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"A Left-Eyed View", Sabourin, Chicago Skyline

Chiberia's Skyline by Steven

Posted on 2019-02-13

The Chicago skyline seen from Montrose Harbor a few days after Chicago experienced a near record cold temp. Chicago was colder than many locales around the world known for its cold temps.

I didn't want to venture out with my camera for fear that it would lead to condensation building inside the camera itself.

The white amoebic form that you see in the middle of the photo are shards of ice that were paper thin and piled on top of each other, perhaps due to currents under the ice.

Feb 2,

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I'm not a bird photographer...

I'm not a bird photographer... by Jeffrey

Posted on 2019-01-18

I'm not a bird photographer...

but I am an opportunist, so when a bird lands on a plant five feet away from me and then strikes a pose, I'll happily take its photo, even if the camera I have with me at the time is dedicated to infrared-only photography!

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Street Art in Jersey City, NJ

A Modern Entrance to Hogwarts... by Susy

Posted on 2018-12-31

On my way to NYC I was walking down an alley to catch the train and I noticed this beautiful street art on the wall. Then I looked closer and found it odd that the Target shopping cart was pushed up and almost touching the artwork as if someone thought that would look cool. It did!!!! So, I quickly took a snap of it and when I came back after the day in NYC, it was still there. (Maybe it's a modern take on catching the Hogwarts train....:) Anyways, I thought to share here and hope you find i

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Sunrise Point at Bryce Canyon National Park.

Down the Ridge by Steve Rice

Posted on 2018-11-09

Later in the morning, I hiked down the ridge from Sunrise Point and found a place for a panorama. The viewpoint is on the right of the frame and up closer to the rim.

Sunrise Point
Bryce Canyon National Park
Utah, USA

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Walking on a glacier

Resting on the shoulders of a giant by jean

Posted on 2018-10-28

Sisyphus, having accomplished his task, is whistling during his descent. The joy of being. Despite the odds, the heart can win. [Not realizing this glacier might be gone when the next hike is planned for. Walking on eggs.]

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Flowers found on walks.

October Yellow by Steve Rice

Posted on 2018-10-26

My neighbor's garden has these pretty flowers that refuse to acknowledge the autumn chill. So, I pulled out the macro lens.

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"A Left-Eyed View", Sabourin, "Central School"

Central School by Steven

Posted on 2018-10-25

Main entrance to Central School at 61 Woodside Road in Riverside, Illinois. The architecture of the school is so beautiful with a welcoming entrance. The ornate doors have lots of character in comparison to many institutional-type doors you see at schools today.

A little HDR treatment had to be used here to bring out the brick detail in the archway, circular medallions and overhead dentil.

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Endless Light by Scott F. Schilling

Posted on 2018-10-20

This was one of those times when the entire sky lit up from horizon to above my head. It was an incredible view.

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baby child girl sari Indian festival Durga Puja

Durga Puja Arriving by Sugata

Posted on 2018-10-10

My 5-month old daughter dressed up as a simple version of the Hindu goddess Durga. In my home country, the festival of Durga Puja started this week. The items scattered symbolize the things the goddess carries in her arms. The lion is her vehicle. This is how we are celebrating the festival away from India, in the US.

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Female boxer warms up prior to a training session

Shadow boxing... by Mike Hall

Posted on 2018-09-08

Boxer warms up prior to a training session at the gym.

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"A Left-Eyed View", Sabourin, "Grand Canyon"

What Were They Thinking??!! by Steven

Posted on 2019-02-12

An unbelievable sighting while we were at the Indian Watchtower at Desert View was this couple sitting on the very rim of the Grand Canyon, where it was a long drop into the canyon. All it took was a wind, a sneeze, a rock crumbling or an unsuspecting person coming up from behind and startling them to lead to an unfortunate accident. I stayed far away from them!

Rather than taking this photo for its beauty, I took the photo as documentation if the couple ended up missing...or worse.

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Winter sky reflection  in Santa Cruz, CA

Winter Reflection by Mike Hall

Posted on 2019-01-19

The sun dips below the horizon behind Walton Lighthouse and the Santa Cruz Harbor and the sky lights up with the vivid texture and color reflected in a calm pool of water as nature lovers watch.

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Greek Folk Dancing Interpreted

Our souls dance by Susy

Posted on 2019-01-08

"Folk dancing has been a mainstay tradition in Greece since the ancient times. Greece is one of the few countries in which folk dancing is as popular today as it was at its inception. From the islands of Crete to Thrace, each region has their own unique folk dances, some more popular than others."
These dancers were photographed at a Greek Food Festival and brings the entire community together sharing the delicious Greek cuisine and the festive and beautiful folk dances of the Greek culture

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Decorating for the New Year

Decorating the City for New Year's with Joy by Susy

Posted on 2018-12-27

This is an interpretation of cities getting ready for the New Year!!!! We find much happiness looking forward to a New Year. May this year bring internal striving for peace and community togetherness within our cities, our families and ourselves. May we recognize this striving in others, ourselves and contribute to bringing people together with our work, our laughter and our attention to the needs of others! Thank you, Susy

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Harry O'Connor retained-images photo blog

Broken fence by Harry

Posted on 2018-11-09

On my way to the shore to shoot the sunset, I passed this dune and the bedraggled fence discouraging people from climbing on it.

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Glowing Hoodoos, Bryce Canyon, Utah

Glowing Hoodoos, Bryce Canyon, Utah by Don Smith

Posted on 2018-11-08

Greetings from Bryce Canyon NP, Utah. We are about to move the workshop down to Zion to shoot the beautiful fall color. Here is one of glowing hoodoos captured yesterday morning.

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Sunrise. Holbrook Reservoir. Massachusetts.

Sunrise. Holbrook Reservoir. Massachusetts. by Shaun

Posted on 2018-10-29

Just a few months ago at the start of the summer, the reservoir was quite low and I could walk over parts of the area that should have been under water. After a few very heavy storms the reservoir was again full, easing water restrictions in the area.

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Golden Gate Bridge on 10.26.2018

Golden Gate Bridge on 10.26.2018 by Irene

Posted on 2018-10-28

After I took this photo, I went by Ocean Beach where it was foggy. Went out of town for a bit, put gas in the tank. Came home, went up to Twin Peaks, and it was sunny, looked towards the Golden Gate Bridge, no fog. I even went through Golden Gate Park and again came home via Ocean Beach, no fog on the way back.

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A Chilean Flamingo hiding its beak under feathers

Hiding my Beak by Chris

Posted on 2018-10-26

A Chilean Flamingo hiding its beak under its feathers. Taken at the Roger Williams Zoo in Providence, RI.

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Eastern Slope Autumn

Fall Colors at Convict Lake - Eastern Sierras by Denny Jump

Posted on 2018-10-20

One of my favorite shots of one of my favorite places...The eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in autumn. ;-) What else need be said ....Thanks for looking in ;-)

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Dance Greek Dance Troupe Music Community Festive

The Soul of Dance by Susy

Posted on 2018-09-24

I am filled with appreciation and the love of Greek music, dance and food. This is a photo taken while enjoying this professional dance troupe during this celebration of Greek food, culture and community! The dancers were in traditional clothing and the room was filled with people and children enjoying and sharing this wonderful experience. OPA

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smokey valley

Fire smoke from the West by Joyce

Posted on 2018-08-18

This is Paradise Valley, about 40 miles north of Yellowstone Park which is hidden by smoke from the countless fires around us and mostly to the west. We so hope we can get by this season without a wildfire in our own valley.

This air makes eyes burn, slightly nauseous, breathing hard for some. It makes you squint. It affects your thoughts and feeling of well being. But none of that even touches the devastation and loss of life whether of man, animal, terrain, forest, and homes taken by

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Harry O'Connor retained-images photo blog

Wading deer by Harry

Posted on 2018-08-11

We watched this deer "graze" the bottom of the stream for several minutes. He would dip in for a minute then come up with some river vegitation hanging from his mouth and chew for a while before dipping down for more. While chewing, he turned and watched us.

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Abandoned Soles

Abandoned Soles by Leslie

Posted on 2005-08-22

In neither "shoe heaven" nor "shoe hell" the abandoned soles (souls) hang in their wire purgatory.

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Still standing

Still standing by Jerry

Posted on 2019-01-08

There was a terrible fire in this area and what you see in the background is heavy smoke. This building was burnt to the ground about 40 minutes after this photo. It was one of the worst fires in this states history.

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"A Left-Eyed View", Sabourin, Bellevue

Mississippi Burning by Steven

Posted on 2018-12-06

View of the Mississippi River from atop a hill at Chestnut Mountain Resort in Galena, Illinois.
Bellevue, Iowa can be seen across the river.

Photo captured October 14, 2018.

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Palomina at a farm in Virginia

Palomino by Fran

Posted on 2018-11-08

We stayed on a farm in Virginia en route to Florida. The owner had 7 horses. This one is a double Palomino from Portugal.

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Quitting Time (Memories)

Quitting Time (Memories) by Denny Jump

Posted on 2018-10-27

Now that I am "retired," it's kind of funny to see scenes like this and get that feeling of a 'horse-race' just beginning...Get Home, Quick ;-)

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Fall color in Henry Cowell State Park

Visual find of the day... by Mike Hall

Posted on 2018-10-27

One of the things I like about fall is all the variety and contrasts in color, tone and texture you can find...

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It's Going To Rain...Or Snow

It's Going To Rain...Or Snow by B. Thomas

Posted on 2018-10-25

We didn't have those bright blue Colorado skies every day, but the clouds had a beauty all their own and made the colors seem so intense.

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The impressive talons of a King Vulture

The Dark Talons by Chris

Posted on 2018-10-24

The impressive talons of a King Vulture perched on a log at the Roger Williams Park Zoo.

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Hiker on beach by Mohegan Bluffs, Block Island, RI

Hiker by the Bluffs by Fran

Posted on 2018-10-15

Hiker on the beach below the Mohegan Bluffs, Block Island, Rhode Island. In the distance one can see the five wind turbines in the ocean. This was the first commercial offshore wind farm in the U.S.

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10503, No. ???

10503, No. ??? by Jeffrey

Posted on 2018-10-20

I didn't plan to photograph this scene, as I was merely out walking my dog. But when I saw all of the lights on, I was powerless to resist, so we ran home, where I grabbed my camera and crossed my fingers they would still be on when we returned. And they were! <phew!>

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Landscapes inside us as secret gardens

Secret Garden by Susy

Posted on 2018-09-12

This photo is an interpretation of the following music and text. I seek to inspire others with both my work and the music that accompanies it. I especially enjoy creating with music, photography, the brilliant applications I use, Procreate and icolorama and the often and amazing places of the unknown, which are all around us. Thank you for reviewing my work and many smiles, Suzy.

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