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Moro  Sphinx.

Moro Sphinx. by Shaun

Posted on 2021-08-10

I always like to see the Moro Sphinx in the garden. Just like the Hummingbird the Moro Sphinx is always in flight even when feeding.

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Windmill Near Pinnacles National Park, California

Windmill Near Pinnacles National Park, California by Don Smith

Posted on 2021-07-14

Amazing what we can accomplish when we feel instead of thinking. Yeah I had an idea of what I wanted to capture and that was the easy part, but I allowed myself to linger for two hours last night with this image trying a barrage of ideas. I'd make a move, step back and ask "what if?" Trashed more layers in PS than I kept but I finally arrived at that "Aha" moment that we are all seeking. It felt balanced and complete so there were no more steps to take.

Windmill and Old Farm Gear, Near Entrance to Pinnacles National Park, California

Captured this past Saturday afternoon with my IR converted Sony III. The outside temperature was 110 degrees - the red was seared into my memory.
So many steps and missteps that I could never remember or explain the process - I just kept taking that next step.

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Grooming Rabbit

Praying Rabbit by Andy Wilson

Posted on 2021-05-24

The rabbit gives the appearance of praying before eating the grass. In reality, it was grooming ;)

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Milky way at house of refuge

Milky Way at House of Refuge by Fran

Posted on 2021-04-14

Milky Way over the ocean by the House of Refuge, Florida. There was haze or fog over the water and the stars were mostly obscured except for those high in the sky. At this time of year when the Milky Way rises around 1 AM, it is low in the sky with an elevation of only about 10 degrees.This is why I wanted to shoot it over the ocean.Great concept. Not so great result.

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T-Rex Tyrannosaurus JurassicPark Dinosaur car toys

The T-Rex Breakout - 2 by Sugata

Posted on 2021-03-28

Due to the pandemic and the stay-at-home orders over the last year, I have often resorted to photographing toys at home. Here are two shots (this and the previous post) from a recent project that I did. I lit the scene with some LED flashlights (pretending to be another car's headlights here), and posed the dinosaur and car like a scene from Jurassic Park. The "street" is an old dusty laptop and the "fog" is a piece of white tissue I moved around the frame during the long exposures.

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"A Left-Eyed View", Sabourin, Sedona

A Surprise Many Years Later by Steven

Posted on 2021-04-01

Being in semi-isolation due to the pandemic, I've been doing A LOT of digging into my archived photos. I decided to tackle photos taken in Sedona, Arizona back in May of 2013, almost eight years ago. I thought of trying many photos in B&W as I haven't posted many of my site. We had taken a tour with Pink Jeep during the late afternoon/early evening hours one day. During our descent from our high point when overlooking the Mogollon Rim, I took literally hundreds of bracketed photos with multiple exposures knowing that there may be moments when we would be looking toward the sun.

Before processing these 3 bracketed photos, I didn't have any high hopes for what would materialize. But the sunburst really materialized nicely without dominating the image. And I believe the sunburst being off-center works well.

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Falcon 9 - Starlink V1.0-L19

Falcon 9 - Starlink V1.0-L19 by Per

Posted on 2021-02-19

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched the 19th batch of approximately 60 satellites for SpaceX’s Starlink broadband network on February 15, 2021. The mission is designated Starlink V1.0-L19. Note that Starlink 17 is still scheduled for later this week.

I just felt like a B/W version. Hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

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Brockton Massachusetts.

Brockton Massachusetts. by Shaun

Posted on 2021-01-13

Whilst walking my dogs one evening in a local park, I decided to have a look at the lake where I do not usually take the dog's. I arrived at the lake and noticed the great sky color and the reflections on the calm water but the problem was my camera was in my car about half a mile away from the lake. I rushed back to the car put my dogs into the car and ran back to the lake. After arriving back at the lake the sky color was just superb and I was really pleased to capture this great scene.

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The Manzanar concentration camp in California.

What? by Steve Rice

Posted on 2020-03-25

A guard tower in the Eastern Sierra? What is this about? The answer gives us a look into one of the darker chapters of American history. This is Manzanar National Historic Site located between Lone Pine and Independence, California, USA. During World War II, Americans of Japanese ancestry and Japanese who were denied citizenship by federal law were interned here and in nine other camps across the country. This was facilitated by President Franklin D Roosevelt signing Executive Order 9066 on February 19, 1942. The order authorized the US military to exclude and detain US citizens and resident aliens. In practice this applied to individual German and Italian aliens and all persons of Japanese ancestry living on the West Coast.

I've known about this violation of Constitutional rights for decades but only recently learned of this historic site. I had to see it and see if it has any relevance to current events. I think it's important that we learn from our past instead of repeating it.

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On the Lookout

On the Lookout by Denny Jump

Posted on 2020-10-29

Favourite spot of mine, The Boardwalk at Sammamish Lake in beautiful Marymoor Park, Redmond, Washington.
This spot is a wonderful respite for anyone who just wants to be alone With ones own thoughts and dreams... ( most of the time anyway

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Harry O'Connor retained-images photo blog

Ledelle Moe's "Collapse I" by Harry

Posted on 2020-10-07

I seldom photograph other people's art, but I was fascinated with this sculpture by Ledelle Moe on the grounds of the N.C. Museum of Art. It was a hip down rendition of a nude figure; there was rebar & heavy mesh fencing structure visible through crudely applied concrete. There were gaps visible every here and there where you could see into and sometimes all the way through. I walked all the way around, and there were several "do not climb" signs, but no mention of the title or artist, so I had to do some online research. The cement, of course, was very neutral, so B&W was an easy choice

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Crashing waves in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe Waves by Mitch

Posted on 2009-06-14

Last Tuesday was amazing, I went for a 10 mile hike, then to Tahoe to go take pictures. I Had a map and couldn't decide where I wanted to go, So I kinda moved my finger up and down a map of the East side of Lake Tahoe and decided on Chimney Beach. By the time that I got there I was exhausted from the hike and still had about a mile hike down to the beach. I pretty much limped the whole way to the Beach.

The trail ran along Marlette Creek, and when I finally emerged out of the river my jaw dropped. I had never seen a place this amazing. The trees, the granite, the river, the lake, the sand. I just couldn't believe that a place like this existed. Just an amazing place.

When I got here I ran like a kid in a candy from one place to another trying to find the perfect composition for when the light started changing.

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9.11 by Jaya

Posted on 2020-09-11

This shot was taken on September, 5, 1981

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Moonrise Over Three Sisters, California

Moonrise Over Three Sisters, California by Don Smith

Posted on 2020-08-31

Went out shooting this evening with friends Mike Hall and Rene Rodriguez. Captured the August Red Moon rising over one of the Three Sisters Peaks located in the Diablo Range in San Benito County, California. My scouting trip the evening before paid off! Being out on an evening like this with friends and this beauty made me feel like things are getting close to going back to normal. Hang in there everyone!

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Young Buck With Growing Antlers

New Antlers by Andy Wilson

Posted on 2021-08-12

A young buck has a new pair of antlers growing. I've seen this deer a few times as a fawn with its mother. Nice to see it grow up.

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Old pier along Mobile Bay, Alabama in fog

Portal by Steve Carey

Posted on 2015-03-04

Pilings of an old pier along the eastern shore of Mobile Bay on a very foggy morning appear as a portal to a different place and time.

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Yosemite NP Valley Under Moonlight

Yosemite NP Valley Under Moonlight by Don Smith

Posted on 2021-05-06

Had a great day out of the office yesterday with Beri! Here is an image I captured from Tunnel View in Yosemite NP of the full moonlit Valley captured with the new Sony Alpha 1. I captured this at 10pm with the moon just a tad below the monoliths camera-right. That is El Capitan (left and lit by the moon) and Cathedral Rocks and Bridalveil Fall on the right. Down the middle is Sentinel Dome, Half Dome and Cloud's Rest. I processed this purposely to lighten the overall scene - my creative decision, and yes, that is a portion of the lunar moon-dog (ice crystals lit by moonlight) in the upper right-hand corner of the frame.

Sony Alpha 1, Sony 12-24mm G Master, f/2.8, 30 seconds, 200 ISO

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Photo from ROYAL OAK United States

Photo from ROYAL OAK United States by David Clements

Posted on 2021-03-10

Ann Scott (age 75) is the last original member of the Detroit gospel quartet Heavenly Stars of Detroit. Detroit is a national center of gospel quartet music and the for runner of Motown artists.

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Texas Winter Storm Like Never Before

Texas Winter Storm Like Never Before by B. Thomas

Posted on 2021-02-19

On Sunday I finally got my wish for snow. However, it came with a dangerous winter storm with below zero temps. Texas is NEVER this cold. Early morning our electricity went off in our all-electric house. It quickly got very cold. We huddled by the fireplace in a dark house with all the curtains and blinds closed, the cats were freezing too.

After a cold miserable night, on Mon we were running out of firewood and none to be had anywhere because hundreds of thousands in North Texas were without power, and more all across the state. We packed up cats, snacks, & warmest clothes and took our chances on the frozen roads to go to Cat Dad’s office where the power was still on. It was warm, but no beds. We slept on sleeping bags on the floor and in a recliner.

Finally on Wed eve after over 61 hours without power it came back so we returned to a very cold house (39F). We are happy to be home, but now a problem with the city water & we must boil water + many grocery shelves are empty.

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Gitgo Behind the Scenes Dummyhead

BTS "Dummyhead" by From the Gitgo

Posted on 2020-12-29

This is a behind-the-scenes shot from "Dummyhead," an indie film we recently shot in South Portland, Maine this past November, during COVID. We followed strict safety protocols for actors and crew and kept it short and sweet (well, sweet if you like 5-minute horror films:) We shot the film on a Black Magic camera and this is the cinematographer setting up the camera while one of the actors and the director have a chat about the upcoming action.

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Walking In The Fog

Walking In The Fog by Andy Wilson

Posted on 2020-12-13

This photo is from the trail named the Alfred J Lima Quequechan River Rail Trail. (I call it the "Q-Trail")
The trail is on the bed of former railroad tracks along the Quequechan River. The river name is a Native American word for "Falling Water" or "Leaping Waters" in Wampanoag, the tribe that once settled in the region.
In its original form, the river once had eight waterfalls as it traveled to Mount Hope Bay. But during the 1800s the river was dammed for the textile industry which, sadly, is now piped underground to the bay.
The waterfalls are gone but the slow moving river along the trail is one of my favorite places to walk and bicycle. If one looks closely, there is an abundant of wildlife during different seasons - which you probably have seen at Aminus3.

In 2018 the Q-Trail was selected as one of five finalists for the Urban Land Institute’s Urban Open Space Award!

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Fall autumn durgapuja saree toddler Hindu Indian

Festive Photoshoot - 3 by Sugata

Posted on 2020-10-25

Durga Puja is the biggest festival of the year for Bengali Hindus. Even here in the USA, we gather to worship the mother Goddess every year. This year, however, the festivities are scaled down due to the COVID-19 pandemic and we are staying at home. So I did this series of photos (this and the previous two) dressing up my two-year-old daughter in a traditional Bengali sari. The Fall leaves outside was an added bonus.

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The Edge observation deck in NYC

The Edge by Fran

Posted on 2020-09-24

Two men viewing sunset at The Edge, New York City's new 100th floor viewing platform at 30 Hudson Yards.

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"Aqua Building", Chicago, "A Left-Eyed View"

The Aqua Building #3 by Steven

Posted on 2010-04-28

The ever-changing facades of the Aqua Building. Depending on how close (or far) you are standing to the building, the facade either "opens up" with more glass exposure, or closes with less glass exposure. In this view, the building swells up with expanded balconies. How nice it would be to get a few photos from these balconies.

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Falcon 9 SAOCOM-1B Launch August 30, 2020

Falcon 9 SAOCOM-1B Launch August 30, 2020 by Per

Posted on 2020-08-31

SpaceX launched the company’s 100th orbital mission since 2006.

It is the:

• 92nd launch of a Falcon 9
• 15th SpaceX launch in 2020
• 80th SpaceX launch from Florida
• 18th booster landing at Cape Canaveral

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Beach Polo

Beach Polo by Andy Wilson

Posted on 2021-07-17

Beach polo at Newport Winter Festival in Rhode Island.
It was a fairly warm February day and a slight fog was blowing onto the beach.

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Air conditioning, anyone?

Air conditioning, anyone? by Jeffrey

Posted on 2021-05-25

Air conditioning, anyone?

I've no idea what's inside this building that it needs so much a/c capacity to stay cool, but the windows are covered with plywood and there is a tall antenna located directly behind it, so my guess is that it has something to do with computers or cell phones or both...

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From a Friend

From a Friend by Anita

Posted on 2021-05-12

A friend gave me this little plant--Epimedium--some years ago. It blooms in my garden quietly each spring.

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Kilauea's Fissure 8, Lower Puna, Hawaii

Kilauea's Fissure 8, Lower Puna, Hawaii by Don Smith

Posted on 2021-03-31

Back in early June 2018, my youngest son Aaron and I took the first doors-off helicopter allowed up at sunrise over Kilauea's famed Fissure 8 on the Big Island of Hawaii. It just so happened, the venting lava hit its peak of 273 feet that morning! I'll never forget the pilot asking me, "how close do you want to get?" I responded, "can you put us right over the top of it!" This is a memory that will last both of us a lifetime!

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Hollywood Holly

Hollywood Holly by AF Shutter

Posted on 2021-03-21

Hollywood Holly, originally from Florida strums away on the streets of Hollywood California. Very difficult way to be notice. Good luck!

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Looking Out

Looking Out by AF Shutter

Posted on 2021-03-13

A young boy peers out the window as I take the image. It was a cool day in downtown San Diego Ca. The streets were not busy with tourist, so I would imagine this is one way to view it all, at once. I focus the lighting to be sure he is seen, as it shows his wonderment. Not seen is his Mother with another younger child on the tour bus. Thx. AF~

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The southern Pacific coast in  Oregon.

Mary D. Hume by Steve Rice

Posted on 2021-02-05

The Mary D. Hume was an old cedar freighter and whaling vessel from the late 19th century. She once went on a legendary 29 month Arctic voyage in the Beaufort Sea which netted more than $400,000 worth of Baleen whales. And then another 6 year whaling voyage before being refitted as a tug boat in Alaska. After a brief stint as a halibut fishing boat which resulted in a financial loss, the Hume sailed back to Gold Beach Oregon, not far from the place she was originally built. All told, this ship holds the record as the longest active service commercial vessel on the Pacific coast.

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Crecent Moon Rising in Yosemite National Park

Crecent Moon Rising in Yosemite National Park by Don Smith

Posted on 2020-11-11

I have always been a huge fan of using long glass when needed for landscape. This was a 800mm lens used to capture this rising crescent moon in Yosemite at twilight. Hope all of you are having a fantastic day! Please continue to stay safe!

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"A Left-Eyed View", Sabourin, Autumn Reflected

Autumn Reflected by Steven

Posted on 2020-11-05

Spotted at the Blackwell Forest Preserve on Butterfield Road in Warrenville, Illinois, autumn is reflected off of Silver Lake. This is a scenic area with nine miles of trails, picnic pavilions/shelters, fishing and boat rentals, archery ranges, camping, snow tubing and more. This was our first visit here and we were totally surprised by the autumn colors and scenery we saw.

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Wedding Photo

Wedding Photo by B. Thomas

Posted on 2020-10-23

While hiking around in Dead Horse Canyon, Utah, late one evening we saw a photographer working with a bride and groom. They are going to have beautiful wedding photos even though there was haze and smoke from the far away fires in the western states.

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St. Catherine's on the Rock Chapel

St. Catherine's Chapel on the Rock 2 by Elaine Hancock

Posted on 2020-09-23

The Chapel on the Rock is a functioning Catholic chapel in Allenspark, Colorado. The chapel is located on the grounds of the Saint Malo Retreat, Conference, and Spiritual Center of the Catholic Archdiocese of Denver.

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Wildest Sunset Shoot Ever in California

Wildest Sunset Shoot Ever in California by Don Smith

Posted on 2020-09-14

So Beri, our grandson Bradley and I were out watching what we think is actually the sun setting into the smoke-filled skies of Central California when... a little alien whispered in my ear to look up! Well, we are only 280 miles north of Hollywood... You never know... Could they be filming ET2???

I think this image needs to go viral - what about you? Darnedest thing I've ever seen at sunset. I'm still scratching my head.

BTW - Sun captured with Sony a7RIV, Sony 200mm-600mm @600mm, Sony 2x converter, APS-C mode for a total reach of 1800mm. ET??? Phone Home!!!

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Setting Sun and Smoke - California Wildfires

Setting Sun and Smoke - California Wildfires by Don Smith

Posted on 2020-09-11

Smoke in California is so thick that it was dark at my house a full hour before official sunset last night - still can't see the sun this morning and it has been up for 45 minutes. Very apocalyptic looking. This is a setting sun captured at 1200mm (Sony 200mm-600mm + 2x converter). When nature creates art - go capture it!

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