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Elephants XIV

Elephants XIV by Mad-Kiwi

Posted on 2016-04-22

Elephants heading to the river for a bit of a swim.

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Botswana Sunset I

Botswana Sunset I by Mad-Kiwi

Posted on 2016-01-08

Watching a Botswana Sunset with animals moving.

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Bush child

Bush child by Loretta

Posted on 2010-12-12

25 years ago I had the privilege of spending safaris in Botswana with the Kalahari Bushmen or San people.

A young Kalahari Bushmen girl eats silver-leaf terminalia leaves with a potato like tuber. The tubers are slightly bitter and the leaves of a certain bush, chewed with it, cancels out the bitterness and makes it more palatable. It's images from an era that is mostly in the past since there's very few of them left these days that still follow their traditional "hunter/gatherer" lifestyles

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