Earth Day 2012

April 22, 2012

Today we honor Mother Earth. Gaia to many, who sustains life on this beautiful blue planet we call home. Diverse, individual threads of a tapestry, woven together to form one mosaic. A moment in time from an individual perspective might seem small, but there is a larger picture of which we are not always aware or experience personally.

Life is represented all around us across the world. Farm fields, flowers and fauna, families, animals, insects, sea and sky, mountains and molehills. There is such beauty in this simple daily existence.

This Earth Day mosaic is made up of over 11,000 photographs posted on the Aminus3 Photography Community throughout the month of April 2012. Each one, a unique expression in time which makes up the moments of our lives, our people, and our planet. A focused reflection. A spiritual, psychological and emotional metaphor. Living in our daily passion to create what we know we are capable of creating. Living life with joy, laughter and togetherness in one planetary mission.

About the Image

25,000 x 10,294 pixels forming out of 11,644 photographs from 1,310 people in 68 different countries.

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