Gods are alive in Bali
Once a year (but be warned: according to the Balinese calendar!) young people meets and - after a very joyous body-painting - they walk through dozens of villages - where all the people is expecting them.
They parade - singing, shouting, playing. Addressed to the whole Universe: "This is our land! Evil Spirits away from here!"
Through rice fields, forests and rivers. For hours and miles. They stop every once in a temple and pray: "This is our land! Evil Spirits away from here!"
You would say: "folklore" - "primitivism."
But better to know that in Bali, the first day of the year (again according to the Balinese calendar!) three indications are strictly complied with:
- no fire
- no walking
- no working
plus one:
- Silence.
And, for 24 hours, the streets are deserted, no flights in or out!, all the families at home or at the temple.
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Life in Bali, Indonesia - * by Jaya

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