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Evgeny Zimin

A fragment of barbed wire by Евгений

Posted on 2023-01-30

Красивая игра солнечного света на колючей проволоке

Beautiful play of sunlight on barbed wire.

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Unfinished Bridge

Unfinished Bridge by Dark Soul

Posted on 2014-09-01

I found it by chance while cycling a new place in my town. There were people (adults, parents with their noisy children), swimming in the river, however i didn't care about them as that bridge attracted my attention. Don't know why, can't say exactly. Maybe because of its incompleteness and desolation in so busy place

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Blue & Yellow#3 by Diana

Posted on 2014-01-22

Blue is a great favorite of my photography. When I see some nice blue I just want to record it ( but sometime no camera with me).

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Night in Moscou 10

Night in Moscou 10 by Gérard

Posted on 2018-08-23

Cathédrale du Christ-Sauveur, Moscou, Juin 2018

Cathedral of Christ the Savior

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Novodevichi Monastery by Svetlana

Posted on 2007-03-14

Novodevichy Monastery is a great architectural monument of the 16-17th centuries, built in the style of what is known as the Moscow baroque

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Special potato :)

Special potato :) by amelyschafe

Posted on 2014-08-21

Last week we helped granny to dig potato and found this amazing one, makes me smile so much :)

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