Aminus3 Photo Resonance

We believe photography has the power to break down the barriers of language and borders. It connects us at a visual and emotional level which succinctly encapsulates and expresses the human experience. Each post features three concurrent galleries which embody a common theme around timely and inspired imagery.

Disco Christmas

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from Aminus3

How to Bake a Cake

A celebration of life, the start of something new, a relaxing tea to talk over, cake is fluent throughout most of the world. Enjoy this luscious adventure and photo illustration of how to bake a cake.

Tarot Major Arcana in Photographs

A photographic interpretation of the symbols and archetypes of the Major Arcana Tarot

Windows, Doorways and Portals

closed off they provide protection and boundaries, while open they transport us to worlds outside

Hands that bring Life

We begin cradled by hands. We grow learning to use our hands. Our hands celebrate work, love, marriage, children. We are led home by the hands that have served us well an entire lifetime.

Skyline to Street

New York, Tehran, and London; three cities from skyline to street.

Festival of Lights - Diwali 2012

Diwali, known as the "festival of lights", is one of the most celebrated Hindu holidays around the world. Celebrations include families gathered in prayer, gifts and sweets, new clothes, and bright fireworks light the skies and hearts of all. There is a spiritual signficance of awareness and inner light represented by moving from ignorance or darkness, towards knowledge and light. Happy Diwali to all!

Sentient Beings

We come to experience planet earth. We are rocks, we are trees, we are elements and natural forces. We are the eyes that stare back at each other. Sentient beings with the ability to feel, perceive, or be conscious of the experience.

All Hallows Eve

End of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or the 'darker half' of the year, it is a thinning of the veil. Protection. Invitation. The unknown. Rituals to symbolize death and rebirth. Celebrated in many parts of the world, with many different names, All Hallows is a day of festivity for those beyond the veil.

America in Red White and Blue

A photographic exploration of the many facets of the United States of America, from prominent postcard places, to a country searching for identity in the face of conflict and change.

Child's Play

Side by side from the West to Middle East and Africa to Asia Pacific, breaking down cultural barriers by experiencing the games, imaginings, and lives of children from around the world.

Paris in 3 Seasons

Autumn, winter and springtime in Paris. Experience this iconic city through three scenic seasons

Red Green Blue

Every color we see on our screens is composed of some percentage of red, green and blue. Here we feature a juxtaposition of images which incorporate these three primary hues.

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