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Greenland in the focus, 3 by Vaido

Posted on 2019-08-28

Göönimaa on saanud viimasel ajal uudistes tähelepanu. Jalutuskäik külas nimega Oqaatsut.

Greenland is in the focus in news again. Walking in village called Oqaatsut.

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Grööni vaal

Grööni vaal / Bowhead whale by Vaido

Posted on 2016-06-19

Bowhead whales are known to be the longest-living mammals, living for over 200 years.
Grööni vaalad on teadaolevalt kõige pikema elueaga imetajad, kelle elu võib kesta rohkem kui 200 aastat.

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Aasiaat, Greenland

Aasiaat, Greenland by Vaido

Posted on 2016-09-14

This small town in western Greenland called Aasiaat is well-known by it's colourful small houses.

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S/V Rembrandt van Rijn

Ootel / Waiting by Vaido

Posted on 2016-11-11

S/V Rembrandt van Rijn - Greenland

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