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Herzliya beach near Tel Aviv, Israel

this photo was taken in Israel and was published in my book "A occhi chiusi" SKYRA ED 2012

Isreale: Tel Aviv  2017 Isreale: Tel Aviv 2017 by lidia bagnara

Strokkur Geyser, Iceland

When cold water on surface flows down through these gaps and meets super hot lava / rocks, it boils quickly and the water vapours + hot water erupt out causing the phenomenon called Geyser.

Alternate Perspective: I like to think of Geyser something like Earth's Sneeze.

Strokkur Geyser Eruption, Iceland When Earth Sneeze by Devendra

Hastings, Australia

Heights are waiting on the Hastings foreshore...

50th Westernport Festival
Mornington Peninsula

Ferris wheel at Westernport Festival Westernport Festival colours (8)... by Gemma Wiseman