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Un petit écolier Masaï

Allez à l'école tout simplement by Albert

Posted on 2021-10-08

Découvert dans un village Masaï perdu dans la brousse. Une école installée dans un enclos à l'air libre où des enfants de 3 à 5 ans participent assidûment au cours de leur instituteur avec des moyens dérisoires.

Discovered in a lost Masai village in the bush. A school installed in an enclosure in the open air where children aged 3 to 5 actively participate despite the meager resources.

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Cérémonie traditionnelle Masaï

Concours de sauts initiatiques. by Albert

Posted on 2016-12-17

The Maasai are divided into patrilineal clans and age classes. The men are in turn children, warriors then elders, each of these passages is accompanied by initiatory rites. Girls marriages are often negotiated by fathers before birth. Within a single age group, non-marital relationships are considered natural. The Maasai live in manyattas, small huts, made of dung around a wood frame. The Maasai are nomads, but they tend more and more towards sedentary living, given the pressure of governments.

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