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Music From The Heart

Music from the Heart by Marj

Posted on 2019-05-06

Since 1985 I have travelled to Bolivia 12 times. In 2017 I decided to see what Bolivia's neighbour Peru had to offer. I was not disappointed. After meeting Julio, a kindred spirit and fellow photographer. I was invited to Carnaval in Andahuaylas. I tend to be on the timid side and ultra cautious when photographing people. While at Carnaval a dancer struck up a conversation with me and before I knew it I was taking shots while group members sang, danced and played music.

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When the beating of drums take you away you dance

The Joy of Dance by glenn

Posted on 2015-01-23

Sebastain parade was underway void of tourist on a grand style. I counted four which included me. The indigenous people here took their festival very serious.

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Le Gaucho...

Le Gaucho... by maximage

Posted on 2014-12-16

Le regard perçant du gaucho de l'Altiplano péruvien...

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Pretty girl #1 by Diana

Posted on 2014-05-20

In Peru.

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Olga In her Home

Olga by Marj

Posted on 2019-02-19

I met Olga, a nurse, while photographing the annual cultural event known as the Niño de Praga. After returning from a night shift at the hospital Olga and her family introduced me to their weekly market where we ate roasted yuca, a delicious homemade yogurt made from the sweet lucuma fruit and freshly squeezed orange juice. Our refuge from the afternoon heat and activity was accompanied by live music. Back at her house, she told me a story about a local saint her brother found 10 years before.

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Her day continues even when it seems over.

The Bundle She Carries by glenn

Posted on 2015-01-18

A Peruvian woman packs her displays at the end of the day. Her journey to town was hard enough She started out on a hill side well over 14,00 feet. Now she will return home and sort what sold in the street and discard what didn't for the next day for another round of bargaining with tourist that have no idea how hard her life is which she takes in stride. She is a Peruvian Woman and mother. She is Latina.

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On Guard

On Guard by Thompkins

Posted on 2012-09-02

Scene inside a small home located in a remote Peruvian village. The guinea pigs are being fattened for meals while a skin and bones cat watches guard.

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Sur la Panamerican (Pérou)

Sur la Panamerican (Pérou) by PAPOU

Posted on 2018-10-28

La Panamérican est un réseau de routes couvrant quelques 25 000 km à vol de condor, reliant le nord du Cercle Arctique jusqu'à la pointe sud du Chili, traversant une large palette de paysages et de climats. Une route transversale mène jusqu'à Ushuaia en Argentine.

La côte péruvienne est traversée du nord au sud par cet axe routier sur 2 700 km et s’étire de la ville de Tumbes jusqu’à Tacna, au sud du pays.

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Watermelon Man

Watermelon Man by glenn

Posted on 2015-02-01

Juan Sanchez is 85 and has made his rounds in the market for over 60 years. Juan is a bit slow, but never misses a sale.

His watermelon is know as the ripest in the market. Calling out to the people down the isles, or bring an order to his patrons. In his tray he carries 12 slices evenly cut at two soles a slice. This will bring him a fair amount before closing time during the summer season.

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îles Uros

Sourire pétillant... by maximage

Posted on 2014-12-13

Le sourire pétillant d'une "petite princesse" des îles Uros. (Puno - Lac Titicaca Pérou).

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sunset couple miraflores,

Sunset Amor by blackpixi

Posted on 2010-07-19

A couple caught in embrace just as the sun sets on the malecon Miraflores.

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