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Yukon, Canada

Relics from years gone by (World War II era) mark the start of the unpaved South Canol Road in the Yukon. This shot was taken in the early morning with a nice sunrise. This drive is one of my favorite in the Yukon since it provides remoteness, beautiful scenery, chance to see wildlife and opportunities to camp amongst nature.

Relics Relics by Ron

Maasgouw, Netherlands

This is a small shed - too bad to use - and the owner made it for the chickens! It is part of a forest pub where we use to take our coffee after a hike. He renewed the pub and used the old doors, recycled the wood. The chickens are specially as is lovely..

Haan Haan by Henny


For the Aminus3 prompt Nightfall.

I took this on our amazing trip to Norway. We were on a cruise to Tromso in November last year in the hope of seeing the Northern Lights. We took a coach trip into the countryside to a dark sky area the night we docked and as we were traveling the coach driver stopped the bus and suggested we get out and look. We were treated to this incredible sight, and to add to it one of the nearby farms must have had dogs, because when the lights began to show more vivid the dogs began to howl like you would expect a pack of wolves. This really was one of the most amazing things I've ever witnessed and for my wife and I a bucket list event ticked off as well as something we will never forget.

Amazing nature Amazing nature by Doug