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christmas morning

In their memory by Jypyä Pop

Posted on 2022-12-25

Christmas is one of the holidays when we take candles to the graves of our loved ones. It's our way of remembering them and thanking them for the time we spent together

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This is precision work 3 by Jypyä Pop

Posted on 2019-07-11

It is a tradition in Turku that the meadow of a park is mowed by pulling a horse on an old mower. A couple of days after this, the hay is raised to dry the hay. Work at work, the power of the freelancers. The mower is a Finnish product about 70 years old.

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My favorite

In the spring it may also rain by Jypyä Pop

Posted on 2017-12-29

The ninth of May was the snowy day of summer. It was in Turku, Ruissalo, waiting for a new ship from the TUI shipping company leaving Perno shipyard, where I wanted to take pictures. When I took this picture, I came across everything I can see at that moment. Fortunately, the weather improved and the ship was visible in a few moments.

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Aurajoki lives by Jypyä Pop

Posted on 2017-08-24

For a while, people take boats to the nearby archipelago for dinner cruises to enjoy the scenery, the good food and the club. When September begins, everyone is silent and is waiting for spring.

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Snowy yard

Last morning in April 2017 by Jypyä Pop

Posted on 2017-04-30

Spring in Finland can be very unpredictable. Usually at the end of April it is warm, the flowers bloom and the birds sing, which is almost summer. Yesterday started and this snowfall that morning has changed the landscape to winter and wet. This picture was taken in the morning at seven o'clock,

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Christmas tree

The lights were lit in honor of the first Advent by Jypyä Pop

Posted on 2016-11-27

The first Advent light Turku Cathedral Christmas tree lights. Then there is a small moment of celebration and there is a lot of audience. Christmas tree must be in place until january 13th. Then the evil one comes and Knuutti take Christmas off.

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Now we can do the snow piles. by Jypyä Pop

Posted on 2016-01-20

After snowfall the snow has to be moved out of the transport routes. In due course be brought before the snow landfill. In this way it is possible to move safely even in the winter.

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Hurry is somewhere far away. by Jypyä Pop

Posted on 2015-12-28

On Sunday morning I went 27.12 in Turku Ruissalo observation tower watching the sunrise. The weather was clear and the temperature was a few degrees. The tower offers a good view of the harbor. It was almost a half ten in the morning when the sun was already clear.

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Turku greets Paris. by Jypyä Pop

Posted on 2015-11-17

Turku wanted to pay tribute to the victims of the attacks in Paris and lit 16.11. this bridge trikolrin colors.

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red tree

The autumn is dark time by Jypyä Pop

Posted on 2015-09-25

Autumn morning light was scarce. Haze covered the prospects. One of the maple had been clothed autumn color.

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Finnish Flag Day. Midsummer. by Jypyä Pop

Posted on 2015-06-20

Today is celebrated Finnish flag days. Flags are waving to yesterday evening at six, and with flying colors on this day, at night until nine. Today we celebrated the summer solstice day, when the days are longest in southern Finland. Its length is 19 hours 2 minutes. Above the Arctic Circle the sun does not set at all.

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Motorcyclists summer begins. by Jypyä Pop

Posted on 2014-05-11

Turku region has been a long-standing tradition that motorcycling enthusiasts gather on the second weekend of May Lieto joint worship service of the church. Active arrives at thousands of bikers who gather an initial set of Turku and leave in procession towards the Lietoa. This year, there were 2000 motorcycle.

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leevi and his friends

Warm house, friends and food and good people... by Jypyä Pop

Posted on 2022-01-27

Repairs are being made to my apartment and their sebum would make the cat’s life very uncomfortable. There would be something to sew there too, so I asked my daughter if she would like to take care of Leevi for about a month. He agreed and Leevi is comfortable there. Their own pets are three cats: Kaapo, Pus and Sapliini, and a dog named Mikke. everyone gets along well with each other.

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Ferry on the river

There is spring and ducks in the air by Jypyä Pop

Posted on 2019-03-19

On Monday there was a ferry in trouble when the big iceboards disrupted its passage. A small chain-driven ferry cannot break the ice and had to wait until the iceboards passed.

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Light by Taija

Posted on 2018-01-21

Light behind the trees. The frost was about -11 degrees.

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Christmas lights

Birds of the park are waiting for Christmas by Jypyä Pop

Posted on 2017-12-12

The Kupittaa Park in Turku is a popular recreation area for the city. For decades here has been a birdwatch and ponds for waterbirds. At Christmas time the hall is decorated with light and the sight is very beautiful because there are no street lights in the area.

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Mein Schiff 6

Mein Schiff 6 is ready to go by Jypyä Pop

Posted on 2017-05-12

On Tuesday, May 9, the Meyer Turku shipyard was the second Mein Schiff ship built on this plate. Previous number 5 bay one year ago in June. This shipyard has also built the largest vessels in the world, such as Freedom of the Seas, M / s Independence, Oasis of the Sea.

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Leevi in hole

Do you see me I hit it! by Jypyä Pop

Posted on 2016-12-04

Levi is great fun to hide in a climbing stand in the box and attack from the rear of the toy. That toy is a reflector for pedestrians, with a flexible hanger. It is with the cat be able to play for a long time sometimes.

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Now it is then definitely spring. by Jypyä Pop

Posted on 2016-03-17

One sure sign of spring narcissus in Turku is the emergence of the Aura River Theater border bridge railings. This is an old tradition. When narcissus time has passed, the townspeople will pick up the onions own gardens. Daffodils have been planted 11,000.

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Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is ready to shut down. by Jypyä Pop

Posted on 2015-11-26

Turku Cathedral is always a Christmas tree is erected before the first Advent and the lights come on the eve of the Advent, and the fiery mid-january. The tradition is very old and the lights sytyttämist is the mass always a lot of people. The event is always a special festive program.

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Park and leaves

Lights and colors. by Jypyä Pop

Posted on 2015-11-04

This image is October, the beginning of the Park Turku Castle. The leaves were not yet beginning to be falling, and the air was warm.

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Who knows where the rabbit is? by Jypyä Pop

Posted on 2015-08-06

This guy lives in Pöytyä-called locations in Turku, about 40 km north located in a small zoo. There are other live exotic animals, which can be accessed to look for a small fee. The zoo is also home to two Wallabi with chicks while there we visited.

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When a friend is near, all is well. by Jypyä Pop

Posted on 2014-09-30

I walked in the morning at sunrise pasture on the edge of the path. These two stood out among the great horse. They were clearly very good friends.

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Railway station by Jypyä Pop

Posted on 2014-05-14

Repatriation is about to begin. The left shows a train that will take Turku. In the background is Finland's oldest amusement park, Linnanmaki and the ferris wheel ..

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old ship

S/s Ukko-Pekka is coming to Naantali by Jypyä Pop

Posted on 2020-07-17

SS Ukko-Pekka is a former fairway inspection vessel that was converted into a passenger ship in the mid-1990s. It makes cruises from Turku to Naantali and back and dinner cruises to the nearby archipelago.

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sihip and boats

Summer is gone, the boats are back by Jypyä Pop

Posted on 2019-08-12

Summer is gone, the boats are back ... In the background is a cruise ship under construction at the Meyer Turku Shipyard, commissioned by an Italian shipping company. Several of the world's largest cruise ships have been built at this shipyard. The length under construction is now over 300 meters

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dock and swans

Spring is a busy time by Jypyä Pop

Posted on 2018-04-22

The small cliff facing the yard is the nesting area of cormorants. There are hundreds of individuals living there.

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Night view

Almost in the dark by Jypyä Pop

Posted on 2018-01-03

I was waiting for a bus to get home. I was watching the new year's favor in the center of Turku. The feature of the phone's camera, called "light painting", enabled this. The red lines between which the bus is visible are from the second bus that passed by seconds earlier.

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Blue light

Festive Lighting. by Jypyä Pop

Posted on 2017-12-07

A light show called Luminous was built in the park of Turku Castle in honor of Independence Day. It emphasizes the colors of the Finnish flag, blue and white. Darkness is familiar to Finland this time of year. In the Turku region, the sun is above the horizon for about six hours a day.

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somali-kitten abyssinian-cat 365+1daysoftheirlives

They fit there just fine :) by ursulakatariina

Posted on 2016-04-24

These are my boys Pena and Punkku. For whole year my photography has been all about these two furry friends, they are my life. This photo is my favourite so far in 2016.

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midnight sun

midnight sun by sophron

Posted on 2016-11-11

midnight sun in july at lake inari, northern finland

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Christmas tree

715 lamps create a Christmas atmosphere. by Jypyä Pop

Posted on 2015-11-29

Turku is Finland's oldest city. Turku Cathedral is said to Finnish national church. Christmas tree lights are lit the first Advent's Eve and they will return later than 13 january, which runs until Nuutti, when the festive season ends. The event is always followed by a large number of people before the lights and the ignition ceremony esitetääh Christmas themed programs, songs, etc. Christmas tree is 715 light bulbs.

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Almost friends

Leevi and Kelly by Jypyä Pop

Posted on 2015-11-03

The cat, Leevi came to us as a pet in early September. Kelly is a resident next door to a very friendly dog lady, who always greeted by a very cheerfully when we meet. The situation, they get to know a little hesitantly, because they have not met very many times.

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Cattle pasture.

Now is the time for the food to rest. by Jypyä Pop

Posted on 2015-09-03

This cattle to graze nature reserves in the area. Its mission is to help the conservation of flora and versatility. The area is a few kilometers from the center of Turku and past runs several bus routes. There goes a lot of the observers of birds and species is a lot.

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What do you consider the clutches? by Jypyä Pop

Posted on 2015-04-15

Near Turku has a few nature reserve, where it is possible to go on mass animal songs. The area is home to at least two muskrat. In addition, there lives of waterfowl and shorebirds.

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Rise runway

We're going to fly. by Jypyä Pop

Posted on 2014-08-13

I took this picture a few days ago. In a nearby wetland area of the living swan family pullets to try their wings. A family of five cubs. The picture may also see the coot trying to take off. That wetland is of great interest, especially in the spring when it is home to up to a dozen species.

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The procession

Students' May Day celebration. by Jypyä Pop

Posted on 2014-05-01

Students celebrating May Day Eve is a large group. Procession starts to appear behind the Turku Art Museum in front of revelers and transferred to Silja's statue, which may be spring in honor of the student cap.This picture shows about half of the crowd.

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