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Dueling Bolts, Grand Canyon National Park

Dueling Bolts, Grand Canyon National Park by Don Smith

Posted on 2019-08-11

Lightning strikes and the Grand Canyon are an amazing site to see. Sometimes you get lucky and catch multiples! Shot using The Lightning Trigger IV photo accessory.

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Spring In The Chihuly Garden

Spring In The Chihuly Garden by B. Thomas

Posted on 2019-07-25

Chihuly Garden and Glass
Seattle, Washington

I'm not sure how it looks the rest of the year, but April seemed to be the perfect time to see the garden full of flowers growing among the glass features.

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Rainbow Field

Rainbow Field by Don

Posted on 2019-07-25

Taken from my son's home.

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Arcus Cloud

Arcus Cloud by Steve Carey

Posted on 2019-06-30

An arcus, or shelf, cloud heads hovers near the Fairhope, Alabama Pier on Mobile Bay. This shot was tasken on June 28, 2019.

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Gravesites of Civil War and WW1 Veterans

Paying Respects by Denny Jump

Posted on 2010-07-04

In Easton, PA where i currently live, there are some fascinating cemeteries. This one has several graves of Civil War and WW1 veterans as well as veterans of other wars. On this July 4, I think it is especially important that we remember all of our military men and women who do so much to protect us and our freedom and independence.

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Big Sky Country

Big Sky Country by Epic Girl

Posted on 2019-06-05

The lake was refreshing this day. We were careful to keep a look out for bears as they like to eat the huckleberries that grow at the south end of the lake.

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Vintage Cat

Vintage Cat by Gabriella

Posted on 2019-05-26

In my house, the kitchen counter is my cat(Pepper)'s favorite place. She looked like a perfect decoration in the position she was sitting, so I had to take a picture.

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Fireman Derek's Bake Shop

Fireman Derek's Bake Shop by Elaine Hancock

Posted on 2019-05-20

They had the best Red Velvet cake and Key Lime pie! I could have gone back there a couple more times!

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Thunderstorm by Peter Wharton

Posted on 2019-04-26

Corksrewing thunderstorm updraft near sunset near Roswell, New Mexico on May 22nd, 2018 - to personally experience and photograph severe weather on the Plains, check out

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Horses, horse racing, action, jockey, Arizona

Rillito 3 by Ryan Hammond

Posted on 2019-03-21

The weather in March is ideal for watching (photographing) horse racing in Tucson.

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Bull rider being attacked by a bull at the Cracker

Trouble by Fran

Posted on 2019-03-04

Bullrider in big trouble at the Cracker Rodeo, Fellsmere, Florida.

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"A Left-Eyed View", Sabourin, Chicago Skyline

Chiberia's Skyline by Steven

Posted on 2019-02-13

The Chicago skyline seen from Montrose Harbor a few days after Chicago experienced a near record cold temp. Chicago was colder than many locales around the world known for its cold temps.

I didn't want to venture out with my camera for fear that it would lead to condensation building inside the camera itself.

The white amoebic form that you see in the middle of the photo are shards of ice that were paper thin and piled on top of each other, perhaps due to currents under the ice.

Feb 2,

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Abandoned Soles

Abandoned Soles by Leslie

Posted on 2005-08-22

In neither "shoe heaven" nor "shoe hell" the abandoned soles (souls) hang in their wire purgatory.

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Yosemite Falls

Yosemite Falls by Ian Bramham

Posted on 2019-07-26

In June I was lucky enough to be able to visit Yosemite. The waterfalls were in full flow and the power of the water took my breath away!

This photo was taken with my DSLR and I was surprised that I got anything useable as the spray from the falls was horizontal and filled the was like standing in a heavy rainstorm with the water moving straight at the camera. I covered the camera lens with my hand until the last second and quickly pressed the shutter button, with no time to compose

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Scituate Spit. Massachusetts.

Scituate Spit. Massachusetts. by Shaun

Posted on 2019-07-10

Scituate was settled by a group of people from Plymouth about 1627, who were joined by immigrants from the county of Kent in England. They were initially governed by the General Court of Plymouth, but on October 5, 1636, the town incorporated as a separate entity. The name Scituate is derived from "satuit", the Wampanoag term for cold brook, which refers to a brook that runs to the inner harbor of the town. In 1710, several residents emigrated to Rhode Island and founded Scituate, Rhode Island,

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My Live View - Not Webcam

My Live View - Not Webcam by B. Thomas

Posted on 2019-06-07

I had been watching several Washington webcams before the trip. The webcam at Kalaloch Lodge showed mostly dull gray rainy weather all the time leading up to the trip. I was delighted with this blue hour view as I stood near the webcam camera when we were there.

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STI FONTVIEILLE.  Outward Bound From Boston.

STI FONTVIEILLE. Outward Bound From Boston. by Shaun

Posted on 2019-05-29

I have always been interested is ships. Each time I look at large vessels entering or leaving ports, I always admire the small tug boats that guide large ships and the skill of the crew that maneuver huge ships into position when entering narrow docking areas.

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Wood Duck Hen and Her Brood on "Jump Day"

Wood Duck Hen and Her Brood on "Jump Day" by Donna M Hughes

Posted on 2019-05-22

"Jump day" is the day the ducklings leave the nest, which is usually 24 hours after hatching.

Wood Ducks often make their nests in holes in trees, many feet off the ground. On "jump day," the hen waits on the ground and calls the ducklings. They have to jump out of the nest and fall to the ground.

I didn't see these ducklings jump, but they are so tiny, this has to be their first day on the water.

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New Bedford. Massachusetts.

New Bedford. Massachusetts. by Shaun

Posted on 2019-03-26

I like to visit the fishing port of New Bedford, the largest fishing port in the U.S. The port is always busy and there are always a large number of trawlers landing their catches there. I have always admired the fishermen who go to sea to catch fish sometimes in very dangerous weather.

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Horses, horse racing, action, jockey, Arizona

Rillito 2 by Ryan Hammond

Posted on 2019-03-20

The weather in March is ideal for watching (photographing) horse racing in Tucson.

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dairy trucks

Dairy Trucks by Elaine Hancock

Posted on 2019-02-20

A line of dairy trucks at the South Mountain Creamery in Middletown, MD.

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"A Left-Eyed View", Sabourin, "Grand Canyon"

What Were They Thinking??!! by Steven

Posted on 2019-02-12

An unbelievable sighting while we were at the Indian Watchtower at Desert View was this couple sitting on the very rim of the Grand Canyon, where it was a long drop into the canyon. All it took was a wind, a sneeze, a rock crumbling or an unsuspecting person coming up from behind and startling them to lead to an unfortunate accident. I stayed far away from them!

Rather than taking this photo for its beauty, I took the photo as documentation if the couple ended up missing...or worse.

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Missing Horse?

Missing Horse? by Anita

Posted on 2019-07-27

On one of our extremely hot and humid days, our Amish friends stopped to water and cool off their overheated horse. They eventually decided not to tax the horse further, hence young man pulling buggy the 1/4 mile home--mostly downhill.

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My Little Friend by Elaine Hancock

Posted on 2019-07-26

This little chipmunk always comes to see me when I am sitting outside. He is looking for peanuts. Scout just tolerates him.

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Moonrise Behind El Capitan and Half Dome, Yosemite

Moonrise Behind El Capitan and Half Dome, Yosemite by Don Smith

Posted on 2019-07-24

Back in April 2011 I was co-instructing Gary Hart's spring Yosemite Workshop when Gary calculated this crescent moonrise at dawn behind El Capitan (left) and Half Dome. Talk about one that almost got away... I had forgotten to take my 300mm lens out of stabilizer mode and unlike today's lenses, that would create unwanted movement as I was on a tripod. I got three sharp images and this was the money shot so someone was smiling down on me :-)

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9707 by Jeffrey

Posted on 2019-07-23

I usually claim to be a nighttime photographer, but this particular photo was taken early in the morning. At 4:50 am, to be specific, which is about as late as I can photograph at this time of the year before the rising sun steps in and asserts its absolute dominance over the illumination of any given scene.

As an aside, many years ago a semi-famous chef / restaurant owner lived in this relatively modest house.

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Motorcycle Honeyhole

Motorcycle Honeyhole by Phil Morris

Posted on 2012-06-18

There was talk at the time (early 1980's) of a place in New York state where motorcycles had
been stored for over 20 years, the owner had reservations of showing this sweet spot but had given in, the time for the building was up fast...

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Harry O'Connor retained-images photo blog

Can you spare a quarter? by Harry

Posted on 2019-07-03

The phone had been ripped out, though the booth remained. When my daughter was in high school, there was a country song about borrowing a quarter to call a lost love. It was a surprise to me that calls had gone up from a dime.

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vessel in new york's hudson yards

The Vessel by Fran

Posted on 2019-05-24

From the top of the Vessel you can see the rail yards, the High Line, the Hudson River and New Jersey. The Vessel is an interactive art installation in Hudson Yards, New York City. It is 150 feet, 15 stories with 154 staircases and 2,500 steps. It opened in March 2019.

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Driftwood tree at sunrise, GA

Driftwood Tree by Fran

Posted on 2019-05-04

Driftwood on the beach at sunrise, Georgia.

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Possum by B. Thomas

Posted on 2019-03-27

Opossums are some of the most misunderstood animals in the Americas. They’re often thought of as dimwitted, dirty creatures whose most impressive trick is acting like roadkill. The truth is just the opposite: Opossums are smarter, cleaner, and more beneficial to humans than many of their woodland neighbors.

Here in Texas most people call them possums. This one visits our yard almost daily.

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Empty Sky

Empty Sky by Jim Wilson

Posted on 2019-03-04

Inside "Empty Sky" the 9/11 Memorial in Liberty State Park, New Jersey.

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Sunrise at the Seaquay Pier in Vero Beach FL

Sunrise by Fran

Posted on 2019-02-19

Sunrise at the Seaquay Pier, Vero Beach Florida.

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Winter sky reflection  in Santa Cruz, CA

Winter Reflection by Mike Hall

Posted on 2019-01-19

The sun dips below the horizon behind Walton Lighthouse and the Santa Cruz Harbor and the sky lights up with the vivid texture and color reflected in a calm pool of water as nature lovers watch.

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