This is the story of Vika, our one-eyed cat! Not a regular cat, she had a bad start in life. Found on the road near her dead mother, with a terrible wounded eye.Probably she was used a a toy by a dog. She was transported to a veterinary and he could only remove her eye. She was brought to a animalshelter, and when she recovered, she came on the website. Nobody wanted her, because she was " damaged" and black! I found her and liked her immediately ( I love every cat) and we decided to have her live with us.She was 8 weeks old, anxious and scared. Now, 10 years later, she is the most wonderful cat there is.. She is a beauty, deep black, soft and gentle. We even do not see the eye missing. She plays, jumps, and is happy in the garden. She cannot see depth, so she does not trust herself outside in the street.
She hates the camera; when she sees me coming, she runs..Or..she puts her nose against the lens, to avoid taking a picture...

Life in Maasgouw, Netherlands - Vika by Henny

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