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Barcelona, Spain

"Is this the end, or but the beginning?" ...this soon to be ex-#bachelorparty honoree seems to be expressing.
I #cropped out the more eh #savory parts of the #message the #fellow was #sporting, which included an invitation to kiss the #condemned, but which I forewent, opting instead for a solid handshake, with side order of #condolences.

Slightly edited Barcelona smart/streetphotography! #20170211 by Juan Antonio Zamarripa [Esqueda]

North Carolina, United States

Right now I am watching the Cowboys and the Packers on a 42 inch hi-def digital TV. A much more enjoyable experience than it would be with this small (probably) black and white set. You can see a bit of the rabbit ear antenna at the back of the TV. I chose to present this in monochrome in deference to the era.

Harry O'Connor retained-images photo blog TV Room by Harry

Chicago, United States

This is a view looking toward the altar of Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago, Illinois. This was my first time in Holy Name Cathedral (back in 2010) after reading a Flickr member's post about how accommodating the Cathedral was to allow photographers in.

This cathedral suffered severe roof damage when it caught fire in early 2009. What a beautiful job in the restoration.

"Holy Name Cathedral", "A Left-Eyed View" Holy Name Cathedral by Steven