This is the entrance to a temple called Kiyo Mizu Dera, prior to the Corona virus one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kyoto, but now lying almost deserted. Usually this area would be pandemonium but these days only a few locals walk around the precincts allowing me to capture this view of the gate with the city stretching out to the West behind it. These ancient sites only started being overrun with tourists six or seven years ago so, oddly, the virus has brought back what might be described as a sense of normalcy. I came up here to take a few shots as part of a project for The Kyoto Journal, a quarterly publication, to document the city during the pandemic, taking advantage of the lax lock-down rules here in Japan. It reminded me of the Kyoto I arrived in 17 years ago, way before the inbound boom, when you could come up here at any time and see it like this. Many, including myself, feel that Kyoto has become a victim of its own success.

Life in Kyoto City, Japan - COVID Kyoto by Stu

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