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Mathematical Bridge

Mathematical Bridge by Sarito

Posted on 2014-09-01

The Mathematical Bridge is the popular name of a wooden footbridge in the southwest of central Cambridge, England. Although it appears to be an arch, it is composed entirely of straight timbers built to an unusually sophisticated engineering design, hence the name.

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South Lakes UK Ulverston

Ulverston Tower by grouser

Posted on 2014-08-21

While the fit walkers go off for a pound around the higher Fells Mrs G looks after me for the day and we take a trip to Ulverston where I manage to hobble up the hill to the tower. Although it looks like a lighthouse it is in fact a viewing point

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Rotunda (Birmingham return 8 of 9) by Doug

Posted on 2014-08-04

This is the Rotunda a building I remember well it stands looking over Birmingham and just below it is the famous Bull Ring Shopping Centre. It was completed in 1965 as part of the post war redevelopment of the Bull Ring and in 2000 gained status as a grade II listed building and houses offices and apartments.

This series consists of observations from my recent visit to my home City of Birmingham, a place I had not returned to really spend time looking around for over 40 years.

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Down the alley (Birmingham return 1 of 9)

Down the alley (Birmingham return 1 of 9) by Doug

Posted on 2014-07-28

Taken during a trip to Birmingham a few weeks ago This was the first time I had returned to really have a look around the City I was brought up in for around 41 years. I was surprised how much the centre had changed and what effort had been put into developing and brightening the centre up from the rather grim place it had been in my memories. The next few days will be my photographic experience of the city, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did looking round and taking images.

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tough mudder

Everest - 3. by Dave Armstrong.

Posted on 2014-07-24

Tough Mudder is a hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle race - a mud run designed by British Special Forces to challenge the toughest of the tough. This event was held at Boughton House, Kettering, Uk.

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Windows Wednesday

Windows Wednesday by AG

Posted on 2014-07-09

I was struck by how each of these once-identical houses have ended up with different style windows - I guess the colours are not historically correct, either but it all looks fun !

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Fountains Abbey

Medieval Masterpiece by Ainsley

Posted on 2014-06-26

When you think that this place, Fountains Abbey, was finished in 1132, and you look at the architecture and design work that has gone in to it, it really is hard to believe. I'm not sure we could build to this standard today... I especially don't believe it would still be standing 900 years later...

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Precious by Spike

Posted on 2014-06-20

Poking around a larch larix decidua- many of the cones had a little drop of sap (or something) just at the tip.

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Llandwyn by digitalCG

Posted on 2014-06-06

One of my favourite spots in the British Isles. Gloomy days like this help avoid tourists and also make for good photos - this one was dug out of my 2009 archives.

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Looking for Ripley

Looking for Ripley by Spike

Posted on 2014-05-24

More fiddling with history while the rain falls.

I was in the garden, watching ants (as you do), and this one got too close to the drop of syrup I put down to entice them. It took a few drops of water to free her; I took this when she was wandering around apparently drying off.

Originally, I didn't think much of it because it was "too blurry", but now, I quite like the creepiness the movement brings, aided with a bit of colour tweaking via Topaz Labs' Restyle filter.

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Poodle Parade

Poodle Parade by digitalCG

Posted on 2014-05-22

Poodles were all the rage in the 50's, or so they'd have you believe. The combined fashion show and poodle parade were an interesting side attraction.

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Moggy by Doug

Posted on 2014-05-09

Practising my panning technique. An original 3 wheeled Morgan racing up Prescott Hill Climb.
For those who aren't aware of these terrific little cars that are the forerunners of the classic looking hand built Morgan sports cars that are still being made today although now with 4 wheels instead of 3. The originals were powered by 1000cc V twin air-cooled engines mounted at the front of the car outside of the body like this one.

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Vauxhall Developments, London

Modern Vauxhall by Ian Smith

Posted on 2014-09-01

The ever growing developments in Vauxhall, London. To the left is the MI6 (secret service) headquarters, and to the right is the St George Wharf residential development with it's prominent 'Tower'.

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View of London

Golden View by Ian Smith

Posted on 2014-08-21

Possibly the most photographed vantage point in London...(except maybe a selfie in front of Big Ben)'s such a compelling view that even after all these years of crossing the Golden Jubilee Bridge (opened in 2002) I'm standing shoulder to shoulder with the tourists to capture it time and again.

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"Tommy" sculpture in Seaham Harbour

Tommy is remembered by Curly

Posted on 2014-08-11

Ray Lonsdale's sculpture of a First World War "Tommy" in Seaham Harbour (part of a short series.)

I love this sculpture, it represents all of the glorious "Tommies" who gave their lives selflessly in a war that took place a hundred years ago. A war that changed the course of our lives today.

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Alligator by CreatednotFound

Posted on 2014-07-31

One day God created man and man asked "what is the meaning of life". God replied "must there be a meaning". Man said "yes, of course, everything must have a meaning". And so God replied "than I leave it to you to find it”, because the meaning of Life is created not found.

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Mercury by Nigel

Posted on 2014-07-31

Our friend, Peter, drove his steam engine - Mercury - around our village to celebrate his 60th birthday - it was a lovely sight.

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Cockle boat Whitsable UK

Cockle Catch by grouser

Posted on 2014-07-24

Cockle boat arriving in Whitstable. Whitstable is noted for its oyster beds but it has other strings to its nautical bow.

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Speed by Doug

Posted on 2014-07-23

Last one of the shots I got last month at the England v Hong Kong international Polo. Nige and I attended, we had never seen polo played before and were surprised what a fast tough and exciting game it is. The riders appeared more physical with each other than I expected and the ponies were incredibly tough, agile animals that were spectacular to watch.

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Nick Cope 2/2

Nick Cope 2/2 by Jules

Posted on 2014-07-07

Playing a short set at the Florence Park Festival in Oxford - In a former life Nick Cope was the lead singer with the Oxford Indie band the CandySkins but now he is an excellent children's songwriter and performer.

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The Ginger Wizard

The Ginger Wizard by digitalCG

Posted on 2014-06-20

2012 Olympic Champion Greg Rutherfod, aka 'The Ginger Wizard', won the long jump competition with a hop barely over 8 metres. Old Bob Beamon wasn't quaking in his vest top that's for sure, however the Great City Games are very much a season opener/exhibition event for the athletes.

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Helmsley Castle

Helmsley Castle by Adrian

Posted on 2014-06-04

Helmsley Castle is a medieval castle situated in the market town of Helmsley, within the North York Moors National Park, North Yorkshire, England

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Instagram photo from Kings Cross Station

King's X by Ian Smith

Posted on 2014-05-23

Crossing patterns, shadows and people at King's Cross station concourse. An Instagram shot with my Samsung mobile phone.

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Heatwave by Spike

Posted on 2014-05-16

OK, so it's a British "heatwave" (the temperature might hit 20C over the next couple of days), but after a couple of weeks of horizontal rain, it's not to be sniffed at. Unless you have a problem with pollen, that is... ;-)

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Views from Hessle Foreshore 6/9

Views from Hessle Foreshore 6/9 by Jules

Posted on 2014-05-01

The Humber Bridge - opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1981. It is one of the marvels of modern engineering and was, until 1998, the longest single span suspension bridge in the world but there are now five other longer bridges of this type. However it is still the longest that can be used by pedestrians.

The bridge is 2,220 metres long and the towers, which are farther apart at the top than the bottom to compensate for the curvature of the earth, are 155 metres high. It was built at the narrow

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Blackpool evening

Quiet evening in Blackpool by sithenah

Posted on 2014-05-08

The sun was starting to set behind the North pier at Blackpool, just as two gulls settled on the railings adding a live element to the scene.

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New Personal Best

New Personal Best by The Mouse

Posted on 2014-08-03

Jessica Taylor, just cleared 1.78m in the high jump heptathlon.
She went on to win a bronze medal

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Hanbury Hall

Hanbury Hall by Doug

Posted on 2014-07-27

A few weeks ago we took a trip up to Shropshire and surrounding counties to spend time looking at the sights. Hanbury Hall is a National Trust house in Worcestershire whose history goes back to 1701 when it was built by Thomas Vernon, a lawyer and whig MP for Worcester.

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Forensic botany

Forensic botany by Kate

Posted on 2014-07-24

In some cases, the microscopic identifying features of a tiny seed could tie a suspect to the scene of a crime.

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Character by Avian Grey

Posted on 2014-07-11

That handsome juvenile heron is quite a character and has taken to following me around . . actually, it is the food bag he follows !

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They Must Be Crazy

They Must Be Crazy by Jules

Posted on 2014-06-23

Tegan and friends appear to enjoy being hurled round and round at high speed.

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Skimming the surface

Skimming the surface by Doug

Posted on 2014-06-13

We were really lucky this guy gave a great show for us when he saw we were taking pictures

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A headshot of the talented actor, Andrew Mullan

Andrew by Stewart Bywater

Posted on 2014-06-07

One of the headshots I took of the fantastic young actor, Andrew Mullan.

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Abingdon Sunrise 2/3

Abingdon Sunrise 2/3 by Jules

Posted on 2014-05-24

Seen at Stupid-O'clock in the morning on route to work!

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The Kelpies,taken with a Nikon D7100 18-105 lens

The Kelpies by Jimmys

Posted on 2014-05-22

The Kelpies are 30 metre high horse-head sculptures, standing next to a new extension to the Forth and Clyde Canal in The Helix, a new parkland project built to connect 16 communities in the Falkirk Council Area, Scotland

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Back With Mom

Back With Mom by Avian Grey

Posted on 2014-05-15

The last of this first set of the Canada Goose goslings. I know when I get back there they will have grown and developed so much in so little time.

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Tulip Staircase, Queen's House, Greenwich

Tulip Staircase by Ian Smith

Posted on 2014-05-12

In my last visit to the Queen's House, Greenwich, I had to take a sneaky shot of this beautiful staircase as no photography was allowed. But I'm pleased to see that this restriction has been lifted, allowing one to snap every conceivable angle (not that it's possible to take a bad shot of it).

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