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This is Life

This is Life by BLISTR

Posted on 2015-11-05

Initially, you might think that the subject of the photograph is the stoic boy in the middle. However, it really is the boys on the swings. They were having a swinging competition to see who could swing the highest. The event is the same for both of them, but the boy on the left was reacting with joy and excitement. The boy on the right was reacting with fear. Same situation, two different reactions. This is life.

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Say No to AIDS

Say No to AIDS by BLISTR

Posted on 2015-10-10

A sign stands in a football field of a primary school in Uganda. Sexual education is an important element to prevent the spread of AIDS and reduce early marriages.

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Man at IDP Camp, Lira, with Cheeky Boy

Man at IDP Camp, Lira, with Cheeky Boy by Thomas

Posted on 2011-08-11

This is an image that I took when I was in Lira, which is in Northern Uganda. It was taken in an IDP camp (internally displaced persons). This was a temporary village for people to stay in that had to leave their homes due to the war in Northern Uganda between the government and the rebel LRA movement (Lord's Resistance Army).

You have to love that cheeky smile sneaking round the corner!

I was in Lira helping doing some art therapy at a school for former child soldiers. This was in 2006.

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