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Garbage City Cairo

Garbage City Cairo by Robert

Posted on 2021-10-09

Manshiyat Naser is a neighborhood outside of Mokattam Mountain in southeast Cairo. It is also known as Garbage City. A settlement of mostly coptic Christian people called the Zaraeeb live here. They collect garbage from the city of Cairo and bring it back to this place to sort through the discarded items.

The Zaraeeb's system has been studied for its efficiency which allows them to survive and profit from this work, as well as recycling and reusing more than 80% of the city's waste.

Despite their important role in the city of Cairo, this mostly Coptic community is often misjudged and looked down upon.

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Jam by Asmaa

Posted on 2021-03-31

I was lost in downtown cairo, kept crossing the same roads over and over. Everything seemed to move so fast. Everything was hazy.
I took this photo on crossing the road, and this is how I see it or choose to see it.

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