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California, United States

If I had better knees and was a bit younger, I would love to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. We watched a lone 23-year-old hiker slide and walk off this face at the Sonora Summit the other evening. His name was Conner and my wife gave him a ride to Kennedy Meadows - he was out of food and very hungry but had a supply package waiting. He had just surpassed 1,000 miles of the PCT at 25 miles per day! He was intent on making it to the Canadian border - good luck Conner!

Mules Ears and PCT, Sonora

Mules Ears and Pacific Crest Trail Mules Ears and Pacific Crest Trail by Don Smith

Charentes-Poitou, France

L'impression d'être à son réveil !!!!!!.....)

jaune Echevelé ... by tataray

Charentes-Poitou, France

Tout doré toute l'année....
Met du soleil au jardin !...)

jaune Tout doré... by tataray