years of her life in this area, so after her death, her heart was temporarily kept in one of the chapels, called "Stella Maris".

The complex is therefore seen as a relic in honour of her life. The building was preserved after her death, and is now a cultural site.

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Photo from Vratsa Bulgaria

Photo from Vratsa Bulgaria by Valerina Iordanova

Posted on 2016-01-30

It was a cold and snowy day. I went out to take some shots of the frozen trees and then I saw this little snail. It looked like it was dead because it was out of it's shell and did not move. Then I cleaned the snow that was on this little friend and took it with me at home. After several minutes it began to move and then i took this picture.

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