Aminus3 Community Guidelines

Last updated: May 22, 2014

Aminus3 is a place for generous, mature, creative, positive sharing and discussion of photography, humanity, and the world around us.

We believe photography unites us, and we encourage authentic connection through shared experiences, diversity and multi-cultural exchange.

When visiting, sharing images, or posting comments on Aminus3, we ask that you please be mindful of the following House Rules:

Your Responsibility

We simply ask that you treat everyone on Aminus3 with respect.

Respect for others' personal experiences and perspective, as well as their unique cultural, artistic, and creative expression.

Ultimately you are responsible for your own behavior and the consequences of your behavior. Please follow the golden rule and treat others as you would expect to be treated yourself.

Just Visiting?

We invite everyone to experience the world in images through the eyes and lens of the photographers of Aminus3.

Even if you are not here to share your own photos, we recommend you Discover life experiences. Enjoy galleries of images curated by the staff of Aminus3, or Remixed by the community. Take a break and visit Photo Resonance which provides a unique presentation of 3 slide shows around a variety of humanity-based themes.

For visual and cultural inspiration we recommend the Featured Images page, or for a burst of color in your day, the Color Features.

And should you choose, you are always invited to Tell your story.

Comments and Feedback

Constructive feedback is encouraged, however, as a photography site that welcomes people from all backgrounds and skill levels, you may find that some people appreciate critical feedback to improve their images, and some might just want to connect with others. When in doubt, it is always polite to get to know someone first before offering a critique.

One of the strengths of the Aminus3 community is the diverse international group of photographers who connect each day. Many are here because of a passion for photography which transcends borders and cultures. We encourage you to take some time to learn about other cultures and people from different backgrounds.

Occasionally comments may be taken offensively or arguments may occur. Please understand that it is not possible for the administration of Aminus3 to mediate mis-communications and personal disputes. The site provides a function to report comments which you may find offensive. When several people feel the need to report a comment, it will be marked as a "Controversial Comment" and hidden from the main page to be opened "at your own risk". In nearly all cases, this will serve as the only moderation. If a controversial comment is posted on your blog, you can remove it in your comment settings.

As a community of mature adults, we appreciate positive exchange, self moderation, and giving other's the benefit of the doubt.

Images with Nudity

Posting tasteful photos which contain nudity or adult themes is acceptable. However please do not post overtly sexual, violent, or pornographic images, and please respect that there are others who do not wish to view nudity. As such, you are required to moderate all images which contain nudity by setting the

"Contains Nudity: Yes" option on the image upload page.

If you are unable to moderate your content it will be moderated for you and may result in removal of your image(s) or suspension of your account.

If you do not wish to see images containing nudity, there is an option on your settings page to "Hide images which contain adult content" which will prevent these images from displaying for you on public community pages.
(Note, however, that this will not hide the images if you visit the blog directly.)

If you feel there is content which has not been correctly flagged as "Contains Nudity" or goes beyond the mission of this site, please visit the Abuse Page and follow the instructions for reporting offensive images.


As a community of creatives, we respect fair use and copyright. Aminus3 is a website for sharing your own original photography. Please refrain from posting found images, memes, or photographs taken by other photographers. If you must post an image you did not take, please state it as such and provide a link to the original image or photographer where possible.

If the purpose of your blog is solely to post images from other sources, we ask that you find another site to do this. These accounts may be removed without notice.

If you are posting text from a source like wikipedia or other, please cite the source of the text and provide a link where possible.

Violations of copyright can be reported on our Abuse Page.


We encourage positive debates, discussions, and lively discourse. However, ultimately, outright negativity has no place on Aminus3, period.

If you cannot get along with someone else, we provide several tools you can utilize to block others or minimize your interactions with them, while you continue to enjoy the site. Please respect that if someone has chosen to block you for whatever reason, it is their personal right to do so.

Administration of Aminus3

Aminus3 is not a faceless corporate entity, we are a small collective of dedicated individuals who take a great deal of care and pride in this community which we have fostered for over 10 years. Please respect that the way we choose to operate and administer this website is based on what we feel is best for the community and our mission to maintain the integrity of this special place. Sometimes we have to make difficult choices and we stand by them.

Be advised that we do not control the behavior or actions of others. We understand that people have different ideas about what they want in a website and we do our best to meet those demands while encouraging all forms of creativity. Still, we are under no obligation, nor do we make any warranties that this website will meet all your needs and expectations, or that we will mediate or moderate Content posted.

Security: Spam, Malware, SEO landing pages and other Misuse

It goes without saying that those who use Aminus3 for the purposes of sending unsolicited messages (Spam), upload links or content to malware or viruses, or signup solely to promote a product or service for SEO purposes, will be logged, blocked and removed. Depending on the severity of this misuse, legal action may be taken.

All Aminus3 users are responsible for the security of their own account including protecting their password and computers. If malicious activity occurs from your user account, you may still be held personally responsible for any misuse.

Warnings, Suspensions, Termination

Should you violate the Terms of Service or Community Guidelines of Aminus3, we may at our sole discretion send you a warning or suspend your account. In most reasonable cases we will provide you fair opportunity to rectify the situation, however you understand that we have the right to terminate your account with or without cause, and with or without prior notice at any time as we deem necessary.

Once your account is terminated, all content and data you posted will no longer be available here.

Final Thoughts

The strength of the Aminus3 community is in the users who have come to appreciate the culture and vision of this unique place. We are proud to provide this platform for learning, sharing, cultural exchange and joy, all centered around the international appreciation of photography in its many forms.

Thank you for being a part of this co-creative experience.