Fogland Frog

On a certain road there is a frog lawn ornament sitting on a fence post. There is no yard nearby, nor a house. It is a single fence post by the side of the road with a ornamental frog on it. I don't know why, but I found it amusing and I would smile.

The pictured frog is not the original frog, for other frogs have sat upon this post. The changing of the frogs was through unfortunate means.

It is the third one I can remember. The first frog was taken from the post - just gone. No sign or evidence of what happen to it. I can only speculate that someone may have taken it.

When another frog took its place, that frog did not last long. It appeared someone had broke it. The broken frog sat there for a little while. How sad I thought, a half broken frog on the fence post.

The now named, "Fogland Frog" sits upon the post with friends and perhaps, when people drive by, they can smile once more.

Life in Massachusetts, United States - Fogland Frog by Andy Wilson

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