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Jasper National Park, Canada

The Moose Lake Loop Trail winds through the thick lodge pole pine tree forest and beautiful scenery to the lake. It is rated as a moderate hike, but to us it seemed pretty steep and hard but worth the effort. Moose are commonly encountered in this area.

We were happy to find a large female moose out in the water feeding on bottom plants. There was another moose on the other side of a small island.

Moose Lake hike Moose Lake Hike by B. Thomas


A newspaper man on the street in Singapores, 1989.

singapore 1989 4/4 singapore 1989 4/4 by yiannis krikis

Toronto, Canada

.. some butterflies are elusive.. few can disappear as suddenly as the Mourning Cloak. I circled our deck which was surrounded by milkweek, hoping for a closer shot.. but where was it ? I knew it had landed.. so did the young dog.. Ah.. there it was in plain sight. It fluttered about for 10 precious minutes, in very light & warm breezes.. lots of milkweed & other flowers blooming.. and later I did get a fortunate close up.. wings spread wide, resting quietly

.. dog & butterfly .. .. dog & butterfly .. by Timber