Cowboy (1983)

Two years ago we had a huge roof leak in our house that went unnoticed because it didn't come through the ceiling. The insurance company took forever to respond. In the meantime lots of +30 celcius weather. The result was black mould. We had to clear the house of everything. Most of it went to the upper floor of our large shed. My wife and I did it and when it was done I felt like I was dying. Well, it turns out I was. I went to the doctor and after many tests was diagnosed with a rare bone marrow cancer called Myelofibrosis. Within months,I was unable to do anything. Contractors demolished the insides of the house and rebuild it. I slept. My wife organized everything and worked hard. Last year i had a Stem Cell Transplant and now I can do very little. It is a very long recovery period. I am also going through something called Graft versus Host disease. Not entirely pleasant.
The photo? I am using my time to scan old negatives. Something I have been planning for a long time.

Life in Williams Lake, BC, Canada - Cowboy (1983) by Michael Rawluk

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