Aminus3 Photo Resonance

We believe photography has the power to break down the barriers of language and borders. It connects us at a visual and emotional level which succinctly encapsulates and expresses the human experience. Each post features three concurrent galleries which embody a common theme around timely and inspired imagery.

Love and Monkeys

With a delightful view of two popular celebrations the world over, Aminus3 shouts out a whimsical "Love and Monkeys!"

Share a Laugh

A heart full of laughter lightens the load and can disarm even the heaviest of days.

Fantastical Forest

Soothing green, healing plants and the peaceful tone of nature helps us to relax and lose ourselves beyond.

Year of the Horse - Happy Chinese New Year!

Representing a free spirit, the desire for freedom, and clarity of thought, the world is ready for change! May your keen judgment and natural intuition gallop in to meet the new year. 新年快乐!

Connected by Bridges

crossing the chasm of unknown depths
bridges link us from where we stand to where we're going

Fall Colors

Autumn's beauty from around the world.

Someone to Watch Over Me

Angels and sentinels watching over the souls of the departed.

Urban Summer Memories

kids, water, sunshine and cement,
memories of hot summers in cities around the world

Shore and Sea

Like the sea, life can be expansive. Standing on the shore of such expansion allows one to contemplate, yet not be consumed.

Ray of Light

Stunning rays of sunlight streaming through clouds and sky.

Men of the World

Honoring the fathers, sons, brothers in the world, leading with quiet strength. Noble, fierce, playful, loving, vulnerable, kind.

Gifts of Kindness

Gentle touch of discovery. Helping others. A lifetime of sharing. A smile to brighten the day. With love in our hearts, kindness flows easily.

To see myself in the world

Life reflecting back what I cannot always see inside of me.

Lighthouse View

The lighthouse stands tall
A bright light illuminating the darkness
Welcoming all to safe harbors