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Wet City of Penang

Wet City by Photon

Posted on 2018-11-08

The quiet City of Penang gets a drizzling shower. Most of the time it rains here. You ought to carry an umbrella.

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malaysia potrait potret kid kanak kanak

B&W in Train by Hisham Bulan

Posted on 2016-10-21

Train from Tanah Merah- Wakf Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia

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Menara Kuala Lumpur  International Tower Jump

Menara Kuala Lumpur International Tower Jump by Henry Westheim

Posted on 2015-10-25

I had fun being tied to the tower and leaning over the edge to photograph, but I don't think I'd jump... and the base jumpers called me crazy?!

Menara Kuala Lumpur International Tower Jump, KL, Malaysia.

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Selat mosque @shafaq

Selat mosque @shafaq by ishafizan

Posted on 2010-06-16

The Shafaq is the suns afterglow which appears as an orange-red glow on the western horizon and its presence defines the duration of Maghrib time.
- Shafaq Ahmer (Red twilight)
- Shafaq Abyadh (White twilight)

.. went to malacca and visited the Straits mosque ... wished that the sunset was more dramatic, but with 80% chance of thunderstorm in the forecast, heh be thankful-lah :)

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Pok Soh

Pok Soh by Hisham Bulan

Posted on 2017-04-19

POK sOH working as a rubber tapper in Guntong, Terengganu Malaysia.

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Mosque by Hisham

Posted on 2014-10-23

Terengganu Mosque Malaysia

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~ Nerveux ~

~ Nerveux ~ by Dexter Chee

Posted on 2013-11-09

A nervous looking stray cat... I love this photo is because the cat's eye gave me a lot of mystery feeling...

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thaipusam 2010

belief by liling

Posted on 2010-03-07

I felt something in my gut rise, and my head became a little lighter, when the chanting, drumming, occasional screams were first emanated, and then the piercings began. The beginnings of fear maybe. I kept it down by immersing myself in shooting; I was there to document respectfully, after all, not to judge.

This series of images may have been disturbing to some. My apologies. This is the last image for Thaipusam 2010. Lighter content to come. :) cheers.

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Potrait of Iban

Potrait of Iban by Hisham Bulan

Posted on 2016-05-11

Potrait of Iban
Place : Sarawak, Malaysia
14 day trip at Long House( Rumah Panjang) House in Bintulu Sarawak

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1001 nights malaysian tales

1001 nights malaysian tales by sawsengee

Posted on 2010-11-28

the Sultan Abdul Samad building was lighted pink/purple to promote the nation-wide breast cancer awareness campaign. Its beauty with a purpose.

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