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Glasgow, United Kingdom

As the lockdown restrictions are slowly being lifted and we are allowed to venture out and explore outdoors; this is the first thing we did. We ventured out to explore Ben A'an which is located among Loch Lomond and The Trossachs. This beautiful view is captured from the summit of overlooking Loch Kathrine. What a beautiful day and outing it was on a nice summer morning...

Loch Kathrine from Ben A'an Summit Loch Kathrine from Ben A'an Summit by Devendra

Mobile Bay, United States

Pilings of an old pier along the eastern shore of Mobile Bay on a very foggy morning appear as a portal to a different place and time.

Old pier along Mobile Bay, Alabama in fog Portal by Steve Carey

Paris, France

The Carnival mood, june 2021
My first family outing to celebrate the end of curfew:
there was so very few people!
We wanted not to miss our traditional joy of chichis and barbapapas
(sweet french fritters and cotton candies).
Here is a picture of some chichis with a colored background,
the colorful lights of the magic roundabout!
L'ambiance de la fête foraine, juin 2021
Ma première sortie pour fêter la fin du couvre feu:
il y avait très peu de monde!
Nous ne voulions pas rater notre joie traditionnelle
de savourer des chichis et des barbapapas.
Voici une photo de quelques chichis avec en arrière-plan
les lumières colorées du manège!

1-carnival mood: chichis (sweet french fritters) 1-Carnival mood: Chichis (sweet french fritters) by helys