Last look back.

All photos tell a story and this one is what can't be seen. It's getting late and the light is almost gone. It's cold, into the minus. The ground is frozen, the water trough is frozen, the horses are eating the hay we have put out for them. What you can't see is the man next to me. It's not unusual to meet people in the field, this man was mid 30's, presentable, clean, spoke with an educated accent. Talking to him, it seemed he was a bit eccentric but that is just my opinion. As we left the field, I realised that this man was homeless he had a wheelbarrow full of his possession. Off he trundled down the bridle path heading into the frozen landscape. Whether through choice or circumstance homelessness is terrible but this man seemed quite happy. He asked for nothing maybe all he wanted was conversation. He probably wont remember me but the image of him walking away into the dark and mist I found quite haunting and from the association with this photo I wont forget him any time soon.

Life in Nottingham, United Kingdom - Last look back. by Dave Armstrong.

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