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East End of Providentiales & The Cut

Departure - Turks & Caicos by Timber

Posted on 2022-09-02

Departure - Turks & Caicos Islands & banking north to Canada
Always sad to leave, this is our 8th departure
Below is where we’ve had so many adventures
Met new people & so many wild creatures

The pic shows east end of Providentiales
and gorgeous Grace Bay Beach
and ‘The Cut’ between the island & Little Water Cay
a Marine Preserve & home to thousands of Rock Iguana
Top of pic just above the beach reveals the Barrier Reef
& bottom of pic shows the very shallow Caicos Sea
Leeward is the visible marina town on west side of The Cut
Spectacular Scuba, Snorkelling, Fishing, Dining etc
rim the entire Island.. Astonishing & low key, no crowds

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.. the mystery of Smith's Reef ..

.. the mystery of Smith's Reef .. by Timber

Posted on 2016-08-24

The 5 sections of coral reef hide among the vast sea grass beds. Its taken several trips to begin to find then view the pristine coral beds. I'm in 4 - 6 feet & incoming tide here, so very careful, no fins, extremely clear, near the middle coral beds. Trying to find my snorkel buddy.. she inshore or outshore of me !

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