Aminus3 Photo Resonance

We believe photography has the power to break down the barriers of language and borders. It connects us at a visual and emotional level which succinctly encapsulates and expresses the human experience. Each post features three concurrent galleries which embody a common theme around timely and inspired imagery.

The Feel of Blue

serenity, immortality, mystery, depth, intuition, true-blue, feeling blue
a color with depth of meaning

The Mystical DragonFly

A symbol of transformation and life's ever-constant process of change,
the dragonfly reflects the power of light, inhabiting two realms: air and water.

Scene from Above

Another world from a higher perspective

Hong Kong - Havana - Helsinki

Skyline to street in Hong Kong, Havanna and Helsinki

Learning to Leap

In life we learn how to jump, take a leap of faith, and trust that the Universe is there to catch us.

The Road Traveled

Photography reminds us of where we have traveled in life and the experiences we have shared.

Billboards and Bystanders

an interplay of people, urban art, graffiti and billboards from Hollywood to Paris and in between

Patterns of Creation

Nature designing the blueprint of mankind.

All Kinds of Love

There is diversity in love, it crosses all boundaries.
Love is the experience of oneness and the interconnectedness between our lives.

Magical Mushrooms

both deadly and delicious, mini magical landscapes from the the world of mushrooms

Bodies in Motion

Human forms
moving outside the lines
of this solid reality

World is Smiling

In a world of diverse people, languages, customs and cultures, a smile unites us all.

Winter Nights, Winter Lights

moonlight and stars
illuminating slopes of silent white
daylight breaks

Life in Contrast

form finding balance between light and darkness
life unfolding in silhouette

My Favorite Photo of 2012

we asked Aminus3 photographers to select their favorite photo posted in 2012