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Strike while the iron is hot #3

Strike while the iron is hot #3 by Hiro

Posted on 2019-01-14

The old man is 藤安将平, Shohei FUJIYASU, one of the few Japanese sword masters. Japanese sword, 刀 KATANA, is made through many processes. He is now forging the iron.
A smartphone game in which swords are anthropomorphized is popular among young women. A lot of game fans gathered to watch KATANA forging exhibition.
Look at the sparks ! Aren't they beautiful ? The master heats the iron in burning charcoal.

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Nijō Castle #1

Nijō Castle #1 by Hiro

Posted on 2019-09-18

Nijō Castle is originally built in 1603 by Tokugawa Shogunate. It was used as an Imperial Villa after 1884. It is now owned by Kyoto City government and one of the World Heritage Site. It is open to the public, so you can enjoy the inside. This is the picture of the Southern Gate, which is now normally closed.
August 25, 2019 @二条城

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osaka japan izakaya tuna

Tuna Special, Osaka by Daryl Johnson

Posted on 2019-07-03

This Japanese pub, or izakaya, we visited was having a special event, auctioning off cuts of a whole tuna, which were prepared in various ways for the winning customers - grilled, deep fried, sashimi, depending on the best way to prepare whatever you bid for. We won the grilled cheeks, which were lovely.

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early species #2

early species #2 by Hiro

Posted on 2019-03-19

This tree can be seen from the window of mine. I had to notice it earlier !
March 16, 2019 @京都府向日市

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Autumnal view, November 24 #8

Autumnal view, November 24 #8 by Hiro

Posted on 2018-12-12

We have lots of temples in Kyoto. Many of them have beautiful gardens. Red, orange, yellow...we can enjoy autumn colors there. The view is not the only thing you can enjoy. Tea. The combination of autumn leaves and Japanese Matcha bring you great happiness.

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matsuyama shikoku japan market

Local Produce by Daryl Johnson

Posted on 2018-05-15

Buying local Produce on the downtown shopping area of Matsuyama.

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okayama omoto japan izakaya turtle-shell

Early Morning, Omoto 23 by Daryl Johnson

Posted on 2016-09-19

Closer look at the shells from yesterday's image. This restaurant would have been serving suppon - soft-shelled turtle, a popular Japanese dish, often served in a nabe hot pot.

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The long staircase up to Isaniwa-jinja.

Yes, There are Many Steps by Steve Rice

Posted on 2016-05-31

It's a long but interesting climb up to the shrine.
Yes, There are Many Steps

Matsuyama, Japan

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The fascinating Gunkanjima (Battleship Island).

Nerve Center by Steve Rice

Posted on 2015-09-27

The red brick building was the mine's general office. Also, It housed a communal bath for the miners. The water was said to always be pitch black. The miners worked in terribly hot and humid conditions as far as 3,600 feet (1,100 meters) below the sea bed. As is typical of mining operations, gas explosions were an ever-present danger.

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A day of pink cherries #1

A day of pink cherries #1 by Hiro

Posted on 2015-03-23

This species is called "Okame", which is named after a pretty woman. This is the agrotype of two kinds. It's English cherry researcher Mr. Ingram's work. This is also early type blooming in March.
March 21, [email protected]長徳寺

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Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Dome

Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Dome by Darkelf Photography

Posted on 2014-11-04

also known as Genbaku Dome, these are the remains of the Hiroshima Prefectural Products Exhibition Hall after the explosion of the atomic bomb almost directly overhead on 6 August 1945...

a sad and also very poignant sight...

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Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge by Darkelf Photography

Posted on 2014-09-08

The Rainbow Bridge is a suspension bridge crossing northern Tokyo Bay between Shibaura Pier and the Odaiba waterfront in Tokyo, Japan...

Behind the bridge you can see the skyline of central Tokyo, including the Tokyo Tower...

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Girls in the parade #1

Girls in the parade #1 by Hiro

Posted on 2014-08-14

July 24, 2014 @四条河原町付近・祇園祭花傘巡行

Four Kawaramachi pay nearly · Gion Festival umbrella cruising

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The happy bride

The happy bride by : Helen :

Posted on 2019-11-06

Fortune had it that a young couple were having their wedding photoshoot on the island. They were quite honoured to have a foreigner join their photographers.

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Sanjusangendo Garden

Sanjusangendo Garden by Darkelf Photography

Posted on 2014-04-29

A beautiful garden near the Sanjusagendo Temple in Kyoto with the wonderful cherry blossoms in full bloom. This temple has a lot more interest than just the garden - inside there are one thousand life-size statues of the Thousand Armed Kannon which stand on both the right and left sides of the main statue... there are also statues of 28 guardian deities... it is quite a sight, however, no photography was allowed inside so i settled for the photos of the garden and surrounds.

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I remember my homeland

I remember my homeland by Hiro

Posted on 2018-10-20

This was shot in a zoo. I'm not sure where he came from. But I think he howls sadly remembering his homeland. Listen to his how...

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kochi shikoku japan market dog knife

Street Market, Kochi 2 by Daryl Johnson

Posted on 2018-08-11

Knife sellers are very common in markets in Japan. Ones run by dogs are not though.

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train shikoku seto-ohashi okayama bridge japan


Flag of JP

Same journey as recorded here and here in 2008. Ten Years... where does the time go?

Always impressive to be able to be in the front of the train on this route, crossing the massive Seto-Ohashi bridge from Honshu to Shikoku.

Across the Seto-Ohashi 3 by Daryl Johnson

Across the Seto-Ohashi 3 by Daryl Johnson

Posted on 2018-01-22

Same journey as recorded here and here in 2008. Ten Years... where does the time go?

Always impressive to be able to be in the front of the train on this route, crossing the massive Seto-Ohashi bridge from Honshu to Shikoku.

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detail by TAKAGITO

Posted on 2016-06-11

Excellent design which is in among the buildings of the fate that would have been soon demolished.
This is of stairs to the more than 100 years ago, the Japanese architect-designed design. It disappears without also left as a relic of the past.

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osaka umeda japan yodogawa baseball

On the Banks of the Yodogawa 5 by Daryl Johnson

Posted on 2016-04-18

Loads of baseball going on along the river... children and adults really seriously practicing and playing... impressive to see.

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I am a bad guy !

I am a bad guy ! by Hiro

Posted on 2016-02-04

One year is divided into 4 seasons, such as spring, summer, autumn, and winter. February 4th is the first day of the spring (Risshun 立春) in Japanese traditional calender. And the day before it, February 3rd, is called Setsubun 節分, season dividing day. On Setsubun 節分 day, so many events are held at many places, such as shrines or temples.

鬼 Oni is the symbol of evil spirit. 鬼 Oni appears in Setsubun events as a target who is beaten by people.
February 3, 2016 @千本釈迦堂

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first Calligraphy in the New Year 2015

first Calligraphy in the New Year 2015 by Hiro

Posted on 2015-01-05

調和 harmony (of the natural and the artificial )
Maybe you like the shining sea which reflects the sunlight. Maybe you would like to capture it with your DSLR. You like nature. You need electricity.
Harmony is important.
December 14, 2014 @高御位山から高砂火力発電所方面を望む
Seto Inland Sea and Takasago coal-fired power plant

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glimpse of Mount Fuji

glimpse of Mount Fuji by Darkelf Photography

Posted on 2014-09-22

This is just a glimpse of Mount Fuji we were able to see from Motohakone on the shores of Lake Ashinoko in Japan... the condition were already very poor with clouds fast approaching and within couple of hours the rain came and that was it...

On the right, you can see a Torii Gate marking the entrance to the Hakone Shrine...

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kurashiki okayama japan supermarket cake deli

Tasty Treats, Kurashiki by Daryl Johnson

Posted on 2014-08-20

A selection of cakes and pastries on display in a supermarket in Kurashiki, Okayama, Japan. Buyer beware though - this is all dog food! I love this typical sense of fun, attention to detail, and through-the-looking-glass confusion you can get as a visitor to Japan.

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Just for silly tuesday:)

Just For Silly Tuesday by J.R.

Posted on 2014-07-22

This clown made the kids laugh and everyone had a goodtime, even the adults. I think maybe he had a drink or three ate the little bar to the right of the picture:) here he has a water gun shooting the kids, and my camera lens:)

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the driver

the driver by Stu

Posted on 2019-10-31

The Kosei line runs from Kyoto up the West side of Lake Biwa and tends to feature this older, more basic style of train, even though some of them look brand new. They are noisy and bumpy. Perhaps they're cheaper and the lower passenger numbers on this route don't justify the expense of the modern style trains.

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Whose sandals ? #1

Whose sandals ? #1 by Hiro

Posted on 2018-06-08

Here, you see a pair of big straw sandals. They are adorned to pray that people will not weaken their legs.

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Piknik / Picnic by Vaido

Posted on 2019-05-09

In Japan, the Golden Week is a series of four national holidays that take place within one week at the end of April to the beginning of May each year. It is often considered a time of vacation for the Japanese people, and many people receive time off from their secular employment on these bank holidays. Photo is taken in ancient capital Nara, where deers, living in the parks, are also happy about the company.

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Engyoji by Stu

Posted on 2018-10-26

In Himeji, Hyogo, you can find Engyoji Temple on Mount Shosha. Recognizable for its long wooden floor and pillars, the temple’s main hall is where Tom Cruise and Ken Watanabe’s characters meet and converse about Custer’s Last Stand in the movie The Last Samurai.

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On the streets of Tokyo

Yearning by Chris

Posted on 2018-01-22

I silence my thoughts as it cries
come here, come here
talk to me, talk to me.

My eyes glimmer and
glance towards you, ready to
look away if you turn,
but you don't, you don't.

My lips they say: Just leave
I don't care, I don't care.

My heart, it hurts
because I do.

Elana Wong

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okayama kurashiki japan ryokan dinner

Ryokan Dinner, Kurashiki by Daryl Johnson

Posted on 2017-01-20

A party of ladies enjoying dinner at the ryokan (Japanese inn) we stayed at. Dinner at a ryokan is always special...

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An outing to Nokogiriyama in Chiba Prefecture.

The Buddha of Healing by Steve Rice

Posted on 2016-01-15

The medicine jar in his left hand identifies him as Yakushi Nyorai, the Buddha of Healing.


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I love Chichibu

I love Chichibu by Hoshisato

Posted on 2014-09-22

Within a mere 90 minutes of Ikebukuro station in Tokyo, it is surprising that photographers' and hikers' paradise Chichibu isn't discovered by more tourists yet. The rural town of Chichibu is located on a plateau surrounded by mountains and the train ride quickly gets very interesting once you have left the urban jungle that is Tokyo. Chichibu used to be well known and rich because of the silk production but never really recovered from the crash in raw silk prices during the early Meiji period.

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An airplane coming in  to landat Naha.

Coming in to land. by J.R.

Posted on 2014-07-24

Still in the Akibono Seawall where I was at in yesterday's picture:) The airplane is approaching Naha International airport:)

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