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Higger Tor.

Higger Tor. by Dave Armstrong.

Posted on 2019-09-18

Higger Tor is a dominant landmark of the Dark Peak, in the north of the Peak District National Park. It is a gritstone tor overlooking the Burbage Valley and the iron age hill fort of Carl Wark to the southeast.

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misty mornings

misty mornings by Devendra

Posted on 2019-09-06

This was captured near Kilchurn castle in Scotland. I was hoping some sunlight would show up and will get to capture some strides of light across or around the tree in center. But weather turned even more gray and then started raining. So this is the best I could captured that day...

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Purton Hulks. Gloucestershire

Purton Hulks. Gloucestershire by Nigel

Posted on 2019-06-05

Today is the 10th anniversary of my membership of the Aminus Community. I've managed to post a picture every day, in all a total of 3,653. Thanks for all the comments over the years. I apologise for not being able to reciprocate. Enjoy your photography people :-)
This image is of old barges, beached on the bank of the River Severn in the 50s and 60s. They are positioned to help prevent the erosion of the river bank.

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Natural Mirror

Natural Mirror by Devendra

Posted on 2019-04-08

This was captured at the Pier in Luss Village near Loch Lomond shores. It was beautiful Sunday evening with very little wind and water around the shores had hardly any movement. A perfect template scene for a long exposure shot. One thing I hate about Lee Big Stopper is the blue hue it adds to the image. May be I could do with little more exposure.

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beyond the mist, life is about to begin!

beyond the mist... by Devendra

Posted on 2019-02-03

I enter the world called real as one enters a mist.
-- Julien Green

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Luskentryre Beach, Isle of Harris, Scotland

Luskentyre Beach, Isle of Harris, Scotland by Don Smith

Posted on 2018-12-24

My 10th favorite image of the year comes from the Isle of Harris and Lewis in the Scottish Highlands. I was on a scouting trip with Ron Modra for next Oct.'s Scottish Highlands Workshop when a local photographer took us to Luskentyre Beach for a sunrise shoot!

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Girl by a river looking forlorn

We're All Rivers by Chris

Posted on 2018-06-04

We're all rivers, destined for the sea.

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Liverpool UK Docks John Yoko

John and Yoko by grouser

Posted on 2018-11-08

A very moving biographic exhibition of John and Yoko at the Liverpool Museum, of which you saw part of the outside yesterday.

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Mr City Explorer

Mr City Explorer by grahammorgan

Posted on 2018-10-24

I stopped to take this photo of an old Liverpool Mersey Tunnel pay booth and enjoyed a chat with this guy who was trying to get visitors to take a bus ride tour of the city. Thanks and sorry I never asked your name.

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Liverpool UK Giants

Little Boy Giant by grouser

Posted on 2018-10-14

About a week and a half ago we had a short city break in Liverpool. Unbeknown to us the Giants were making their fourth and final appearance there before retiring. We managed to catch up with them towards the end of our stay. Here Little Boy Giant lies in a hammock in St. George's hall, his chest gently rising and falling as he slumbers peacefully

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Cwm Idwal - Snowdonia II

Cwm Idwal - Snowdonia II by Jules

Posted on 2020-02-01

The last time I walked this path with my wife she was pregnant with our daughter - Ten Years later and we walked the same path with Tegan, now 9 years old and Gethin, our 7 year old son.

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Mary's Shell, Cleveleys

Mary's Shell, Cleveleys by Ian Bramham

Posted on 2019-11-05

A wonderful work of art on the beach at Cleveleys in Lancashire by artist Stephen Broadbent.

The sculpture is made of twisted metal and is big enough to walk inside.

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Red Kites.

Red Kites. by Dave Armstrong.

Posted on 2019-09-07

Red Kite feeding station, Gigrin Farm, Wales.

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A bord d'un cargo

A bord d'un cargo by Mhelene

Posted on 2019-08-05

Nights and days on board a container ship with loading and unloading of containers in the ports and as here the Scottish coasts in the rising sun see the earth moving closer from the freighter

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Elements in Nature

Elements in Nature by Devendra

Posted on 2019-06-03

This image was captured near Glenfinnan Viaduct on a Sunday evening. It's stopped raining just few minutes ago but there are clouds in the sky. The Sun still cannot penetrate through these thick layers, however that creates for a moody atmosphere.

As everything around had a cast of Grey, I decided to click this as Black-n-White.

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Milton Abbas

Milton Abbas by Jules

Posted on 2019-04-21

When I was a young my Father was Rector for this village. While in Dorset, I took the opportunity to visit again. Though it is still just as picturesque and quintessentially Thomas Hardy's "Dorset", I couldn't help but feel disappointed. The presence of cars parked outside the thatched cottages sadly spoil the very essence of this village. This was the first time I have really got a sense of how much our lives have changed and how positive progress can also have detrimental consequences.

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Cross Now

Cross Now by AG

Posted on 2019-03-19

Never a quiet moment.

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making way against all odds

making way against all odds by Devendra

Posted on 2019-01-02

How often we see a river stream flowing among mountains... cutting through those high rise peeks carrying water! I take it as an enlightening experience to find my way against all obstacles.

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Feeding Time

Feeding Time by Avian Grey

Posted on 2018-11-10

A surprisingly orderly feed - manners often get forgotten when the food comes out !

Have a safe weekend, All.

- AG

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Musician Performing on the Streets

I am The Best in my Elements... by Devendra

Posted on 2018-10-31

This brilliant musician was performing at Glasgow Buchanan Street. He looked completely involved and submerged in his melodies...

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Sunny Afternoon at Loch Etive

Sunny Afternoon at Loch Etive by Devendra

Posted on 2018-09-10

How gracefully we can relate our life to the properties of Nature... Our time on Earth flows like a stream of Water.... running through all sort of surfaces, obstacles, paces at various stages like excitement, aggression, joy, sorrow until we merge slowly into eternal peace of nothingness...

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Liverpool UK Docks

Razzle Dazzle by grouser

Posted on 2018-10-28

Dazzle ships were painted during the during the first world war and into the second in order to visually break up their shape and camouflage it, making the boats more difficult to identify and hit

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The Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, Scottish Highlands

The Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, Scottish Highlands by Don Smith

Posted on 2018-10-25

I have been off the grid photographing the Isle of Skye with Ron Modra for a upcoming Workshop in the Highlands of Scotland. Here is one from a place called the Fairy Pools.

Sony a7R3, 12-24mm, f/22, 1 second, ISO 50

#Scotland, #ScottishHighlands, #FairyPools #River #HorizontalLandscape

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A walk among woodland

A walk among woodland by Devendra

Posted on 2020-01-21

All in all it's a simple walk among woodland but when elements in nature flourish, then paint a beautiful multi-dimensional image in front of you.

Here's presenting you an image I manage to capture just at the right moment. When Sun finally decides to show up momentarily on a chilly morning in the forest, the dull, frosty scene suddenly transforms into this beautiful landscape. I hardly had couple of minutes before this would all change and in that rush I focussed on capturing the moment instead of scene.

I tried to walk around and capture the so called photogenic locations along the trail but the moment had already passed. This remains my favourite moment from today...

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cotswolds england bourton-on-the-water

Scenes From Bourton 4 by Daryl Johnson

Posted on 2019-09-03

We visited this bakery in Bourton as it was recommended in a Japanese guide book my wife had - it was a very good choice for lunch!

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Bow Fiddle Rock

Bow Fiddle Rock by Devendra

Posted on 2019-07-11

The Bow Fiddle Rock is so called because it resembles the very tip of a bow. It was formed by erosion of a rock called Cullen Quartzite. This is one of many different quartzites found in Scotland.

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The best fashion ramp is the street

The best fashion ramp is the street by Chetan

Posted on 2019-05-19

Greenwich, London, 2018.

As soon as I noticed him, I knew the gentleman is a must capture. I was a little hesitant initially, but the photographer in me sometimes surprises me. The frame was perfect, a lady in red on one side, the London Red bus on the other. I raised my camera.

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Pembrokeshire Wales UK

Arcoiris by grouser

Posted on 2019-05-01

Walking along the coast path in sunshine I took a series of pictures of these storm clouds and the rainbow to the south. They gradually moved along over Caldey Island as I walked. This is the last one where the rainbow was perfectly placed above the beach. I walk this stretch of coast regularly and it is always an uplifting experience. Particularly so this time.

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Clouds over Glen Etive

Glen Etive by Devendra

Posted on 2019-03-29

This was shot while I was driving past Glen Etive, Scotland, UK. Weather in Scotland changes very rapidly. Just before I shot this picture, it was sunny and there were rainbows across the mountain. But by the time I stopped and got my phone out sun disappeared and so did the rainbow. Nevertheless the low clouds over the mountain still brought some moody-ness and drama in the frame and I happily accepted the picture Mother Nature gifted me. :)

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Murmuration by Brockaly

Posted on 2019-02-19

A murmuration of starlings. Near Leominster.

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Frozen Dew Drops

Frozen Moments by Devendra

Posted on 2019-01-05

Let your life lightly dance on the edges of Time like dew on the tip of a leaf.
-- Rabindranath Tagore

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Liverpool UK Library

Liverpool Library by grouser

Posted on 2018-11-12

Wandered in to the library by accident looking for a tourist information office and was blown away by the view above

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Man looking through reflective surface on train

Monocholia. Self Mania by Chris

Posted on 2018-06-01

An old carriage. Broken and worn. Used. A reflection of myself.

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Festival of lights

Festival of lights by Devendra

Posted on 2018-11-10

Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights, which is celebrated every autumn in the northern hemisphere (spring in southern hemisphere). Diwali symbolises the spiritual "Victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance.

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Aerotone by digitalCG

Posted on 2018-11-01

Designed and manufactured in Scotland, the Aerotone bath was a forerunner of the modern jacuzzi that used compressed air rather than water jets to massage the body. The last one was made in the 1950's and few examples survive today, this one dating back to 1952 was the first available for public use.

More info

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