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Serra da Estrela, Portugal

Encontrei esta pequena flor num local muito bonito da serra da Estrela.

I found this small flower in a very beautiful place in the Serra da Estrela.

Campanula Campanula by Arco-Íris

Geneva, Switzerland

I was on a photo walk in my hometown Geneva. This spot struck me because of the grid which reminded of the superposition I practice and the strict geometrical pattern with a fuzzy outcome. This is typical for my interest in subjects other than the usual ones. For decades I try to be mostly open eyed, and photography is a marvelous means for that.

travaux Travaux by Berni Stephanus

China 2009, China

Woman employed in a spinning mill
New version of Lewis Hine's photo "Young girl employed in a spinning mill" (1908)

While browsing through the book "50 Photo Icons" published by Taschen, I discovered photos by Lewis Hine taken in the southern United States in 1908, and in particular this one of a little girl in a silk mill (see link). It reminded me that I had visited a silk spinning mill on a trip to China many years ago. And here I am, browsing through my hundreds of photos from that period to find the photo shown, which, while not a child at work, is close to both Hine's composition and the working conditions ....

Lewis Hine Canon 400D Chine Femme employée dans une Filature by Jean-Luc.M