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Plongée au coeur de la mine de sel de Turda

Plongée au coeur de la mine de sel de Turda by ceteceva

Posted on 2020-02-29

The Turda salt mine in Romania is a testament to the work of salt mining.
Salt mining was stopped in 1932.
In Turda, the salt layer can reach a thickness of 1,200 metres.
Since 1992, the mine has been visited and attracted many tourists by its reputation as a health centre thanks to halotherapy. Sports activities are offered in the depths (table tennis, booling...)

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Decebalos Rex

Decebalos Rex by Gabriela

Posted on 2014-08-13

Located on the Danube river in Romania, the rock sculpture of Decebalus is the largest rock sculpture in Europe. While it looks ancient, it was created in the 1990's and took 10 years to complete.

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--- by valenttin

Posted on 2016-11-03

Beer house in Bucharest.

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Wanderer! by Cristian Petri

Posted on 2012-05-13

Wanderer! Stop, and admire nature. Then light a candle for the soul of the lake's fairy.

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Darling, I'm home waiting for you

Darling, I'm home waiting for you by Behrooz

Posted on 2014-10-29

I had a long trip to Cluj-Napoca to visit my fiancee whom I had not met for some months. In one of the villages on the way, I noticed this stork and thought maybe she is also longing for someone special.

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Her memory was gone in a flash

Now You Recall it Now You Don't by glenn

Posted on 2013-11-13

She was just in the throws of joy, telling me in her language the best she could about her experience. There was a pause in the sentence , and she changed. It was as if it was just thin air , not there. Short lived are the memories of those close to death.

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