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Haan by Henny

Posted on 2023-02-02

This is a small shed - too bad to use - and the owner made it for the chickens! It is part of a forest pub where we use to take our coffee after a hike. He renewed the pub and used the old doors, recycled the wood. The chickens are specially as is lovely..

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Sunset : 2/2

Sunset : 2/2 by Marjolein

Posted on 2020-11-27

I was alone on the beach by this colorful sunset

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The Netherlands,  Egmond aan zee

The Netherlands, Egmond aan zee by Willem

Posted on 2020-07-26



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Last days of summer

Last days of summer by Marco

Posted on 2019-09-06

People bathing at sunset. This can only happen in the Netherlands in the last days of summer. when the seawater temperature is relatively high as it is usually cold.

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Beach-event by Marjolein

Posted on 2018-10-26

Beach-event of 4x4 off-road vehicles.

Strandevenement van 4x4 terreinwagens op Voorne.

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Parkeer garage

Parkeer garage by Dreams come true

Posted on 2018-10-16

This photo and many others have made, because it is for me an object stays where you always surprising images.

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Eye to eye with a fox

Eye to eye with a fox by Dreams come true

Posted on 2018-10-08

Op de zuidpier van IJmuiden oog in oog staan met een vos is bijzonder , om dat daar een haven is en een dok voor plezierjachten .

On the south pier of IJmuiden stand face to face with a fox is special, because there is a harbor and a dock for pleasure yachts

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Tulipfields : 1/3

Tulipfields : 1/3 by Marjolein

Posted on 2018-05-07

I promise you the tulip fields !
The picture was taken end of April 2018

De langverwachte gekleurde tulpenvelden (23 april)

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Used tripod

Vlissingen-Oost by Henriëtte

Posted on 2017-10-30

I made this picture late in the evening with a Canon 7D Mark II in combination with a Canon 24-104mm L lens and an ND filter 50%. Of course I used a tripod and later I edited the picture in Photoshop.It was a Sunny day with beautiful clouds.

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Khosrow  Noorifard

Khosrow Noorifard by Behzad

Posted on 2022-01-18

My heart still can't accept that you are not with us anymore. My heart and my soul will always be wounded by your loss. You were my strength. In this one year, there's not a single day that I didn't miss you. It's not easy for me to move on from this pain. i hope heaven is treating you well.

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Vika by Henny

Posted on 2021-03-14

This is the story of Vika, our one-eyed cat! Not a regular cat, she had a bad start in life. Found on the road near her dead mother, with a terrible wounded eye.Probably she was used a a toy by a dog. She was transported to a veterinary and he could only remove her eye. She was brought to a animalshelter, and when she recovered, she came on the website. Nobody wanted her, because she was " damaged" and black! I found her and liked her immediately ( I love every cat) and we decided to have her live with us.She was 8 weeks old, anxious and scared. Now, 10 years later, she is the most wonderful cat there is.. She is a beauty, deep black, soft and gentle. We even do not see the eye missing. She plays, jumps, and is happy in the garden. She cannot see depth, so she does not trust herself outside in the street.
She hates the camera; when she sees me coming, she runs..Or..she puts her nose against the lens, to avoid taking a picture...

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Lockheed C-130H Hercules Willem den Toom

Lockheed C-130H Hercules Willem den Toom by Willem

Posted on 2020-07-25

This Lockheed C-130H Hercules airplane (cn 382-4988) was named Willem den Toom as a tribute to the Dutch Air-Force officer and former Secretary of Defense.

The aircraft was deployed in July 2014 to repatriate the victims of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 which crashed in Eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014.

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Castle Soelen .

Castle Soelen . by Dreams come true

Posted on 2020-07-03

Soelen Castle dates from the seventeenth century.
The castle located in a beautiful nature reserve in Zoelen in the Betuwe .

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Summer flowers

Summer flowers by Marjolein

Posted on 2019-09-04

De passiebloem uit mijn tuintje.

A summer flower from my garden. The passionflower.

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BULB SEASON 1 by Marjolein

Posted on 2019-04-17

Many tourists come in the spring to photograph the bulb fields. They go into the fields, trample the tulips and make a selfie.
This man is not a tourist, but it is the bulb grower, and he controls the quality of the tulips.

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Christmas at sea

Christmas at sea by Marjolein

Posted on 2018-12-19

I love our North Sea and the Dutch beach and Christmas by our sea gives a special feeling.

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Peace by Dreams come true

Posted on 2018-10-27

Vrede op aarde dat willen we allemaal, maar zelfs de natuur vraagt er om. Bescherm de wereld en onze natuur dit is zo belangrijk. Zullen we afspreken dat we daar ons best voor doen.
Dank jullie wel.

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Onderste boven

Onderste boven by Dreams come true

Posted on 2018-10-15

This picture was taken on an industrial estate. I like expirimenteer so again on step with a sphere. Tomorrow's the picture shows what the subject is.

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My favorites

My favorites by Dreams come true

Posted on 2018-10-09

Photographed during a walk of 10 km in the Amsterdam waterworks dunes in Vogelen zang

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Eclips by Dreams come true

Posted on 2018-09-16

De eclips was een geweldige ervaring helaas was de bloedmaan niet te fotograferen omdat er op dat moment een wolkje voor school.

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Bike-path : 1/2

Bike-path : 1/2 by Marjolein

Posted on 2018-05-18

A bike-path through the dunes of North- and South Holland.

Het kust-fietspad pal achter de kust van Sluis tot Bad Nieuweschans.

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Industry surrounded by nature

Industry surrounded by nature by Henriëtte

Posted on 2017-11-05

In my residential area is an industrial area surrounded by nature. Very surrealistic. That's why I converted the recording to HDR by using the free NIK collection plugin.First with the HDR efex pro and then the Color exef pro.

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Hands by Henny

Posted on 2016-11-05

These are the hands of a lovely person who I love soo much! Time changes her hands and body, time touched her brains; her memories are gone....she is 88 and has Alzheimer...

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Waterbassin/Water bassin

Waterbassin/Water bassin by Henny

Posted on 2021-04-26

This is the waterbassin " Lange Vlieter" Today it was clear in colors how it works.
The water is entering in the left bassin ( 8 ha) from he canals. It is purifying and when it meets the average standard purification, it is transferred to the right side bassin ( 120 ha) where it stays for about 2 years. In the right bassin they control the progress of purification till it is ready as drinking water. The barrels in the middle controle the process..Of course no swimming, no boats but a peaceful " lake" were only ducks, rare birds and nature exists. I love this place and it is about 7 km to walk around.
A great project of Dutch watermanagement.

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Koniks / Konikhorses

Koniks / Konikhorses by Henny

Posted on 2021-03-10

These Konikhorses live in the wild in several nature areas in the Netherlands. Most of the time together with Galloway cows. Originally they are from Poland. Their coat is rough and they are rather small. They live from everything they find in nature area, except in severe winters. These horses are very kind for humans, except when they have foals. I love them!

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Noord Hinder

Noord Hinder by Dreams come true

Posted on 2020-08-12

The last lightship built in the Netherlands was the Noord-Hinder. Built in 1963 at the De Waal shipyard in Zaltbommel, it was de-commissioned in the port city of Hellevoetsluis in 1994 and is now a museum.

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The wooden houses in Houten .

The wooden houses in Houten . by Dreams come true

Posted on 2019-10-11

Houten is a place in the province of Utrecht.

These wooden houses are located at a recreational area , called the Rietplas . A sought after environment for photographers , as there also two beautiful bridges . You can also photograph from the water Through a pull raft .

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VENYA by Marjolein

Posted on 2019-02-04

Venya comes from Moscow. He was found on the street in January 2014, it was very cold and a passer-by took him home. The owner of Venya was never found. Through a foundation I adopted him in May 2014 and he came to the Netherlands.
Venya is a sweet cat and I am very happy with him.

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Binnenvaart 1

Binnenvaart 1 by Dreams come true

Posted on 2018-11-06

Het oude Vreeswijk is een historische schipperswijk een gezellige dorpje op zich waar ik graag ben.

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Autum .

Autum . by Dreams come true

Posted on 2018-10-12

This is an old chapel, which since 1978 word used as a home.

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2018.198 by Blikvanger

Posted on 2018-07-16

Watersnoodmuseum memorial in Ouwerkerke.
The yellow lines below are the names of the people drowned in 1953.

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Sunset by Marjolein

Posted on 2016-12-05

A birthday-party from our daughter ended so !

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