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Zambia: South Luangua - 5

Zambia: South Luangua - 5 by : Helen :

Posted on 2018-10-26


Elephants are not always that comfortable with a vehicle sitting nearby. Often they will 'mock charge' which involves staring you down and some ear ear flapping. This is to test to see if you are a threat and/or ready to be aggressive.

This guy mock charged with some ear flapping and a foot stamp or two before he decided so scarper off into the trees. Phew!

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Zambia: South Luangua - 6

Zambia: South Luangua - 6 by : Helen :

Posted on 2018-10-27

I spotted this juvenile male lion hiding in the grass in South Luangua National Park in Zambia. South Luangua National Park is in eastern Zambia and created in 1972. Prior to this, it was a protected game reserve for over 65 years. The 9,059 square kms wilderness has retained much of its animal diversity.

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Leopard With Her Kill

Leopard With Her Kill by Fran

Posted on 2016-11-22

Leopard eating an Impala she has dragged up into a tree so the Hyeanas won't take it from her.

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