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G R E E C E by Jaya

Posted on 2017-06-03

This photo, to me, is about "brotherhood". Greeks have been, and are, the material and symbolic victims of the globalised greed governing (illegally) our - and I underline, "our" world. The world naturally with balance feeding all the existing communities. And I underline again, all, and each member of every existing being and community. As Aminus 3, too !

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crisis IV

crisis IV by yiannis krikis

Posted on 2013-11-23

places of broken dreams - 110,000 firms and factories closed in Greece during the economic crisis.

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Macedonia is Greece

Macedonia is Greece by Dan

Posted on 2020-03-03

The original photo was taken in Thessaloniki/Greece on September 15th 2018. At the sunset hour many groups of people were going to a great meeting protesting against adopting name of Macedonia for a former Yugoslav Republic. Finally there were over 100,000 people at the meeting and were also some violent incidents, so we felt for the first time the taste of tear gas. The meeting ended with a succes over time: the former Yugoslav Republic is now called Northern Macedonia, and Macedonia remains the name of a Greek province.

That day I was accidentally in Thessaloniki. This is one of those lucky photos taken when you are in the right place at the right time.

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Sur un air de bouzouki

Sur un air de bouzouki by Gérard

Posted on 2016-03-09

Il chantait "les enfants du Pirée", Santorini

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Athens - 5

Athens - 5 by : Helen :

Posted on 2014-05-16

Whilst in Athens I browsed around the vibrant Plaka area. Near me on the other side of the tree was a group of young Greek boys. They were happily talking and laughing, when one stood and turned on a boom box. Sitting where I was gave me an interesting glimpse into the behind the scenes interactions and decisions as to what music and dance they would perform next. I was very impressed by these polite young men who were occupying themselves in such a positive and artistic way.

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