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Gare des Guillemins Liège, Belgium

Dans la gare des Guillemins ! Un décor futuriste et l'abattement de l'homme .

La solitude urbaine La solitude urbaine by Libouton Martine

Saint-Cast-Le-Guildo, France

I've just come back from a trip to Northern France. This is a photo I took of a mussel farm off the coast near Saint-Cast-Le-Guildo in Brittany.

The boat you can see in the photo has wheels as well as a propellor so that it can keep working even when the water isn't deep enough for the boat to float.

Mussel Farm, Brittany Mussel Farm, Brittany by Ian Bramham

Yosemite National Park, United States

The camera does not interpret light like our brains. The camera sees light strictly by its frequency. Understanding the temperature of light can open a whole new set of photographic opportunities.

Just after dusk when the reds have left the sky and yet the sky still has some residual light is called the Blue Hour by photographers. In this Blue Hour photo of Yosemite Valley you can see a couple of the first visible stars of the night if you look closely.

Tunnel View Blue Hour Tunnel View Blue Hour by CW McGowen